March 14th, 2023

Third Eye Faithful: 2023 is the 15th year of Third Eye, and with our big 15 year anniversary coming up on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Saturday 5/6/23, we’re doing a ton of fun stuff to celebrate every single month in 2023!

On the 15th of every month, we’ll be rolling out a new addition or improvement to our stores, and doing something special on that day to celebrate!

On March 15th 2023, which just so happens to also be NEW COMIC BOOK DAY, we’ll be unveiling our new and improved TOY section at Third Eye ANNAPOLIS! Including the introduction of awesome VINTAGE TOYS to the Annapolis Mothership as well!

Since the opening of Third Eye Buys – We’ve been building up a super sick collection of vintage toys in our Third Eye Warehouses just waiting for this big unveiling! Seriously it’s like our childhoods exploded in here! We’ve got everything from those classic Star Wars figures to Masters of the Universe and even those super sick TMNT Vehicles your parents never let you have!

And now these awesome pre-loved toys are re-bagged and ready to go to a new home! Don’t miss their debut at Third Eye Annapolis on March 15th!

And to celebrate this month’s Third Eye 15 improvements we’re offering 15% OFF ALL TOYS, FUNKO POPS, & STATUES in-stores and on our site! Swing by any location on 3/15/23 to get this sweet deal or use code: MARCH15 on our site at !!

AND don’t miss the return of the NEVER GROW UP Third Eye logo T-shirt! Reminding you that we’re never too old to read comics, play games, collect toys and enjoy the things we love!!

You can order now for in-store pick-up or mail-order here.