This May is Free Comic Book May – Discover New Series at Third Eye & Start Reading Comics!

May 3rd, 2024

This May – we want to get you reading comics (or reading MORE comics!!!) & we’ve got a ton of fun to help you get started!!!

Third Eye Faithful, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years for comics that we’ve seen in quite some time, and we’re so stoked to get you reading comics for the first time, jumping back into the hobby, or discovering more new reads to add to your stacks!!!

Every Saturday in May, we’re giving you a FREE comic based around a theme, like SUPERHEROES, SCI FI FANTASY, or KIDS COMICS (for your THIRD EYE JUNIORS!), and in addition, offering a bunch of other cool stuff too!!!

Read on, and find out all the cool stuff we’ve got cooking!!!

Get a FREE comic every Saturday in May starting 5/4/24 & if you attend all 4 Saturdays, you can get a FREE Graphic Novel on 6/1/24!

First off — let’s talk FREE COMIC BOOK MAY!

Every Saturday, we’ll have tables set up at each Third Eye, with themed FREE comics for you to pick one from, and try something fun!

Make sure to bring your FREE COMIC BOOK MAY stamp sheet in each weekend & get it marked, so you can join us on 6/1/24 for FREE GRAPHIC NOVEL DAY!!!

Click here for full event details!!!


In addition, we’ll have at all locations, every FREE COMIC BOOK MAY Saturday, our THIRD EYE #1 STARTER PACKS!

10 #1 issues for just $10? C’mon: how can you go wrong with that?

Supplies are limited, and they are first come, first serve, so make sure you hit up your Third Eye shop to get yours – we’ll have packs grouped by themes for SUPERHERO COMICS & SCI-FI FANTASY COMICS!

And, keep an eye on we may even be able to put a few up on there each FREE COMIC BOOK MAY Saturday as well!!!

KICK OFF THE THIRD EYE READERS CLUB on 5/29/24, our new Graphic Novel of the Month Club, WITH OUR IMAGE COMICS SAMPLE STACK!

Get 22 IMAGE issue #1s for only $19.99 in one bundle — and get your THIRD EYE READERS Membership Bookmark which will get you 15% OFF any VOLUME 1s featured in the SAMPLE STACK!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful: one of our fav publishers of all-time is IMAGE COMICS, due to the incredible roster of talent they have, and let’s be real: they have one of the best libraries of graphic novels in comics, no doubt!

Whether it’s THE WALKING DEAD, MONSTRESS, or legends like SPAWN, they’re STACKED top to bottom with incredible books!

And, this Summer: we wanna help you discover all their incredible graphic novels!!!

On Wednesday 5/29/24, we’ll be kicking off the THIRD EYE READERS group, and we’re going to be doing it in STYLE!!!

We’ll have 22 Image Comics #1 issues, all bundled up, into our THIRD EYE SAMPLE STACK, for just $19.99, and in your sample stack: your YEAR ONE Third Eye Readers group BOOKMARK, which gets you the following:

  • 15% OFF any of the graphic novels related to the #1 issues in the SAMPLE STACK
  • 15% OFF the THIRD EYE READ OF THE MONTH Graphic Novel
  • ACCESS to the THIRD EYE READERS E-Mail List where we’ll be dropping exclusive signed graphic novel opportunities, exclusive THIRD EYE editions of upcoming graphic novels, and a TON of other surprises!