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Third Eye Spotlight: INDIGO CHILDREN

The Children of Mars have arrived… and with them: they’ve brought an incredible new comic!

Third Eye Faithful, sometimes a book is so special it signals something in our comic-loving Third Eye-sense, and says: this is gonna be a must-read.

Indigo Children is definitely one of those books. Much like when we first caught a glimpse of modern classics like SAGA, MONSTRESS, DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, EAST OF WEST, and so many more: there’s a little thing in our head that goes off and says — this is going to be a great comic.

INDIGO CHILDREN is a brand new ongoing comic series from IMAGE COMICS about a group of individuals who believe they are of Martian heritage and are on a mission of planetary proportions.

Combining the conspiracy driven storytelling of comics like DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH & X-FILES, the supernatural eerie vibes of things like SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, and the coming-of-age appeal of things like STRANGER THINGS against the backdrop of a smart superhero storytelling in the vein of RADIANT BLACK or INVINCIBLE… INDIGO CHILDREN #1 may be one of the most promising IMAGE debuts of 2023.

Follow journalist Donovan Price as he hunts down the extraordinary gifted INDIGO CHILDREN after their mysterious disappearance fifteen years prior!

Third Eye Faithful, we’re telling you right now: when we say THIRD EYE CERTIFIED COOL, Indigo Children is the definition of it, and you’re not gonna wanna sleep on this one.

Forget about the fact that it’s already been announced to have a film adaptation on the way — the book may end up being hot, but c’mon: you know what really matters above all else: DOPE STORY, DOPE ART, and INDIGO CHILDREN has it!

Wanna collect the entire INDIGO CHILDREN series?


There’s some really rad variants on this one, Third Eye Faithful, and we’ve put together a way for you to score ’em all!