Third Eye Guide to Trinity of Evil

November 15th, 2023

Brainiac, Zur-En-Arrh, and Amanda Waller Pose a Major Threat to the DCU in 2024!

THE DAWN OF DC has been setting up a super sick timeline in 2023, but it’s about to take a dark turn as 2024 nears. Something evil has been brewing throughout Lazarus Planet, Knight Terrors, the Gotham War, and will continue with Titans: Beast World and beyond. You’re going to want to jump headfirst into this event… and we can help with that!

Wanna catch up with this next big Dawn of DC event?

What is the Trinity of Evil?

This “Trinity of Evil” (Waller, Brainiac, and Zur-En-Arrh) is an exciting wombo-combo of danger to the DCU! Waller’s scheming in Action Comics #1060 and Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1 is your first glimpse of nefarious schemes to come! “The Wall” will attempt to rid humanity of meta-humans once and for all, and she will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, even if it means employing meta-humans herself! She is assembling a team, and she has a major stake in the game in BEAST WORLD!


House of Brainiac is a six part story that takes place in Action Comics and Superman, and a Superman/Brainiac special one-shot. The “House of Brainiac” storyline will bring about a major confrontation between Superman (and the entire Superman family) Lobo, Brainiac, and the Green Lanterns!!!

Batman reveals the plans of Zur En Arrh!

 Batman #140 (Mindbomb) kicks off a major battle with The one and only Joker. Zur En Arrh is ready to reveal his master plan to eradicate all crime! Batman will have to face his past if he wants to put and end to this master plan. If the bat survives he will have to face Amanda Waller!