May 6th, 2023



Third Eye Faithful,

For 15 years, we’ve helped you read comics, play games, and collect toys… and now, this August, we’ll be helping you spin records & watch your favorite flicks, and in the best way possible: the beauty that is the physical real-deal in-hand format! 

We’ll be opening our newest addition to the Third Eye Annapolis Mothership super-stores, Third Eye Music & Video, on Saturday 8/19/23. 

This store will be located directly in-between Third Eye Comics & Third Eye Games at 209 Chinquapin Round Rd Suite 300 in Annapolis, MD, and will be equal in size to those two stores.

That’s right, Third Eye Faithful: over 8,000 SQF of music, movies, and everything in between! 

In 2020, we began carrying vinyl records, blu-ray & DVDs, and all sorts of assorted items related to them at the Third Eye Games & Hobbies storefront in Annapolis, MD.

We began carrying these items because of one simple reason:

We’re huge music people at Third Eye & we always thought it’d be cool to share our passion for it with you, and nerd out on a whole new category of things we love with our favorite people: YOU!

In addition: we love all things physical media, and as one of the few remaining subscribers to NETFLIX’s mail-away DVD service (crap, we gotta send back our latest ones tomorrow!): we know the value and joy in popping in a movie and watching it start to finish, and never having to worry about it disappearing from one of the plethora of streaming services out there.

So, music & movies: we dove into, and it turned out — you all loved these things as much as us! 

3 years later, after watching these small sections turn into massive parts of THIRD EYE GAMES & HOBBIES, we realized: we gotta give these sections the room they deserve to grow & keep being awesome for you!

And, that’s THIRD EYE MUSIC & VIDEO, just like we celebrate the joy of sitting down and diving into a physical book or comic, connecting with flesh-and-blood human beings over a new game, or tearing open the packaging on a dope new action figure: we are stoked to bring you a Third Eye store dedicated to the joys of spinning your fav records with friends & hitting up the video shop to take home a grindhouse gorefest you’ve just heard about and have been dying to discover!

PLUS: we’ve been carefully listening to all the feedback you’ve given us over the last few years, and with the extra room, we’ll be able to make our record bins easier to browse, better organized & way more room for us to showcase our favorite genres and artists!

You’ll also see the introduction of other formats, including cassettes, CDs, and heck: we’re even working on bringing VHS to you.

And…. for those of you who miss those Friday night trips to rent your next favorite movie: well, we don’t want to spoil too much, but we’ve got something pretty exciting in store for you!

Third Eye Music & Video will be opening on Saturday 8/19/23, and will be located in the center space in between THIRD EYE COMICS & THIRD EYE GAMES in Annapolis.

We’ve got so many cool things on the way for it — and we’re really excited to share them with you as we get closer and closer to the opening date, so please make sure to follow us: 

As we show you behind-the-scenes looks at how we’re expanding our current music & video categories, as well as sneak peeks at new categories we’ll be adding to the MUSIC & VIDEO store, that we think you’ll love!

And, for those of you who regularly visit us at both THIRD EYE COMICS & THIRD EYE GAMES, we’ve got to tell you: the addition of THIRD EYE MUSIC & VIDEO will be opening up a ton of space in both of those stores for us to expand them in a big way as well! 

We’ve got a TON of awesome stuff we’re going to be doing with new product lines, more room for existing sections, and much more all throughout the Summer as we prepare for the opening of THIRD EYE MUSIC & VIDEO! 

Make sure to keep an eye on our newsletters and social channels to get your first peek at those! 

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For those of you who’ve been part of the reason we’re growing this part of our store, you’ll be stoked to know that we’ll continue to have all those sick records, movies & other goodies in our THIRD EYE GAMES & HOBBIES store right up until we open THIRD EYE MUSIC & VIDEO on 8/19/23!

Third Eye Faithful, 

Your passion and enthusiasm for all the things that we do at Third Eye is what’s kept us going for 15 years strong, and we love doing cool new things to help bring a smile to your face. 

We can’t thank you enough for your loyal, diehard support over these last 15 years, and we look forward to bringing you another 15 years and beyond, with tons more cool stuff. 

When Trish & I first opened Third Eye in 2008, we never would have dreamed that it would turn into such a cool thing, and we’re not talking about big stores or anything like that: we’re talking about having so many people out there who love the stuff we do so much.

We love comics, we love toys, we love games, we love movies, and we love music, and we love being able to share all of it with you, and cannot wait until you see what we’ve got planned for THIRD EYE MUSIC & VIDEO.

Now: back to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY fun, we can’t wait to see you all this weekend, talk comics, and answer any questions you might have about MUSIC & VIDEO! 

Always here to remind you: that Prints Not Dead, that Physical Media is Forever, to Never Grow Up, and to always BUY THIRD EYE OR DIE!

Steve, Trish & the rest of Team Third Eye