July 12th, 2023

The MILLAR WORLD collides in this massive new series – Nemesis, Night Club, Kick-Ass, the Magic Order & MORE crossover in BIG GAME #1!

In celebration of 20 years of publishing awesome comics, writer MARK MILLAR is unleashing his biggest project yet!

His first comic ‘Wanted’ debuted 20 years ago and he has been pumping out tons of sick series ever since! Now all those great comics are colliding for the first time for one massive crossover in BIG GAME #1! Wether you’ve read them all or you only know his mainstream stuff – this new series is the perfect re-introduction to the Millar World!

Old classics like The Magic Order, Kick-Ass & Nemesis and new favorites like Night Club & The Ambassadors finally come together in new context to unite this vast comic universe 20 years in the making!


The comics event of the summer is here!

Okay, this is so top secret we can’t even show you the main cover because it spoils something MASSIVE. Just trust us when we say that this is going to be the comic book event of 2023-and it’s NOT what you’re expecting.

Does the crossover really go that wide? Yes, it does. BIG GAME pulls together KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, NEMESIS, THE MAGIC ORDER, and ALL the Millarworld franchises in one special event. This must be ordered like CRAZY!

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MOON KNIGHT embarks on a new mind-bending journey in THE CITY OF THE DEAD #1! And the new SCARLET SCARAB makes her 1ST APPEARANCE!

Last week’s issue of Moon Knight #25 kicked off a sick new story arc and included a cameo for the new character making her debut this week – SCARLET SCARAB! If you’ve been wanting to check out Moon Knight – now is the perfect chance to jump on! This massive 25th issue is also the prelude to the craziness to come in City of the Dead this week! Moon Knight’s pledge to protect the travelers of the night will take him to new lows as he discovers the mind-bending underworld!


Following the events of Moon Knight #25! When a young runaway is attacked by a gang of death cultists, he is left barely alive outside the Midnight Mission. But Marc Spector made a vow long ago to defend the travelers of the night…and as long as a spark of life remains, his mission isn’t over yet. Follow Moon Knight on his most harrowing adventure yet, as the Fist of Khonshu journeys far beyond the land of the living – and battles across the mind-bending underworld known as the City of the Dead!

And make sure to snag this sick 1ST Cover APPEARANCE of Scarlet Scarab for this weeks first issue!

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The new galactic smash hit from writer ROBERT KIRKMAN continues in VOID RIVALS #2! Don’t sleep on this huge Hasbro shared universe!

After the Transformer debut in issue 1 – how could you possibly bear to miss any more big surprises? And trust us, this new shared universe series is gonna be full of them! Walking Dead & Invincible writer ROBERT KIRKMAN is unleashing a new series in VOID RIVALS that will crossover with many familiar faces from your childhood! Don’t sleep on this shocking new intergalactic saga!

ROBERT KIRKMAN & LORENZO DE FELICI’s new shared universe continues here!

After the jaw-dropping reveal in the debut issue, everything Darak and Solila thought they knew about the Sacred Ring’s never-ending war has changed.

To deliver the truth back home, they must first get off this deadly planet-by any means necessary.

Wanna catch up? We still have plenty of issue 1 to get you up to date!

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HARLEY QUINN is back with an all new anthology series and this time she’s BLACK WHITE & REDDER #1!

Written by Chip Zdarsky, Leah Williams, Paul Scheer, and Nick Giovannetti Art by Kevin Maguire, Natacha Bustos, and Tom Reilly

The bloody brilliance of 2020’s Harvey-nominated Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red deserved an encore–this time in print periodical! In this all-new miniseries, 18 short tales of Gotham’s most unpredictable antihero unspool in black, white, and red ink (because she’s never seen the world in just black and white).

In this issue: Comedic legends (they made us say that) Chip Zdarsky and Kevin Maguire team up to send Harley and Ivy deep into the heart of the Fortress of Solitude!

Leah Williams and Natacha Bustos reveal Harley’s teenage past as a high-flying gymnast with vengeance on her mind!

And actor Paul Scheer joins co-writer Nick Giovannetti and artist Tom Reilly to send former Joker sidekicks Harley and Gaggy Gagsworthy on a heist that’s worth the risk…but can the pair walk out on their vendetta in 30 seconds flat when they feel the heat around the corner?

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Soaring to new heights and making her DAWN OF DC debut HAWKGIRL #1 will introduce a new Nth metal mystery!


Kendra Saunders, the winged warrior better known as Hawkgirl, has been one of the DCU’s greatest heroes for a long time, serving as a member of both the Justice League and the Justice Society. But with the Justice League disbanded, Kendra decides she needs a fresh start and heads to Metropolis to begin a new life.

That life is quickly interrupted by a mysterious villain with a powerful connection to the Nth metal that makes up Hawkgirl’s wings and weapons. A brand-new adventure with sky-high action, adventure, and intrigue begins here by Jadzia Axelrod (Galaxy: The Prettiest Star) and Amancay Nahuelpan (Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, The Flash).

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The Titans are back in the spotlight with this new homage paying series – meet Starfire in TALES OF THE TITANS #1!

The Titans have stepped up to become the DCU’s premier superhero team, and all eyes are on them!

Who are Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and Beast Boy? Where do they come from, and what do they stand for? All will be revealed in Tales of the Titans, an all-new series of spotlight issues in the spirit of the beloved 1980s classic Tales of the New Teen Titans!

First up is alien princess and warrior Starfire, whose huge heart, huger hair, and fiery fists have made her a fan-favorite member of the team! When a spaceship bearing Tamaranean markings crash-lands on Earth, Starfire goes on a solo mission to uncover its origins. But what awaits her on that journey will bring her back to the earliest days of her youth, to memories of two sisters eternally at war…and perhaps the chance to keep history from repeating itself.

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It’s time for a new generation of Turtles to step up! See their story in the LAST RONIN LOST DAY SPECIAL #1 one-shot!

A special one-shot set in the Ronin-verse!

After the Last Ronin defeated Oroku Hiroto, Master of the Foot Clan, New York City was free for the first time in more than a decade. But along with the newfound freedom comes a dangerous power vacuum waiting to be filled, and without a common enemy in the Foot Clan, various factions are vying to take control. Longtime resistance leader April O’Neil finds herself and her loved ones-including four small mutant turtles she and her daughter, Casey Marie Jones, are raising and training together-once again caught up in the battle for the soul of the city.

When April takes the young mutant turtles with her on a supply run into the city, they become lost and must find their way back to the sewer lair or risk becoming collateral damage in the newest power struggle overtaking the streets. Old memories mix with new realities as April and her four small charges race to get back home before it’s too late. This title will be standard trim size, not the oversized format of The Last Ronin series.

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BLADE #1 is back with an all new solo series! An ancient Evil has awoke and there’s only one hunter can handle the job!

Marvel’s slickest vampire hunter returns in a brand new ongoing by Bryan Hill (KILLMONGER) and Elena Casagrande (BLACK WIDOW)!

True evil is patient. And a dark, ancient power has been simmering quietly for centuries…and when Blade himself is the one to unknowingly unleash it, Marvel’s entire supernatural underworld will come out of hiding to demand he handle it. Or pay a pound of flesh for his mistakes. Bloodbaths, blackmail and Blade – you won’t want to miss the explosive first issue of this new volume!

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Joe Madureira’s BATTLE CHASERS is back and secrets revealed will turn the tides in issue #11 this week!

The battle continues! Garrison draws on the power of his cursed blade! Secrets are revealed.

Wanna catch up? We’ve got plenty of the graphic novel and issue 10 in stock to get you up to date!

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The chaos continues in these awesome DC KNIGHT TERRORS TIE-INS out this week!



Forgive me, sister, for I have sinned. I murdered Valmont, the man I love, in order to save the man I loved…Batman…who will never forgive me for breaking his one rule. But please forgive me, Sister Zero, for this Nightmare Realm you’ve put me in as penance–from which I can’t seem to wake up–is my Catholic guilt come to life in the form of your rotting disciples taking my soul. Sister Maggie, if you’re still somewhere in there, forgive me, and let me save us in the Nightmare Realm in order to save us in real life! That is…unless we should die before we wake.

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Pigs, pigs, pygs…and clowns! Dick Grayson wakes up in jail to realize a nightmare has come to life: he murdered someone he loves! And the only thing making it worse is his past coming to haunt him in the form of humanoid pigs playing the characters of his childhood at Haly’s Circus, scene by scene, leading up to the night of his parents’ death. The Batgirls try to help Nightwing figure out who framed him (or why he killed someone!), but it’s his cellmate and other unlikely villains in jail who will help him solve the mystery…but are they actually helping him?

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