April 14th, 2023

Hey Third Eye Faithful — as we continue our yearlong THIRDEYE15 celebration, rolling out exciting new additions at Third Eye on the 15th of every month, this month, we’ve got an extra cool one we’re bringing your way: the arrival of THIRD EYE BUYS & BARGAINS, a brand new sidekick store right down the block from Third Eye Annapolis!

With THIRD EYE BUYS & BARGAINS, we’re giving you a legit THIRD EYE THROWBACK to the early years of Third Eye, while at the same time, bringing a ton of the fun stuff we do so well now to the table! 

THIRD EYE BUYS & BARGAINS is a special storefront located down the block from the THIRD EYE ANNAPOLIS mothership, which has a heavy focus on back issue comics, key issues, CGC graded comics, and tons of great ways for you to save a few bucks too! 

We’ve got thousands of $1 comics, hundreds of $5 variants, tons of 50% off graphic novels, and much more.. and best of all: we refresh the stock in here every single week! 

PLUS: the coolest little feature that’s unique to BUYS & BARGAINS? Our special UNPROCESSED COLLECTIONS counter, where every single day, we put 4-6 long boxes that have not yet been picked through on the counter, for you to dig through before ANYONE (including us!) touches them! You find the goodies, you bring them to us at the counter, we make the price for you… and, as a reward for finding those gems? We’ll cut you a great deal!

And, at THIRD EYE BUYS & BARGAINS, we know that many of our hardcore comic heads do a little selling on the side themselves, so we’ve got a fully stocked selection of shipping supplies to help you SHIP THE THIRD EYE WAY, as well as a full line-up of comic collecting supplies, to protect your favorites!

Third Eye Buys & Bargains opens 4/29/23, and we’ll be doing a ton of fun stuff to celebrate. You can check out all the details on that here!