WED 7/17/19: AGE OF X-MAN Finale Signing with Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson

Published January 25th, 2019

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Okay, Third Eye Faithful, you know us, we absolutely LOVE us some X-Men, and we know a lot of you do, too! Believe us when we tell you that AGE OF X-MAN is going to be HUGE. It’s one of the biggest cross-over events in a minute and is going to feature a ton of your favorite mutants! It all comes to a close with this final issue (which is why we’re telling you so early! You’re going to wanna get in on this before the end!) and it promises to be a true epic!
Age of X-Man exists in a world we haven’t seen in a long time, and you know us, we’re usually hyped for the beginning, but this time, we’re celebrating the culmination of a great story
Writers LONNIE NADLER and ZAC THOMPSON are a killer team that have worked together on a ton of other projects and now they’re putting their creative genius together to bring you an X-Men story that will undoubtedly resonate with X-Men fans.
Mark your calendars for this one, Third Eye Faithful, you’re not going to want to miss it! Join us on July 17th 2019 from 6pm-8pm at Third Eye Annapolis for a truly out of this world signing!

What’s the scoop on AGE OF X-MAN?

AGE OF X-MAN kicks off at the end of January, but we know you’re wondering, what on Earth is this, and how am I supposed to keep up? No worries, Third Eye Faithful, we got your back!
Not unlike AGE OF APOCALYPSE, Age of X-Man is a sprawling alternate universe made up of 6 interconnected mini-series – an Alpha issue and an Omega issue. The Alpha and Omega issues are key to starting and ending the story, so you don’t want to miss those! Despite having a huge, rich world to explore, each Age of X-Man story can stand on it’s own so there’s no need to have comprehensive knowledge of everything that’s happened beforehand! Didn’t read Uncanny X-Men? No problem! If you of the X-Men and want a great story; you can jump right in!
There’s a few books that expands the world of Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men, Next Gen, The Amazing Nightcrawler, The X-Tremists, Prisoner X, and Apocalypse and the X-Tracts. These books help to bring serious depth to the world of Age of X-Man, and while it’s not a necessity to read every single one, let’s be honest, you’re going to want to! Between characters you love, and an enormous, beautiful world to dive head-first into, Age of X-Man is going to be exactly what X-Men fans want!


Age of X-Man isn’t the first time that Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson have teamed up and brought us some amazing reads. THE DREGS comes from these two creative rockstars and it’s too good to pass up!
In a city wracked with gentrification, it’s homeless population is restricted to six square blocks known not-so-affectionately as the Dregs. When people start disappearing, a drug-addled homeless man obsessed with detective fiction becomes addicted to solving the mystery. Equal parts Raymond Chandler and Don Quixote set in a thriving metropolis that literally cannibalizes the homeless, THE DREGS is the first homeless meta noir ever made.

A modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno, HER INFERNAL DESCENT is a tale updated with modern themes for a modern audience.
What would a mother do to get her family back?
This mother would do anything.
Unable to cope with the burden of grief, a middle-aged mom descends the nine circles of hell to retrieve her forsaken family. Guided by the ghosts of William Blake and Agatha Christie, this no-nonsense mother journeys deep into a bizarre underworld filled with celebrity sinners, surreal landscapes, and absurd tasks.
Her Infernal Descent is Hell like you’ve never seen it before.
Staring with issue #155, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson take over for everyone’s favorite time-traveling bionic mutant.
Travel back to an untold tale in Cable’s past when he was the leader of the New Mutants! What happened on this day that Cable hasn’t spoken of since? And how will this affect him today?
Cable is finally reunited with Hope, but the reunion may not be as happy as they hoped. A Techno Organic-like creature wants to spoil the party… by killing them. What is this creature, and what connection does it have to Cable?

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