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The second piece of an ancient legend stands before you!

The 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles builds on the foundation of the 2020 Tin of Lost Memories, featuring the middle section of the mysterious Pharaonic tablet discovered in Egypt!

The eternal clash between the spirits of the Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon are immortalized in this carving, along with 3 brand-new World Premiere cards to give these monsters a new power boost.

Like the 2020 Tin, each 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles will contain 3 extra-large Mega-Packs, each with 1 Prismatic Secret Rare, 2 Ultra Rares, 2 Super Rares, 1 Rare, and 12 Commons.

Each Tin’s total haul will be:
3 Prismatic Secret Rares
6 Ultra Rares
6 Super Rares
3 Rares
36 Commons

The 2021 Tin Mega-Pack mega-set is made up of popular cards released in 2020, including cards from Ignition AssaultEternity CodeRise of the DuelistPhantom Rage, and more!

Snag yours while supplies last!

Get into the spooky season with the ARKHAM HORROR LCG REVISED CORE SET!!

The boundaries between worlds have drawn perilously thin. Dark forces work in the shadows and call upon unspeakable horrors, strange happenings are discovered all throughout the city of Arkham, Massachusetts, and behind it all an Ancient One manipulates everything from beyond the veil. It is time to revisit that which started it all…

With a revamped system of organization and a number of quality-of-life improvements, this new version of the beloved LCG’s core set is the perfect way for someone new to dive into the game. The box comes with everything you need to get your Arkham campaigns started, including enough cards and components for up to three other players to join you in your quest against the Mythos.

Come in and check it out!

Cover by Mara Art

NEW from Kickstarter is the hot new Eldritch Century!

Welcome to the Wounded Earth. The year is 1984, 66 years after the Miasma appeared in the Argonne forest, wiping one third of the American Expeditionary Force and driving the Great War to an abrupt cease-fire. The War to End All Wars brought the world to an entire new kind of conflict. The gaping wound of the Miasma splits land and people alike, and extreme ideologies set humanity against itself.

Eldritch Century  is fully compatible with the 5e ruleset including the stats, powers and abilities.


Games Workshop has been releasing a lot of cool stuff for Orks in both their 40k and AOS lines. Dropping Saturday are the very cool Kill Rig, Mozrog Skragbad, and Painboss!

Check out our gallery of new releases here!

New Adventures Await Old Heroes!

In this expansion to the D&D Adventure System board games, you use Heroes and components from any of your Adventure System games.

Saltmarsh is a port village looking to expand its importance in the kingdom of Keoland. Old enemies fight for control, unaware of a new enemy about to rear its ugly head. New adventure, along with new map tiles, monsters, traps, and spells, await the brave adventurer.

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60 minutes

New expansion for the board game based off the hit Video Game Horizon Zero Dawn!

The Sacred Land is an expansion that allows players to explore Nora territory. Take control of the Nora Trapper and Nora Scavenger and discover unique new ways of hunting your foes, or upgrade your hunters with new equipment that can only be found amongst the merchants inhabiting this forbidden land.

This expansion also includes an all-new tracking deck of encounters, featuring a host of lethal new foes alongside engaging new terrain elements; some of which will aid players as they traverse the landscape, while others may leave hunters dangerously vulnerable…

Will you rise through the ranks of the Hunter’s Lodge, or accept life as a fledgling?

Third Eye Fast Facts!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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INNISTRAD: MIDNIGHT HUNT pre-release awesomeness arrives this weekend — get your pre-release packs & more to kick off the next MTG set in the comfort of your own home!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt promises to be a howling good time. By the silvery shine of moonlight, you’ll find plenty of packs to hunt for. What you’ll do if you find a pack of Werewolf creatures—or, more likely, they find you—is entirely another matter. (Good luck!)

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TEN debuts from ALDERAC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP this week — and it’s a blast!

TEN is an exciting push-your-luck and auction game for the whole family! Players draw cards one-at-a-time, trying to add as many as they can without exceeding a total value of TEN, or they bust! Players may push their luck to draw more cards and use currency to buy additional cards in their attempt to build the longest number sequence in each color. When valuable wildcards emerge from the deck, players compete in auctions to obtain them in order to fill gaps in their sequences!

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 15-30 minutes

WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR brings us the ORRUK Battletomes this Saturday!

The Orruks are Destruction incarnate. This vicious and primal race of natural-born killers loves nothing more than to wage unending war. Their society is built around conflict, and huge migratory invasions called Waaagh!s erupt from all corners of the Mortal Realms to drown the worlds of Order, Death, and Chaos in a green tide of violence. To face the Orruk Warclans is to face total annihilation, for their numbers are beyond counting, and they live solely for the thrill of bloody combat.

In this book, you’ll discover the history of the Orruk Warclans, including their presence across the Mortal Realms and the societies that hold them together. As well as exploring the movements and motives of the orruk race, Battletome: Orruk Warclans also gives you insight into their spiritual connection to Gorkamorka, the primordial god of Destruction. The background information is complemented by a full suite of rules allowing you to field armies of Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and Kruleboyz, or to combine all three clans into one colossal Big Waaagh!.


In the fast and goofy family game Galaxy Trucker, players begin by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, frantically trying to grab the most useful component tiles to build their spaceship – all in real-time.

Once the ships are launched, players encounter dangerous situations while vying for financial opportunities, each hoping to gain the most valuable cargo and finish with as much of their ship still intact as possible. Of course, that’s easier said than done since many hazards will send pieces of your ship, your cargo, and your crew hurling into the depths of space.

The goal is to survive the trek – hopefully with at least some of your crew and ship intact – and have at least one credit by the end of the game. (Profit, yay!) Players earn credits by delivering goods, defeating pirates, having the best-looking ship, and reaching their destination before the others.

This version of Galaxy Trucker is a relaunch of the original 2007 release by Vlaada Chvátil that features new art, more ship tiles, tweaked card effects, and streamlined gameplay that consists of only a single flight through space. That said, should you want a longer, more challenging experience, you can play a three-flight campaign known as the “Transgalactic Trek”.

2 Double-Sided Flight Boards
4 Triple-Sided Ship Boards
156 Space Ship Components
68 Cosmic Credit Tiles
6 Trucker Tiles
60 Adventure Cards
42 Astronaut Figures
8 Alien Figures
8 Rocket Markers
40 Battery Tokens
55 Goods Blocks
2 Dice
Sand Timer
1 Rulebook and Reference Sheet

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes


AGE OF SIGMAR + new ORK stuff? We’re into it!

Click here to check out our gallery of all the sick models dropping this Saturday for the ORRUK release!


The Glazed Pavilion Expansion offers players two very special features!

First, players will discover nice, sturdy overlays that add to the aesthetics by securing tiles in perfect formation. Secondly, experienced players will enjoy the newly created player and scoring boards with different and unique strategies to master them.

All fans of Azul: Summer Pavilion will love this wonderful expansion!

4 Player Board Overlays
4 New Player Boards
1 Scoring Board Overlay
1 New Scoring Board
4 New Scoring Markers
1 Rulebook

Tiles not included.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-45 minutes


Created by Thanos to be the perfect killing machine, Nebula broke free from her tyrannical father to become a feared space-pirate. But when the Mad Titan threatened all life in the universe, she joined forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop him. Though she may have a checkered past, Nebula is ready to prove that she can be a hero too.

As a sometimes-friend, sometimes-enemy of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula blitzes into action in this expansion pack, which introduces her as a brand-new playable hero, along with her fifteen signature cards. With a pre-built Justice deck ready to go, you’ll be ready to try out Nebula’s technical gameplay from the moment you open the box. With a versatile range of abilities and the potential for some powerful combos, Nebula is a dangerous hero that should never be underestimated!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4 
Game Length: 45-90 minutes


Welcome to the Waste – desolate and ruined Australia full of feral beasts, haywire cybernetic constructs, mutants and ruthless gangs prowling the badlands. Half a century and one global disaster, called the Scourge, into the future, every day is a battle for survival and you are among those who are best fit to win.

As one of the Waste Knights you brave threats of the road seek adventure, resources and fame (or notoriety), while facing terrible dangers and experiencing stark wonders of this harsh reality. A new world is being forged from the ashes of old civilization. You will embrace it…or die trying!

Waste Knights: Second Edition is a post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival. It is scenario-based, with each story governed by a different ruleset and filled with hundreds of narrative choices. Play cooperatively to bring down powerful villains, or challenge your friends in competitive adventures. But most of all, immerse yourself in a rich setting, in which adventure, thrill, combat, and strategy blend into a unique gaming experience.

DON’T FORGET: Dungeons & Dragons The Wild Beyond The Witchlight releases this Tuesday 9/21/21! Visit your local Third Eye to pre-order yours!

Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there’s more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

The carnival is a gateway to a fantastic Feywild domain unlike anything found on the Material Plane. Time has not been kind to this realm, however, and dark days lie ahead unless someone can thwart the dastardly schemes of the Hourglass Coven.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight takes adventurers from the Witchlight Carnival to Prismeer, a Feywild domain of delight, and is designed for characters of levels 1–8. This book comes with a poster map that shows the carnival on one side and Prismeer on the other.

  • Explore the Plane of Faerie in the first official D&D adventure set primarily in the Feywild.
  • The adventure begins on a campaign world of the DM’s choice. The Witchlight Carnival, which serves as the means by which the characters enter the Feywild, can be dropped easily into any campaign setting.
  • Adds two new character backgrounds: the Feylost (for characters who grew up in the Feywild) and the Witchlight Hand (for characters who work at the Witchlight Carnival).
  • Introduces two races—play as a fairy or as a harengon, a race of humanoid rabbits.
  • All encounters in the adventure include a non-combat option, allowing players to think and roleplay their way through the adventure if they wish.
  • Classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons characters return, including Warduke, Strongheart, and Kelek.

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Third Eye Games Spotlight: D&D Miniatures!

Third Eye Faithful, we know we have some serious Dungeons & Dragons fanatics out there, and this one is for you! Now that we’re all getting back in front of our friends, one of our favorite things to do is grab some snacks, some dice, crack open a Player’s Handbook, and get ready for an adventure! One of the things that really helps bring a killer game to life is miniatures! Having movable avatars of your character really pulls you into the immersion of the game and allows you to see exactly where your character is going!

If it’s miniatures you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered! Over at Third Eye Games & Hobbies, we’ve got a ton of minis for everyone to find just the right character they’re looking for!

What’s the big scoop about D&D miniatures?

Dungeons & Dragons Marvelous Nolzur’s Unpainted Miniatures come in a massive line of every single creature and class you could possible imagine. Being a blank canvas, they’re amazingly customizable by grabbing up some paints and making the heroes and villains truly your own! Looking for a halfling bard? How about an air Genasi fighter? Or even a Dragonborn sorcerer? Chances are, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. In a line of nearly unlimited options, there’s bound to be something for whatever character you need!

Need heroes? Need monsters? We’ve got you covered!

The truly marvelous thing about Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures is the insane range of characters there are to choose from. If you need a dragon, an elemental, an ogre, or anything in-between to throw at your intrepid adventurers, you likely won’t have a problem finding something to fit right into your game.

Some of the miniatures even come with a secondary mini in a battle pose for some seriously deep gaming immersion! Leaving the details of the design up to the player is a huge bonus when it comes to having your character represented exactly like you want! Even if you choose not to paint them, miniatures go a long way in expanding the imagination of the world’s most famous roleplaying game!

Need a little taste of the range of minis? Check out this gallery of some of our favorites!

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NEW WIZKIDS ICONS OF THE REALMS Dungeons & Dragons Blind-Box BONEYARD Boosters dropping at Third Eye this week!

Nights are rarely safe in Faerun, where the undead can be found in every region of the continent. Adventurers would do well to be wary near any graveyards or tombs, and Boneyard presents you with a variety of undead monsters to keep a party on its toes!

Boneyard includes hordes of undead for you to battle, including Vampires and the powerful Death KnightSkeletonsZombies, and Ghouls also bring their dread presence to the set, giving you all-new and exciting options for encounters in your game. Your party may even be unfortunate enough to come face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Zombie!


We got a ton of killer D&D playmats in this week, c’mon by & check out the massive selection of rad ones that hit our shelves!


We’ve got a TON of LUMINETH REALM-LORDS goodness coming your way this week, Third Eye Faithful, with the BATTLETOME, and more!

Check out our gallery to see ’em all here!


The Galaxy’s Most Wanted the second campaign expansion for Marvel Champions LCG.

Not every villain is content to contain their schemes to a single parochial planet – some have much more cosmic ambitions, unleashing their evil against the countless worlds of the galaxy. If you’re ready to leave Earth behind, it’s time to fuel up the Milano, grab that guy’s arm, and blast off for the stars!

It’s time to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and take your games of Marvel Champions onto the galactic stage.

Within The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, you’ll find an entirely new campaign, with five distinct scenarios pitting you against Drang of the Brotherhood of Badoon, the Collector (featured in two separate scenarios), Nebula, and Ronan the Accuser.

You can play each of these scenarios individually or bring them together in an epic campaign, and with seven modular sets, there are opportunities to mix up all of your other scenarios.

What’s more, this campaign expansion also introduces the first Guardians of the Galaxy heroes to the game, with fully pre-built and ready-to-play hero decks for Groot and Rocket Racoon.

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-90 minutes

Not just one, not just two, but THREE Princess Bride games hit Third Eye this week!

Prepare to Die! is a hilarious party game in which players fill in the famous phrase from The Princess Bride in order to come up with the most entertaining version.

No longer will it be “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” – it’s time to come up with some more ridiculous names and activities like “Hello. My name is Mandy Patinkin. You drank my milkshake. Prepare to die.”

Players use two decks – the My Name Is deck and the Prepare to Die deck – to construct these uproarious combinations, with the goal being to please the whims of the round’s judge.

The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You is a quick, but crafty, dice and card game that recreates (and re-imagines) the sword duels from The Princess Bride. Play as the Man in Black, Inigo Montoya, Count Rugen, or Prince Humperdinck.

A Battle of Wits (a Princess Bride game) is an exciting game of bluff and double bluff for between two and ten players. A row of goblets sit in the middle of the table, ready to be filled with either wine or poison. Players each take the role of one character but it is only at the very end of a game that they will drink, one from each goblet.

During the game, they must play their cards, one each turn, either into the top of a goblet (adding poison or wine to a goblet) or to the bottom of a goblet (bidding on the goblet).

Who will fall prey to their enemies and who will eliminate themselves? Only the most intelligent will survive!

MAGIC THE GATHERING 2021 Challenger Decks drop this Friday!

Four different 75-card decks—each featuring a different strategy—are ready to play out of the box wherever the Standard challenge awaits. Each Challenger Deck comes with a complete 60-card main deck and a 15-card sideboard, plus five double-sided tokens that you’ll want to have on hand when you head into battle.

These decks are intended to be playable and competitive at a local level, ready to challenge friends and foes alike. All cards will have been previously printed in Standard and are Standard-legal.


Nemo’s War is an adventure game of underwater exploration and combat circa 1870. You are Captain Nemo, commander of the magnificent Nautilus, an underwater vessel beyond compare.

You will search the wild seas, combat vessels of all nations, brave the hazards of the deep, find mysterious treasures, behold and chronicle amazing wonders, and travel around the world in your quest for knowledge and vengeance.

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90 minutes

Now Playing at Third Eye Games for 3/19/21

Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries is here! Come and snag the next hot new release from WIZARDS OF THE COAST!

We’ve got BOTH covers of the red hot new Dungeons & Dragons book, CANDLEKEEP MYSTERIES, in stock now, to get you hooked up!

Candlekeep attracts scholars like a flame attracts moths. Historians, sages, and others who crave knowledge flock to this library fortress to peruse its vast collection of books, scribbled into which are the answers to the mysteries that bedevil them. Many of these books contain their own mysteries—each one a doorway to adventure. Dare you cross that threshold?

Candlekeep Mysteries is a collection of seventeen short, stand-alone D&D adventures designed for characters of levels 1-16. Each adventure begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door behind which danger and glory await. These adventures can be run as one-shot games, plugged into an existing Forgotten Realms campaign, or adapted for other campaign settings.

This book also includes a poster map of the library fortress and detailed descriptions of Candlekeep and its inhabitants.

Snag the ALTERNATE ART edition of CANDLEKEEP MYSTERIES while supplies last!

While we’ve got plenty of both copies in stock, these always sell out the quickest – so make sure you get to the shop and snag yours!

The new WHITE DWARF magazine drops this week, giving you all the goods you need to get your WARHAMMER game on point!

White Dwarf is Games Workshop’s premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

STAR WARS LEGION delivers two new models this week with LANDO CALRISSIAN & AGENT KALLUS!

Two new great models to add to your SW LEGION set-up, as both AGENT KALLUS & LANDO CALRISSIAN come into Third Eye this weekend!

Make sure you pop by & snag yours!

POKEMON BATTLE STYLES hits Third Eye this Friday! Get it fast — cause it’s gonna fly!

All things POKEMON are selling out like crazy, Third Eye Faithful, and BATTLE STYLES may be the most hyped of the sets to drop yet!

Make sure you get here on release day Friday 3/19/21 to get yours before everyone catches ’em all!

MAGIC THE GATHERING: TIME SPIRAL REMASTERED delivers a limited one-and-done printing of one of the hottest MTG sets we’ve seen in a minute! Releases this Friday!

It’s our pleasure to reintroduce an all-time-favorite block, now concentrated into a singular experience. 

Time Spiral Remastered brings together the most exciting cards from Time SpiralPlanar Chaos, and Future Sight, plus a special sheet of modern-day cards printed in a throwback Magic frame!

IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD: CORRUPTION & ASCENSION delivers a new expansion to the hit board game!

Dear citizens of the 5 Empires! Today is a great day, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the end of the Great Wars.

What a joy to live in a world where deac hdecision of our beloved, wise, and charismatic Leaders is motivated by the people’s happiness.

What a Wonderful World of peace and progress we have built!

Four brand-new types of cards:
• Corruption – Give up part of your production
• Master Projects – Maximize your victory points.
• Super Production – Proceed at top speed
• Duo Scoring – Double risk, double reward!

This new deck also allows you to play with up to 7 players.

56 Corruption & Ascension Cards (65x100mm)
2 Empire Cards (65x100mm)
20 Character Tokens
60 Resource Cubes
1 Scoreboard
1 Erasable Marker
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-7
Game Length: 45 minutes