February 1st, 2024


Third Eye Faithful, Jonathan Hickman and Marvel took comics by storm last month with the launch of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, and Marvel is about to repeat history with the highly anticipated next launch title in the new 2024 Ultimate Universe line-up, ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER!!!


In the wake of ULTIMATE INVASION, Khonshu and Ra – the force known together as Moon Knight – are seeking to expand their brutal control of the continent of Africa. In response, the lone bulwark against them, the isolated nation of Wakanda, will send forth its champion…its king…the Black Panther! 

From the creative minds of Bryan Hill (BLADE, KILLMONGER) and Stefano Caselli (X-MEN RED, AVENGERS) comes a bold new take on the world of Black Panther and Wakanda!    

Wanna know more? Check out our Third Eye Spotlight blog for the new Marvel Ultimate Universe here!

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The next JOKER classic in the tradition of KILLING JOKE, THREE JOKERS & ARKHAM ASYLUM, begins with BATMAN #142 – JOKER YEAR ONE Chapter 1!!! Do not sleep on this stunning & shocking look at the Joker’s earliest years! Perfect place for new readers to jump on the BATMAN title!

Third Eye Faithful — the BATMAN run that CHIP ZDARSKY has been doing for the last year or so has been an incredible run, and it’s about to hit one of its highest points as the highly anticipated JOKER YEAR ONE storyline begins!

In BATMAN #142, we’re given the first chapter of JOKER YEAR ONE, and shown how the tragic death of the leader of the Red Hood Gang in a vat of chemicals has become the subject of myth…but what is the heartbreaking and gruesome tale of the monster who walked away from that violent birth? 

And how does it affect Batman’s distant future? The Joker Year One begins here!

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Following in the footsteps of the recent ENERGON UNIVERSE explosion with TRANSFORMERS & GI JOE, Dynamite rolls out the return of the THUNDERCATS #1!

You gotta love all the recent ’80s and ’90s revivals going on with beloved universes like TMNT LAST RONIN and Image’s ENERGON UNIVERSE, and with THUNDERCATS #1 on the way — you KNOW you’re in for a real treat!!! 

In THUNDERCATS #1, fleeing through space to escape their dying home world, the ThunderCats were attacked en route by their mortal enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr. After diverting their damaged flagship to a planet called Third Earth, the surviving ThunderCats now strive to rebuild their society in harmony with the new world’s natives. But the Mutants, determined to possess the ThunderCats’ mystical gem, the Eye of Thundera, have tracked them down – and they’ve also forged an alliance with Mumm-Ra, the devil-priest of Third Earth!

Now the ThunderCats, led by an inexperienced Lion-O, must band together as never before to protect their legacy from this combined enemy. But will they be able to withstand the onslaught of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living, once he sets his eyes upon them?

The triple-threat talents (writers, artists, and ThunderCats superfans) of DECLAN SHALVEY and DREW MOSS join forces to bring this exciting new entry in the ThunderCats canon to life! 

And this massive debut issue has so many sweet covers you might just have to snag them all!!!

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Before the highly anticipated JAMES GUNN CREATURE COMMANDOS animated feature comes out — read the comics that inspired it with the CREATURE COMMANDOS PRESENT FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF SHADE BOOK 1 TP featuring superstar writers JEFF LEMIRE & GRANT MORRISON!!! One of our all-time fav sleeper hit reads!

Third Eye Faithful, one of the sleeper hits of the NEW 52 era was most definitely Grant Morrison & Jeff Lemire’s FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF SHADE, which spun out of the SEVEN SOLDIERS! 

This stunning series reads like HELLBOY meets the DC MULTIVERSE, and we LOVED every second of it!!! 

Before James Gunn’s highly anticipated Creature Commandos animated series debuts, get to know the team’s resident undead, sword-swinging power hitter, Frankenstein, in this collection of stories from comics all-stars Grant Morrison, Jeff Lemire, Doug Mahnke, and Alberto Ponticelli! Book one of this two-volume collection reprints the entire SEVEN SOLDIERS: FRANKENSTEIN limited series plus FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #1-7.

Keep an eye out for the CREATURE COMMANDOS PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF SHADE VOL 1 on the new issue rack this week!


Return to the island-nation of Madripoor as X-Men legend Chris Claremont takes the helm of an all-new WOLVERINE tale teaming Logan with his long-standing friends CAPTAIN AMERICA and the BLACK WIDOW! 

Picking up in the window of the all-time classic UNCANNY X-MEN #268, thrill to a brand-new adventure! When a secret weapon brings Captain America to Madripoor, the trio team-up you’ve been waiting decades for will finally come to pass as the mission brings Logan and Black Widow into a race against time against a multitude of foes, including the HAND! 

You’ve been waiting for this one…and you’ll never guess where it goes!    

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One of the most iconic manga of all-time, VINLAND SAGA, gets the deluxe treatment in VINLAND SAGA DELUXE VOLUME 1 this week!!!

The epic action manga for fans of Game of Thrones, a story of war, royal intrigue, suspense, and revenge set against the backdrop of the Viking invasions of England, now in a larger, deluxe format! At the turn of the 11th century, the Norse Sea is in the grip of Viking terror. 

The clever Askeladd leads his small band of mercenaries into London with the aid of the ruthless young Thorfinn, son of a warrior in the dreaded Jomsvikings. But this is an alliance of convenience: Thorfinn has sworn to kill Askeladd one day to avenge his father’s death. 

When a race begins to capture the prince and secure the rights to the throne, personal grudges will clash with the fate of a kingdom in the balance, and blood will be spilled!

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One of our favorite JEDI of all-time, MACE WINDU, gets the spotlight in the all new STAR WARS MACE WINDU #1!!!

Even in the years before THE CLONE WARS, MACE WINDU was known for his discipline, determination and combat skills. 

When a scientist’s discovery threatens the balance of the galaxy, Mace is led down a treacherous path of mystery and action. Introducing AZITA CRUUZ, a pirate with a deadly secret, who the HUTTS and the REPUBLIC will stop at nothing to control!

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The MULTIVERSE-charged event, KNIGHT TERRORS, which set the path for MAJOR things happening in the DCU this year arrives in hardcover this week!!! Picture NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET meets the DCU!

Third Eye Faithful, we LOVE a good DCU crossover, and one of the best was the recent KNIGHT TERRORS storyline! 

This storyline has set the stage for BIG things to come in the DCU, and we cannot stress enough how much we loved it!

The death of a longtime enemy at the Hall of Justice leads to terrifying events across the DC Universe! Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman–along with reluctant hero Deadman–take on villainous new foe Insomnia and his Sleepless Knights as the world is engulfed in horror! 

Who will survive as our heroes venture past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and into a realm of nightmares? 


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Prepare for the upcoming new RED HOOD series with RED HOOD: THE HILL #0 this NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY!!!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful, we’re massive fans of Jason Todd, and when we saw he was going to be returning with an all new series — we knew we had to shout it out!

This special prelude issue sets you up perfectly for the upcoming RED HOOD series!

Before you embark on Red Hood’s newest adventure in the Hill, experience the story that introduced Jason to his new home! As The Joker War ravages Gotham, a new vigilante group has formed to protect their turf, and Red Hood finds himself caught in the crossfire! This thrilling tale collects Red Hood: Outlaw #51 and #52, and is essential reading to get you ready for all hell to come to the Hill in Red Hood: The Hill!

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Comics superstar RAM V (RARE FLAVOURS, MANY DEATHS OF LAILA STARR, THESE SAVAGE SHORES) makes a big splash with his long-awaited IMAGE COMICS series ONE HAND #1!!!

We’re huge fans of superstar RAM V and the work he’s done with modern hits like MANY DEATHS OF LAILA STARR, THESE SAVAGE SHORES & most recently RARE FLAVOURS, so when we saw he had a big IMAGE COMICS book on the way — we knew we had to give it some love!!!

In ONE HAND #1, Neo Novena detective ARI NASSER_ is about to retire with an enviable record, until a brutal murder occurs, bearing all the hallmarks of the “One Hand Killer”…which should be impossible, since Ari already put him away not once, but twice in the years before.What follows is a deadly cat-and-mouse game as Ari pursues his quarry down the rain-soaked streets of Neo Novena. Ari will stop at nothing to unravel the secrets and ciphers of this case, but each revelation only leads further into the dark heart of his future-metropolis and Ari’s own beleaguered soul.

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