Prepare For The Biggest X-Men Event In Decades!

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Lets talk SCHISM. This is essentially Marvel’s CIVIL WAR, but for the world of the X-MEN. For years, we’ve seen a rift growing between WOLVERINE and CYCLOPS. We’ve watched as both have evolved as characters, and almost switched in terms of how they view the world. We’ve watched as CYCLOPS has moved in a much more MAGNETO-like direction, and WOLVERINE, has maintained the same attitude he always has, but gotten more and more serious about it.

And, we’ve waited, and wondered when it would happen, but it’s finally going down: the X-MEN are splitting, and SCHISM is the cause of that split.

Many of you have heard about the historic landmark final issue of UNCANNY X-MEN arriving in October, with issue #544. Now, one thing we can confirm, is that UNCANNY is ending and beginning anew, and it’s all due to SCHISM. We took place in a conference call with Marvel Editor-in-Chief AXEL ALONSO, X-Men head editor Nick Lowe, and SCHISM writer JASON AARON about the relaunch of UNCANNY and the whole SCHISM storyline, and much of what we learned is what leads to UNCANNY ending, and opening a bold new era for Marvel’s merry mutants.

As far as how we’re going to get there, one word: SCHISM. And, folks, it’s going to be AWESOME. We’ve seen some advance pages, and heard some things about what’s planned for the series, and I’m totally stoked. I really think that this is the biggest thing the X-MEN have witnessed since the launch of X-MEN MUTANT GENESIS and X-MEN #1 by JIM LEE and CHRIS CLAREMONT, almost two decades ago.

What’s SCHISM about? Schism kicks off with some of the most rock-n-roll action-packed X-MEN storytelling we’ve seen, but what it leads to is something so tragic, and so fateful, that it literally splits the X-MEN in two. The growing tension between WOLVERINE and CYCLOPS comes to a head, and after years of fighting side-by-side, it boils down to what we’ve all been waiting for: WOLVERINE vs. CYCLOPS. And, the real question is who will side with who in this one.

A limited series, SCHISM, promises to deliver MAJOR storyline impact and ramifications that will shake the entire Marvel Universe to it’s core, when everything is said and done, you’ll be asking yourself one question: Has Cyclops finally gone too far?

This is it, folks, a storyline that’s been brewing for quite some time… and that’s been teased in several promos (i.e Cyclops wearing Magneto’s armor), SCHISM is set to be the biggest X-MEN storyline in over 20 years.

Jason Aaron will be handling the writing chores on this one, and he’s one of the best guys for the job in our opinion. Whether it’s his kick-ass work on the current WOLVERINE ongoing series, or his creator-owned work on titles such as SCALPED, Aaron has shown that he knows how to tell a big, action-packed story that’s not afraid to explore the dark side of it’s characters.

As far as the art chores, each issue of SCHISM features a superstar artist, ranging from Andy Kubert to Carlos Pacheco to Frank Cho, and more, which is yet another reason to be stoked for the SCHISM storyline.


This is also a perfect entry point for anyone who’s been looking to get into the X-MEN, as this leads directly to the launch of UNCANNY X-MEN #1 and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #1 later this year. Totally accessible, totally action-packed, X-MEN SCHISM is a great spot to jump aboard.

And since we’re so stoked about the launch of the series, when you purchase X-MEN SCHISM #1 this Wednesday, we’ll enter you into a very special prize drawing for one of the rare FRANK CHO variants of X-MEN SCHISM #1

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