January 3rd, 2024

Superstar writer JASON AARON takes on the Man of Steel for his first ongoing DC COMICS run! Don’t miss his epic takeover in ACTION COMICS #1061!

JASON AARON is one our absolute favorite writers and has earned his place as a comics superstar with his epic work on series like his award winning run of THOR, Star Wars and so much more! And now he’s breaking out into the DC Universe! He made his first DC debut last month with the release of the BATMAN OFF-WORLD mini-series that was an absolute thriller of a kick off! And now he’s joining the new Dawn of DC continuity with the flagship title of Superman ACTION COMICS!


THE WIZARD, BIZARRO! Jason Aaron writes Superman for the very first time, teaming up with all-star artist John Timms to present a startling new vision of the Man of Steel’s strangest foe. When Superman’s doppelganger discovers a dark secret about himself, it unleashes the most dangerous version of Bizarro the world has ever seen.

And this massive debut issue has so many sweet variant covers by some of DC’s best artists like JORGE JIMENEZ, Chris Bachalo, Nathan Szerdy & MORE!

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Marvel Architect JONATHAN HICKMAN is reigniting the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE to redefine everything you know about these iconic heroes and it’s all kicking off with this week in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1!

After his legendary redefining run on the X-Men in House of X, Hickman has become a mainstay at Marvel and we could not be more pumped for what he has in store for us next! The iconic ULTIMATE UNIVERSE is returning but this time it’s brand new! After the events of ULTIMATE INVASION, the prelude mini-series to this new Universe, the legendary heroes that you know and love are getting a refresh! And it all kicks off with the multiverse surfing master SPIDER-MAN! Don’t miss the debut of this daring new view of the Marvel Universe!


Visionary writer Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X) and acclaimed artist Marco Checchetto (DAREDEVIL) bring you a bold new take on Spider-Man, with this, the debut title of the new line of Ultimate Comics!

After the events of ULTIMATE INVASION, the world needs a hero…who will rise up to take on that responsibility? Prepare to be entangled in a web of mystery and excitement as the all-new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic redefines the wall-crawler for the 21st Century!   

And this epic first issue has some sweet variant covers from amazing artists like JS CAMPBELL, MARCO CHECCHETTO, RYAN STEGMAN & MORE!

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Every great empire comes to an end, and the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X kicked off the explosive conclusion to the X-Men’s Krakoa Age – this week comes the companion story THE RISE OF THE POWERS OF X #1!

All great things must come to an end, but the Mutants have always had the mentality to go down fighting! The final chapter of the Krakoan Age kicked off last week with the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X, and just like the story began with two intertwining series, the conclusion mirrors that with the RISE OF THE POWERS OF X being the companion story to this finale! Don’t miss this thrilling downfall and the new beginnings that will be born from it!


Ten years ago, the mutants returned from their exile to try and reclaim the Earth from the forces of Orchis. They failed. Now, within the victorious Orchis with their gauntlet choking the world, Nimrod and Omega Sentinel put their plan within a plan into action.

They are to summon their binary god to consume everything in their accession. All that stands between them is the X-Men. What can they do? They’re the X-Men. They’ll find a way. That’s their power.

So begins a story beyond time and space, with the rise of powers beyond our petty human intelligence. From writer Kieron Gillen (IMMORTAL X-MEN, UNCANNY X-MEN) and artist R.B. Silva (POWERS OF X, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH) comes half of the story that will bring the Krakoa Age to its conclusion!   

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Get ready for the new Netflix movie hit from ZACK SNYDER with this epic prelude comic REBEL MOON HOUSE OF THE BLOODAXE #1!


As war is looming on the horizon on the planet Shasu, the leader of the Bloodaxe family is conflicted between living up to his father’s domineering legacy and maintaining the peace. It is up to him to settle the conflicts within himself, and his family, before the entire planet erupts in war.

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Mad Cave comics unleashes an epic new anthropomorphic noir story perfect for fans of ‘Blacksad’ – don’t miss the heavy hitting mystery that is DEER EDITOR #1!

A John Doe slaying lures a journalist into a world of political intrigue, a wi-fi-enabled grotto, and a station locker full of secrets. For Bucky, an editor of the crime beat at “The Truth,” it’s all in a day’s work…
…but he also happens to be a deer.

Will he chase down his last story in this antler noir series? Deer Editor is perfect for fans of Blacksad and Chinatown.

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DYNAMITE has been giving all the bad guys the spotlight – and this week the iconic but killer connoisseur of fashion returns with her very own comic series in DISNEY VILLAINS CRUELLA DE VIL #1!

The beloved Disney villain – in her own FABULOUS series, darling!

Even though there’s absolutely no hard evidence that noted couturière Cruella De Vil was ever involved in the theft of any Dalmatian puppies, her name has been ruined in all of the tabloids, and now her reputation in the fashion world is hanging by a thread. Which is why she’s willing to do anything – ANYTHING! – to restore her good name – even stealing the royal family’s priceless jewels!

How will that restore her reputation, you ask? You’ll just have to pick up this brand new entry in Dynamite’s Disney Villains adventures to find out! With a story (and a cover) by the astonishingly talented SWEENEY BOO, and interior art by the continentally sophisticated MIRIANA PUGLIA, Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil #1 also features covers from the intensely fashionable JOSHUA MIDDLETON!

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