Wednesday is May 4th…. TRY MORNING GLORIES! 25% OFF 5/4/11


You know, NEW COMIC DAY happens to fall on May 4th this year, and we thought hey…. that’s a pretty big date when it comes to the MORNING GLORIES world, why don’t we do something cool to remind people about how awesome this series is?

So, this Wednesday 5/4/11, we’re offering a very cool special promotion on MORNING GLORIES VOL.1 FOR A BETTER FUTURE trade paperback.

Buy volume 1 of this incredible series by one of comics rising stars, NICK SPENCER, and receive 20% off the cover price, AND, get a free copy of Nick Spencer’s new ongoing Marvel series, IRON MAN 2.0!

This is a STEAL, Third Eye Faithful, because the trade gives you 6 issues, 200 pages, of comic goodness for only $9.99, and with 20%, you’re seriously making out.

What is MORNING GLORIES, and why are we so jazzed on this series? It’s simply put, the best new IMAGE series since the debut of CHEW. Imagine a prestigious prep school that harbors a VERY dark secret, and the cast of kids who make up this year’s cast must survive the monsters lurking beneath the surface, and behind the calm, cool visages of their teachers.

Imagine a much darker take on BRIAN K. VAUGHN’S RUNAWAYS mixed with a little bit of LOST or JOE HILL’S LOCKE & KEY and that sums up MORNING GLORIES.

We love the series, and we think you will too. Give it a shot tomorrow!