Now Playing at Third Eye for Friday 9/8/23

September 7th, 2023

MAGIC THE GATHERING: WILDS OF ELDRAINE drops this Friday 9/8/23 — dive into the storybook world of Eldraine with this 🔥 new set!

This fall, return to the land of fairy tales, knights, and witches in Wilds of Eldraine. A plane cloaked in mystery and fantasy, Eldraine has so much to discover! Eldraine is a top-down, fairy tale–inspired plane that relishes in the whimsy of a good tale, but with a special Magic twist. This time, we’re venturing beyond the scenic castles and into the wilds, a land filled with faeries, giants, and more.

Wilds of Eldraine is also your first look into the Multiverse following the Phyrexian invasion. While our heroes may have stopped Elesh Norn’s plans, the consequences of this are on full display here. You’ll meet old friends (and enemies), explore new corners of Eldraine, and discover how the Multiverse is healing from the Invasion.

Available in-store at all Third Eye locations, or you can order online for THIRD EYE PICK-UP🛒 or THIRD EYE SHIPS📬 👉


SO MUCH TYRANID FUN dropping this weekend, Third Eye Faithful!

We know you’ve been loving the newest edition of 40K, and everyone’s favorite bug army is making their 40K arrival in a big way this Saturday!

Click here to check out all the dope TYRANID goodness, including the new CODEX, and more, dropping this SATURDAY 9/9/23!

NEW DRAGON BALL SUPER TCG arrives this Friday 9/8 with CRITICAL BLOW!

* The debut of a new type of Z-Card, the “Z-Extra”!
A new card type has been added to the Z-Cards in the Zenkai series! They’re called “Z-Extras”!
They feature new horizontal designs based on techniques and scenes never before seen in DBSCG!
Multitudes of effects can be activated on just a single card, giving your games dramatic battles!

* Cards themed around ultimate techniques seen through the ages are here!
Cards themed around ultimate techniques seen through the ages are here! The lineup covers a wide range from Father-Son Kamehameha and Gogeta’s Soul Punisher to the impactful Special Beam Cannon seen in the most recent “SUPER HERO”.

* The debut of all-new GDR design!
Low pull-rate “God Rare” cards are included! These always send shockwaves through our user base! The designs have evolved from the previous gold reflective cards! You have to see the new GDR cards for yourself!


In the far future, robots have resurrected humanity after mankind’s hubris led to an extinction event. Upon revival, humans quickly prove that they’ve learned nothing from their past mistakes, subjugating the robots and becoming the ruling class of sentient life on Earth. Now, the bots are fighting back.

Welcome to burncycle, a brand new title from Chip Theory Games. In this solo or cooperative game, one to four players take on the roles of robot operatives engaged in an underground resistance against tyrannical human corporations. Players must use creative action sequencing to infiltrate hostile facilities, outwit guards, and take down the corporations from within.

Each player has a role to play in both the physical and virtual realms. The cat and mouse chase takes place in both dynamic corporate headquarters and across an ever-changing network. Humanity will pursue your team of bots tirelessly in an attempt to shut you down and limit your actions. Featuring escalating challenges, exciting squad-building, flexible programming mechanics and a striking retro-sci fi visual style, burncycle is poisoned to bring players the in-depth strategy and stunning production design Chip Theory is known for.