August 23rd, 2023

CHIP ZDARSKY unleashes an epic new event that will leave the BatFamily fractured! Don’t miss the kick off in BATMAN / CATWOMAN THE GOTHAM WAR BATTLE LINES #1!

We’ve got a ton of awesome books dropping this New Comic Day and kicking off the bunch is a civil war no one saw coming! Tension has been brewing between the Bat & the Cat and now the the BatFamily will fracture and lines will be drawn… but what exactly are they fighting over? You’re just gonna have to snag this sick kick-off issue and find out!


Crime is down in Gotham City… Could that be a bad thing? A coordinated effort in Gotham has led to a reduction in violent crime, but at what cost?

Villains scatter as their lives begin to crumble under a new regime. And as Batman recovers from his epic battle through the Multiverse and the horrors of Knight Terrors, one name runs through his mind. One name at the heart of this new, safer Gotham…Catwoman.

A conflict that’s been brewing for well over a year finally hits the streets, and it will fracture the Bat-Family as war erupts! From bestselling writers Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard and artists Mike Hawthorne and Adriano Di Benedetto comes the opening shot in the Gotham War!

We’ve also got a super signing coming up with the amazing artist of this issue MIKE HAWTHORNE at Third Eye ANNAPOLIS on BATMAN DAY 9/16!

Check out all the event details for BATMAN DAY 2023 and our signing with MIKE HAWTHORNE here!

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KAMALA makes her comeback in MS MARVEL NEW MUTANT #1! Don’t miss her exciting new era as an X-Man!

With the FALL OF X in full swing the mutants have had some major changes! From the formation of the Dark X-Men & the Uncanny Avengers – and now the one and only heart of the Marvel Universe, Kamala Khan has returned renewed with some surprising new powers! And this time she’s an X-Man! Don’t miss this exciting new era!


That’s right – the good news is that fresh off her world-saving death, Kamala has been brought back via Krakoan Resurrection Technology! What a way to learn she’s a mutant!

The bad news is her debut at the Hellfire Gala didn’t go exactly as planned, and now all of mutantkind are being hunted worldwide!

Into this world of hate and fear, Kamala has a secret mission to pull off for the X-Men, all the while struggling to acclimate to this new part of her identity!

PLUS: This huge new chapter of Kamala’s story is being co-written by the MCU’s own Kamala, Iman Vellani, and Sabir Pirzada of both DARK WEB: MS. MARVEL and her Disney+ series!

And this exciting first issues has some sweet variant covers by some of the best artists Marvel has to offer like Stanley ARTGERM, Luciano VECCHIO, Betsy COLA & MORE!

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Get your introduction to the new publisher DSTLRY delivering cutting edge new stories from some of the industry’s best creators in THE DEVILS CUT #1!

The brand new publisher DSTLRY is making an explosive debut this week with THE DEVIL’S CUT #1! This special issue is your first preview of all the epic creator owned comics to come from some of the biggest names in the industry like James TYNION IV, Scott SNYDER, Tula LOTAY & MANY MORE! This massive issue is only being printed once – so don’t miss your chance to snag it!

The Devil’s Cut is your introduction to DSTLRY, a new publisher redefining creator-owned comics. In the aging process, the whiskey that evaporates is called the Angel’s Share. But the most potent spirits are captured in the wood-the Devil’s Cut.

This is The Devil’s Cut-unfiltered stories from the most fearless creators, offering a distinct taste of the quality to come. 88 oversized pages printed on premium paper, featuring a flight of high-proof work from our Founding Creators including Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tula Lotay, Mirka Andolfo, Jock, Becky Cloonan, Brian Azzarello, Marc Bernardin, Elsa Charretier, Lee Garbett, Joelle Jones, Stephanie Phillips, Ram V, Jamie McKelvie, Junko Mizuno  and friends including Francesco Francavilla, Ariela Kristantina, Eduardo Risso, Christian Ward, and more. Edited by the legendary Will Dennis.

This kick-off issue will never be reprinted in this format again.

All covers full wraparounds.

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Hell breaks loose in this epic new one-shot ACTION COMICS PRESENTS DOOMSDAY SPECIAL #1!


It is a creature beyond reason–and the only force in the universe strong enough to kill Superman. It’s Doomsday, the living embodiment of death, destruction, and evolution!

In the wake of Dark Crisis and Lazarus Planet, King Doomsday now sits on a throne of skulls across a river of blood, holding court over the demons that swarm in the depths of Hell…and he may have just found a way back to the land of the living.

It’s now up to Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to drive the beast back and see that he never again returns to our earthly plane–even if they must die to do it! Plus: the return of Bloodwynd, the debut of the Doomhounds, and a clue to the next big Superman event!

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Superstar creators come together to deliver a mighty celebration of the MARVEL AGE #1000 in this massive anthology one-shot!


This massive commemorative issue includes contributions from some of the most storied creators in Marvel history, as well as a few surprises, as the classic days of Marvel are explored in depth!

J. Michael Straczynski and Kaare Andrews create the Marvel Universe in a backyard!
Dan Slott and Michael Allred depict a crucial turning point for Captain Marvel!

Rainbow Rowell and Jamie McKelvie explore the blossoming relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey!

The original Human Torch finds his purpose thanks to Mark Waid and Alessandro Cappuccio!
The Silver Surfer confronts Mephisto under the guidance of Steve McNiven!

And more, more, more! Plus: The ultimate Marvel Value Stamp, #1000! Who or what will it feature?

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The Marvel Universe is undergoing a massive transformation but can our heroes hope to stop it? Get caught up with ULTIMATE INVASION #3!

After KANG descends upon the City of Tomorrow, the Illuminati must regroup!

IRON MAN has a heart-to-heart with Tony Stark! DOCTOR DOOM – the anti-Maker – prepares his own plans to deal with this evil Reed Richards… and the Ultimate Universe that the Maker thought he had rebuilt frays at the edges as they prepare for cosmic war!

Wanna catch up? We’ve still got plenty of issues 1-2 in stock to get you up to date!

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Get ready for some fun in the sun and a showcase of DC’s best super-suits in GNORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT EDITON #1!


Art by Paul Pelletier, Nicola Scott, Mikel Janin, Jeff Dekal, Daniel Sampere, Gleb Melnikov, Derrick Chew, Stanley Artgerm Lau, Emanuela Lupacchino, Joelle Jones, Megan Huang, Terry Dodson, Babs Tarr, Pete Woods, Joe Quinones, Helene Lenoble, Otto Schimdt, Michael Allred, Sweeney Boo, David Talaski, Jenny Frison, and others!

You may know G’nort as the bumbling Green Lantern who protects Space Sector 68. Then again, you may not know G’nort at all. Whatever the case, get ready to see him in his newest role as host and proprietor of this very special swimsuit edition comic! Join our favorite fuzzball as he showcases some of our best swimsuit covers and our most swim-tacular stories!

From the Flash in a Speed Force Speedo to Batman in a bat(hing) suit, this very special one-shot is summer fun from (bikini) top to (bikini) bottom. Also collecting some of the steamiest swimsuit covers from DC’s best talent, all in one place for the very first time!

Each copy of G’Nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition features a randomly inserted centerfold, distributed in equal quantities: Poison Ivy by Jen Bartel, Nightwing and Barbara Gordon by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sánchez, and G’Nort himself, by Simon Bisley!

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