The Third Eye Guide to X of Swords

Published September 28th, 2020

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First — HOUSE OF X. Now, X OF SWORDS — if you’re not reading X-MEN by now, you better start, because it’s one of the best things going in comics!

Holy crap: has the X-MEN universe been good or what? Ever since Jonathan Hickman came in with HOUSE OF X and completely revitalized and reinvented the world of the X-MEN (Click here to read all about HOUSE OF X and why it was so big!), the books have been some of the most top tier must-reads in the Marvel line-up.

Now, he’s taking things up a couple dozen notches with X OF SWORDS, and we cannot wait!

In the vein of classics like FATAL ATTRACTIONS and MESSIAH COMPLEX, X OF SWORDS is a crossover that extends throughout all the different X-Titles, to make for one big epic story.

What is the X OF SWORDS storyline all about?

TL,DR — Apocalypse abandons his original Four Horsemen somewhere in another dimension, they hate it there, and have decided to travel through time and space to conquer our dimension, and take it as their own.

But, to save themselves some trouble, they’re deciding to go MORTAL KOMBAT on the X-MEN and Marvel Universe, and hold a giant tournament, pitting hero against Horsemen, and deciding the fate of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Oh, and there’s a lotta swords. Magic swords, cosmic swords, and everything in between. If it’s a sword of significance in the Marvel U — it’s in here.

OK, want the longer version? So, here’s the deal: the DAWN OF X era, which is what followed up HOUSE OF X, has all of mutant kind living on the island of Krakoa, and building a new nation focused on the protection and elevation of mutant kind.

Now, Krakoa isn’t the only living island — there’s also Arakko, who once was a part of Krakoa, and was split in two by an unknown entity wielding the TWILIGHT SWORD.

Apocalypse locked Arakko away, along with his First Horsemen, and used them to defeat that unknown bad guy.

For centuries, mutants of Arakko went to town on other entities within that world, where Arakko lies, which is only accessible via the Otherworld, an ethereal realm beyond the Marvel Universe where Captain Britain draws his magic powers from.

In X OF SWORDS Creation, the gate is open, and well, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! 🙂

Seriously tho: this is everything you could want from an X-MEN comics, and then some. Loads of familiar and new faces alike going to town, throwing down, and dealing out cosmos-shattering awesomeness in the true Marvel tradition.

Ever wonder what it felt like to be reading a massive storyline like INFERNO or MUTANT MASSACRE, one which touched many corners of the Marvel U and not just the X-MEN universe, while centering solely on the mutants themselves? This is your chance to live that excitement every week as X OF SWORDS takes us directly into the fun!

Where to start? Snag X OF SWORDS Creation #1 one-shot, which features X OF SWORDS Chapter 1, and get reading!

The dark history of Arakko will soon be revealed, and when it is, the very future of mutantkind will be at stake. 

Now, witness the cataclysmic showdown between the sword bearers of Arakko and the ten mutants who will stand up to defend the new mutant nation of Krakoa in Pepe Larraz’s breathtaking key art for X OF SWORDS. 

This fateful clash and many others are what await readers in this crossover epic written by Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, and all the current writers of your favorite X-Men titles. 

The next chapter in Hickman’s bold reshaping of the X-Men that began in House of X, this story will stand alongside influential X-Men crossovers like The Mutant Massacre and Messiah CompleX. 

The victories will be legendary, the losses will be heartbreaking, and the revelations will send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. This sprawling saga will have a lasting impact on the future of the X-Men, forever changing the fate of the franchise’s most prominent characters.

In short: this is going to be a book that both new and old fans of X-MEN alike are going to fall in love with.

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Who are the First Horsemen of Apocalypse?

One of the most intriguing aspects of X OF SWORDS is the exploration of Apocalypse, the lore of the character, and more.

One of the most compelling introductions is that of the FIRST HORSEMEN, who are the sons and daughters of Apocalypse and Genesis.

When Okkara was split by the Twilight Sword, Apocalypse used his First Horsemen to fight the invaders who came through — and sealed the chasm.

Of course: those Horsemen are the ones who got abandoned, and well, they’re more than a little upset about it.

Find out more about the FIRST HORSEMEN and more in X OF SWORDS!