December 13th, 2023

Superstar writer TOM KING unleashes a new allegory for the ages in this ambitious new book ANIMAL POUND #1!

Third Eye Faithful, trust us when we say you’ll fall in love at first sight with this new book from legendary writer TOM KING and awesome publisher BOOM STUDIOS! This story is a new take on the classic book ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell with an updated allegory for the modern era. After years of mistreatment, the animals are rising up and taking back what’s theirs! Don’t sleep on this ambitious new book and don’t miss your chance to get it signed by the writer at Third Eye Annapolis this January!

When animals grow tired of being caged, killed, and sold off-it’s only a matter of time before they’ve had enough…

When an uprising puts a pound in control of the animals, they quickly find themselves as comrades, united against everything that walks on two legs.

But with this newfound power comes a sudden challenge: how best to lay the groundwork for this new democracy as they write their first constitution!

Discover an epic graphic storytelling event from celebrated New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning writer Tom King (The Human Target, Love Everlasting) and New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-nominated artist Peter Gross (American Jesus, The Books of Magic).

King and Gross collaborate for the first time ever to bring this enduring Orwellian allegory to life for the 21st Century.

And we’ve got a sweet signing coming up with the author TOM KING at Third Eye Annapolis this JANUARY 1/6/23!

Join us for the launch of this epic new book ANIMAL POUND #1 and join the cause to give back to animals in need with our animal food drive!

When you donate 5 cans of cat or dog food the day of the signing – you will get this awesome ANIMAL POUND #1 Third Eye EXCLUSIVE for FREE!

Check out all the details & pre-order signed copies for our for our ANIMAL POUND #1 launch signing with TOM KING here!

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MARVEL’S Symbiote lore deepens with THE DEATH OF VENOMVERSE, now arriving in TRADE PAPERBACK! 

You know we love a good symbiote saga at Third Eye, and this Summer’s VENOMVERSE epics brought tons of new awesome to the VENOM lore! 

Whether it’s the introduction of new symbiotes, Carnage leveling up in Knull’s image, or the introduction of KID VENOM, the VENOMVERSE stuff brought major moments to the MARVEL U that will have lasting impacts!

In DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE, after being spurned by Cletus Kasady and remaking itself in Knull’s image, the Carnage symbiote has been building up its powers, extracting unique abilities from villains all across the Marvel Universe.

Now, at last, it is ready to traverse the Multiverse with one goal in mind: kill any and all Venoms! 

But why? And who is the Agent Venom battling across realities to stop it?! As Carnage’s savage, symbiotic rampage through realities threatens to end the Venomverse, will Agent Venom manage to recruit enough allies to even stand a chance? 

Or could it be that Carnage is destined to win?

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And keep an eye out for the DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE TP on the new issue rack this week!

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Third Eye Faithful, if there’s anyone who can make a splash with a new Spider, it’s the legendary DAN SLOTT (SPIDER ISLAND, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-VERSE) & his newest addition to the world of Spidey, SPIDER-BOY, has us HOOKED!

The enigmatic Bailey aka Spider-Boy is shaping up to be one of the coolest Spider debuts since Miles & Gwen a few years back, and we cannot wait to see what’s next!

In issue #2, Spider-Boy’s history of punching up has been wiped from the memory of most of the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own! 

Plus, SPIDER-MAN gets a lesson in sidekicks from none other than CAPTAIN AMERICA! Plus: “Yes, Spider-Boy, there IS a Santa Claus!” The Arachnid-Kid and Kris Kringle are getting ready to kick some humbug butt!

Need issue 1? We’ve got copies in stock to hook you up!

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The perfect jumping on point for MARVEL’S STAR WARS COMICS arrives with the STAR WARS REVELATIONS ONE-SHOT #1! 

Third Eye Faithful, since 2015, Marvel’s handling of the STAR WARS UNIVERSE has been pure 🔥, and the worlds they’re building in these series are not just incredible reads, but also crucial additions to the wider STAR WARS canon! 

This week, the 2023 REVELATIONS one-shot, sets the stage for everything to come in 2024, featuring crucial preludes into upcoming new series like THRAWN ALLIANCES, potential surprise first appearances, and so much more.

Loaded with fan-favorites, like the motley crew of Jabba’s Palace, the legendary Jedi Mace Windu, the one and only THRAWN, and of course: VADER, this one-shot is THE place to kick off new STAR WARS series for next year! 


Introducing new characters, new twists and new turns across all of Marvel’s STAR WARS line! This star-studded issue puts the pieces on the board for what’s to come in a galaxy far, far away!

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Missed some sweet covers? Now you can add all this awesome art to your collection with the JOKER HARLEY QUINN UNCOVERED #1!

Sometimes: you just need some dope artwork, and you KNOW that Harley & Mr. J have gotten some of the finest names in the game to bring them to life! 

This special one-shot reprints tons of gorgeous material, hot covers, and more, spotlighting some of the biggest superstars in comics! 

Art by Stanley Artgerm Lau, Warren Louw, Derrick Chew, and Others Reprinting the best of the sold-out Joker and Harley Quinn Uncovered editions…and some secret surprises!

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The holiday horror hit from JAMES TYNION IV continues in THE DEVIANT #2! And the sweet 2ND PRINT of issue 1 drops this week too for double the trouble!

The first issue of this series had a massive debut that kept us wanting more! This new Santa slasher is soon to be a holiday tale for the ages that you’ll want to come back to every year! Superstar creators JAMES TYNION IV & artist JOSHUA HIXSON have created a wonderfully creepy juxtaposition between the jovial feelings of the holidays & the dread for what’s about to ensue!

James Tynion has really made a name for himself in the comics horror genre with his other awesome works like Nice House on the Lake, Something is Killing the Children, The Closet & MORE! And this new book is no exception to his craft! Don’t sleep on this horrific new holiday tale!

The Deviant Killer was apprehended half a century ago. So who’s behind the grisly slaying of a young man in a Chicago department store… and why does Michael see so much of himself in the man locked behind bars for the original murders? JAMES TYNION IV (W0RLDTR33) and JOSHUA HIXSON (The Plot) cut deeper into their Christmas horror tale, just in time for the holidays.

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The legend behind “THE ULTIMATES”, “WANTED”, “OLD MAN LOGAN” & MORE has his most ambitious story yet arrive in TRADE PAPERBACK with BIG GAME!

Comics superstar, Mark Millar, who redefined superhero comics in the early 2000s with must-reads like CIVIL WAR, WANTED & THE ULTIMATES, and then blew our minds again with things like OLD MAN LOGAN & KICK-ASS, has returned with a vengeance in 2023, delivering a crossover featuring ALL of the MILLARWORLD favorites in BIG GAME! 

The ultra-violent, hard-hitting and totally unique riffs that Millar brings to traditional capes & tights is back and better than ever, and BIG GAME is the culmination of a year worth of favorites like NIGHT CLUB, NEMESIS RELOADED, and more!

Collecting the smash-hit crossover event of 2023, where over twenty Millarworld franchises are brought together for the first time and chaos ensues. This is Nemesis versus Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Superior, the Magic Order, Huck, the Night Club and all your favorite characters from Millarworld’s comic books, movies, and TV shows.

Proudly presented by superstar writer MARK MILLAR (Civil War, Old Man Logan) and Marvel superstar artist PEPE LARRAZ (X-Men) on the 20th anniversary of Millarworld’s first ever book, WANTED.

PLUS: the artwork on this? GORGEOUS! Superstar PEPE LARRAZ (HOUSE OF X) is bringing some of his best work yet, and brings all of Millar’s twisted and iconic characters to life in a big way!

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We’re LOVING the return of GI JOE & TRANSFORMERS to comics with Robert Kirkman’s ENERGON universe, and we gotta admit: the nostalgia sweet spot of REAL AMERICAN HERO is a nice companion to all the cutting edge new stuff!

In this weeks #302, the Joes mourn their fallen brother, dangerous new forces are mounting against them. Cobra Commander returns to Springfield and the now-mutant Serpentor Khan turns to a deadly new ally you won’t see coming!

While this one isn’t as deeply connected to the ENERGON UNIVERSE stuff that we’re seeing in TRANSFORMERS, VOID RIVALS, and the upcoming DUKE & COBRA COMMANDER, it’s a fantastic self-contained & action-packed GI JOE storyline that takes the classic themes you know & love from GI JOE lore and applies hard-hitting, cutting-edge artwork to JOE legend LARRY HAMA’S iconic writing, to capture a timeless feel for all your favorite JOES!

Plus: we always had a sweet spot for SERPENTOR!!! 

Need issue 301 to get on board? We’ve got copies in stock to get you hooked up!


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BAD IEA COMICS returns with a special limited release ONE-SHOT in THE DESTROYER #1, featuring a gorgeously illustrated saga of ultra-violent modern fantasy fans of BRZRKR will love!

We’ve loved the high concept, limited run (and seriously scarce!) BAD IDEA releases that have come out over the last few years, and we’re so happy to see them back with a big one like THE DESTROYER! 

This one-shot is PACKED with action, and holy hell: the artwork on it is siiiiiiiick!!! 

Fans of brutal modern fantasy epics like KEANU REEVES BRZRKR will LOVE this one!

In THE DESTROYER, Erik Strominger has been in an accident. As a high energy physicist at the most classified installation in the world, there can be no accidents. 

Now Erik has a secret. Something is growing inside of him. 

The radiance of a thousand suns let loose a new force. He can feel it. He can even hear it. It says, “it wants to live”. 

And that its growing stronger. 

Strong enough to defy the laws of physics, to tear open reality, bleed out time. It tells him that he will soon be free. 

Radiant and free. That he will soon be beyond life and beyond death. 

But Erik knows his secret threatens the lives of those he holds dear and the powers he works for. Play dice with the gods and everyone loses. 

Can he contain it? Or will he allow it to emerge? 

An explosive and heartbreaking story of rebirth in the midst of death, THE DESTROYER is a tour de force from superstar film and TV writer Mae Catt (Netflix’s Transformers) and Eisner Award winning artist Alberto Ponticelli (Unknown Soldier, Orc Island).

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