WED 3/27/19: BAD LUCK CHUCK Signing with Lela Gwenn & Matthew Dow Smith

Published January 28th, 2019

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What’s up, Third Eye Faithful! You know by now that one of our favorite things is to bring you guys some of the most fun events around, right? This one is no different! We’re telling you – we’re super excited about BAD LUCK CHUCK; it’s really shaping up to be one of the most interesting things we’ve read in a minute and we’re ecstatic to bring you the good news!
We’re going to be hosting the writer and artist of BAD LUCK CHUCK at Third Eye Annapolis!! LELA GWENN and MATTHEW DOW SMITH will be hanging out with us, and all you Third Eye Faithfuls on Wednesday, March 27th 2019 from 7PM to 8PM! We’re so stoked about this signing, guys, and we think you will be too! Join us, grab BAD LUCK CHUCK, and get it signed by the minds behind it!

What’s the scoop on BAD LUCK CHUCK?

You’ve heard the term hero for hire, right? Well, for Charlene “Chuck” Manchester, it’s less hero, more disaster. Disaster on demand is Chuck’s game, and there’s plenty of people looking to turn her bad luck into their fortunes.
Chuck hands out her bad luck, providing just the right disaster where someone else can profit from it, but hey, someone else’s bad luck comes at a price, ya know, a girl can’t work for free!
But bad luck doesn’t always go as planned, and when Chuck gets stuck between a dissatisfied crime boss client, a cult leader, and a dogged insurance-fraud investigator, things get… explosive. Everything that could go wrong does-and only about half of it by accident.

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Where we live is a truly unique collection of stories. Ranging from fictional tales to actual real-life accounts – this book was a way for creators to help bring peace to their community after the mass shooting event in Las Vegas in October 2017.
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An incredible collection of some of the most talented creators in the comics industry today lent their voices to this project as a way to help, and all proceeds from this anthology will be donated to Route 91 Strong, a non-profit organization.

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Star Trek is one of the most beloved franchises of all time, and the STAR TREK: WAYPOINT SPECIAL finds its space in an anthology that spans 50 years (and the hearts of countless fans) as an oversized annual that’s packed with stories that any and all Trekkies will love!
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Guys, we’re telling you – DEAD KINGS is something you want to pick up.
Think of it like this: if a classic Wild West revenge tale was told in the world of Final Fantasy. People have mortally wounded the world and barely left to hang on, the inmates are running the asylum.
Secret police are abound, and they’re making people disappear.
Sasha never saw his younger brother…until the secret police made him disappear. Sasha Vasnetsov left Thrice-Nine-the dirty folklore world that limps along in the wreckage of a Technomagic War-thirty years ago and never looked back. But word that the secret police have sent his brother Gena to a work camp for the socially degenerate drags him back, with a promise to free Gena and return him to their mother before her fiftieth birthday. The only problem? Sasha isn’t a fraction of the tough guy he tries to be, so if he’s going to break back into Thrice-Nine…he’ll need help. Sasha’s only hope is Maria Kamenaya, a former Technomagic Warrior with hundreds of enemy kills to her name, betrayed by the country that made her when her honor conflicted with their agenda.
Thrice-Nine took Sasha’s brother, and it took Maria’s heart. This quest is how they get both of those things back, in the steaming, lawless land of decapitated states…the land of DEAD KINGS.

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tentYou guys know us by now, right? You know we love it when you make these events into a real experience, and with how big of a signing this is — we know you guys are going to be down to make it a true Third Eye extravaganza.
It’s seeing you guys building a community while having fun, and waiting in line for these events that really motivates us to keep making stuff like this happen. We love it, and as such, we’ve decided to put together a very cool surprise gift for the first 10  of you who are lined up for the big signing!