WrestleMania 2019 Special #1 signing with LAN PITTS!

Published March 14th, 2019

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What’s going on Third Eye Club?  Like many of you, we are counting down the days until this year’s WrestleMania!  While some of us will be right in the middle of the action – a lot of us will be celebrating from Third Eye.  That’s why when our friend Lan asked if he could come in to do a signing for WRESTLEMANIA 2019 SPECIAL #1 we couldn’t say no!

Whether you’re an old school wrestling fan, an Attitude Era wrestling fan, or a Modern Era wrestling fan, there’s something to find among the amazing catalog of WWE books with Lan’s name on them! He was responsible for giving one of the most legendary and respected characters in WWE history an origin story. Who’s that superstar? Well, the UNDERTAKER, of course!’
Come out Saturday, March 30 from 11AM-1PM, get hype for WrestleMania with us, shoot on your favorite wrestling stars (they don’t only have to be WWE) and get your books signed!

What’s the scoop on WWE WRESTLEMANIA 2019 SPECIAL #1?

We know there’s a lot of hype surrounding WrestleMania this year, and like you all – we’re MEGA pumped for the WRESTLEMANIA 2019 SPECIAL #1.  This jam-packed special includes stories about the Kane/Undertaker clash at Wrestlemania 20, Asuka and Charlotte Flair’s battle at Wrestlemania 34, and more.
Lan’s story is about one of our favorite wrestlers out right now – the King of Strong Style himself – Shinsuke Nakamura.  We let him give his thoughts on Shinsuke and the story he told!
“Shinsuke Nakamura is easily one of the most charismatic and entrancing wrestlers of his generation, in my opinion, he personifies new school cool. I’ve been a fan of his for over a decade and it was a blast to finally get to tell a Nakamura story. I wanted to get inside his head before his WrestleMania match with AJ. 2017 wasn’t kind to Shinsuke but after winning the Rumble, he still feels like he has to remind the fans why he’s the undisputed King of Strong Style…but that’s not always an easy thing to do, ya know?”
There are some seriously exciting moves going on in this book and we can’t wait to share our excitement about it and our pure love of wrestling with you!

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You guys know us by now, right? You know we love it when you make these events into a real experience, and with how big of a signing this is — we know you guys are going to be down to make it a true Third Eye extravaganza.

It’s seeing you guys building a community while having fun, and waiting in line for these events that really motivates us to keep making stuff like this happen. We love it, and as such, we’ve decided to put together a very cool surprise gift for the first 10 of you who are lined up for the big signing!