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Third Eye Faithful: 2023 is the 15th year of Third Eye, and with our big 15 year anniversary coming up on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Saturday 5/6/23, we’re doing a ton of fun stuff to celebrate every single month in 2023!

On the 15th of every month, we’ll be rolling out a new addition or improvement to our stores, and doing something special on that day to celebrate!

On February 15th 2023, which just so happens to also be NEW COMIC BOOK DAY, we’ll be unveiling new and improved sections for our back issues, key issues & more at THREE different Third Eye locations!

At the Third Eye Mothership🛸 in Annapolis, MD — we’ve literally tripled the amount of back issue bins available, giving you an even bigger selection of classic comics to dig through and finish your runs!

In addition, we’ve tripled the space for our key issue walls, giving us more room to showcase all the hottest new and old key issues you’re on the hunt for! 

And, finally, at Third Eye Annapolis & many of our other stores, we’re beginning to roll out our newest thing: comic story sets! 

These sets collect classic comic stories that may be otherwise out of print in any other format into full sets for you to snag on the cheap! 

And, it’s not just Annapolis that’s getting some fun with THIRD EYE 15 this month, we’ve also tripled the amount of space we have for back issue bins and key issues at Third Eye Waldorf & Third Eye Mechanicsville! 

We’re going to be pulling out all the stops to help celebrate, but one big way we plan to do that is ALL Third Eye locations will be offering 20% OFF ALL back issues, key issues, and current comics (excluding new releases from 2/14/23 & 2/15/23 & pre-orders) on 2/15/23 only!

And, as a nice little surprise: we’ve brought one of our favorite Third Eye shirts back into  print for a limited time to help you celebrate what we know you already knew so well: PRINTS NOT DEAD! 

That’s right our PRINTS NOT DEAD Third Eye shirt is back in action, and we can’t think of any better way to proudly fly the flag that your local Third Eye shop is THE spot to scoop all the amazing things out there that could only be truly enjoyed in their physical media formats! 

Get your Third Eye Print’s Not Dead T-Shirt available on our site here!

Nothing beats coming into Third Eye and browsing the bins, and having fun talking comics & more with your Third Eye Fam, and in an age where so much of our time is taken up by smart phones, tablets, and computer screens, we think you probably agree with us: Not only is print not dead, but it lives and breathes at THIRD EYE!