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Third Eye Guide to Marvel Dark Web

Marvel’s next big crossover comic event is here! Get the full scoop on Marvel’s Dark Web from your friends at Third Eye!

This December, get tangled in Marvel’s epic new Spider-Man / X-Men crossover event, DARK WEB!

Marvel is unleashing their next epic crossover event headed by current Amazing Spider-Man writer ZEB WELLS and joined by acclaimed artist ADAM KUBERT! The clones, Madelyne Pryor aka the Goblin Queen and Ben Reilly now known as Chasm, are ready to take back what’s theirs and Peter and the X-Men aren’t prepared for what’s to come! The action kicks off with DARK WEB #1 in stores this December, but don’t miss out on the preludes! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 unveils the FIRST APPEARANCE of a major player in the new crossover event, HALLOW’S EVE! 

What’s the Scoop on Dark Web?


The two most famous clones ever are back to take what’s theirs. Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor have had enough and are reigniting the INFERNO! Spider-Man and the X-Men are not ready for what’s coming, and what role does Venom have in all of this? The sun is setting, dusk is approaching, and it’s going to be a long night.

The story starts and ends with two one-shots DARK WEB (DUSK) #1 & DARK WEB (DAWN) #1 and continues throughout these awesome Spidey and X-Men titles! Check out the Dark Web Checklist to make sure you don’t miss an issue of the action!


The action kicks off in Dark Web (Dusk) #1 but you can get in on the ground floor with the DARK WEB PRELUDE in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 out November 23rd! And this epic issue features the FIRST APPEARANCE of an all new villain – HALLOW’S EVE! 

We haven’t seen Chasm since ASM #894 and the FCBD issue, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy.
Join us for this very special issue featuring Spidey’s most dangerous new villain as well as the Goblin Queen and a BRAND-NEW villain that you won’t believe.

Now that you’ve got the full scoop on Marvel’s Dark Web you’re ready to get reading! 
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