WED. 11/9/16: Image Comics Violent Love #1 DAY-ONE Launch Signing


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With all the incredible new releases from IMAGE that’ve been coming out this year, we’re super stoked for the crime noir masterpiece, VIOLENT LOVE, by FIVE GHOSTS writer FRANK BARBIERE and the amazingly talented artist of POLAR, VICTOR SANTOS.

We were lucky enough to read an advance of this copy, and we’re telling you right now, Third Eye Faithful — this one will rank up there with recent IMAGE hits like MOONSHINE, SEVEN TO ETERNITY, and KILL OR BE KILLED as one of the most exciting launches of 2016!

Frank and Victor will be joining us at Third Eye Annapolis for an extra-special DAY-ONE launch signing of issue #1 on release day 11/9/16 — and we’d be totally honored to have al of you come out and join us!

dayone1A DAY ONE Signing Event!

What’s a DAY ONE Signing Event? Simply put: it’s when we host a creator to launch a title on the same day of release that the book comes out.

This means that not only are you getting it in your hands, and reading it the day it comes out — but, you’re also sharing the experience with tons of other Third Eye Faithful — and, getting the chance to Instagram and tweet the heck out of your signed copies to the rest of the world. 🙂

Our DAY ONE signing events have a more intimate vibe, where you’re able to spend a little more time asking questions of your favorite creators, and getting to share your excitement for their books!

What’s the scoop on VIOLENT LOVE?

Meet Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley. Two of the most notorious bank robbers in the American Southwest, and VIOLENT LOVE? It’s the story of just how these two fell in love.

In the grand tradition of films like NATURAL BORN KILLERS, TRUE ROMANCE, and BADLANDS, comes a killer new spin on the crime comic genre, and it’s fantastic.

This pulp-infused criminal romance oozes with style and action, as the vibrant art of Victor Santos brings everything to life in a big way.

If you love comics like CRIMINAL and STRAY BULLETS, then you’re going to love VIOLENT LOVE!

Get the exclusive VIOLENT LOVE #1 Tour Variant!

So to kick off the release of VIOLENT LOVE, Frank and Victor are going to be touring a ton of shops throughout the country – and we were lucky enough to be their first stop!

With Victor coming in all the way from Spain for the launch of this book, this is a very rare opportunity to get a copy signed by both creators, and they’ve done something very special to help commemorate that: an exclusive TOUR variant only available at VIOLENT LOVE #1 Tour stores!

Make sure you scoop your’s – quantities are limited, so get here early and grab your’s when the signing begins at 6PM!



So, many of you already know about the awesomeness of FIVE GHOSTS, but for those of you who don’t.. we’re gonna lay it on ya!

We’re huge fans of the work that Frank Barbiere has done, especially his incredible IMAGE COMICS series, FIVE GHOSTS, which is on its way to your TV screen VERY soon!

What’s the scoop on it? After a tragic encounter with an artifact known as the DREAMSTONE, infamous treasure hunter FABIAN GRAY was possessed by five literary ghosts and has been granted access to their unique abilities.

Now, we join creators Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham for the most exciting debut of 2013 as they introduce you to a unique world full of action, black magic, exotic locales, and literary allusion!

Folks: this book takes so many of our favorite things, and rolls them into one slick package. There’s the occult intrigue of series like HELLBOY and THE SANDMAN. There’s the pulpy treasure hunter aspect that’s not far removed from the UNCHARTED games. There’s the dynamic of a guy carrying around five ghosts with him; and being able to access their unique abilities.

Five Ghosts: the Haunting of Fabian Gray is a MUST-READ, Third Eye Faithful, and we cannot recommend it enough.

We have all 3 volumes of FIVE GHOSTS available in trade paperback, as well as the single issues of 1-17 to get you on board with your preferred format!

POLAR from VICTOR SANTOS is a masterpiece!

Ripped out of retirement by an assassination attempt, the world’s most deadly spy-Black Kaiser-is on a collision course with a stab-happy torture expert and a seductive but deadly redhead.

His mission only ends if he dies or kills everyone out to get him, and he’s not in the habit of dying.

A guns-blazing espionage action-adventure in the grand tradition of Jim Steranko and Frank Miller.

In this new series, the question is asked: How far would you go to save reality? Martin Monroe is The Revisionist-a time-traveling assassin tasked with repairing our fractured timeline.

Forced to place his trust in his estranged father, Martin will have to overcome his troubled past to save the future-but can he live with his decisions?

Imagine the time-jumping fun and awesomeness of DOCTOR WHO blended with the darker, surreal edge of cult movies like TIME AFTER TIME, and combine that with the best gritty hard-edged tales of assassins like THE PROFESSIONAL and JOHN WICK. That sums up how the REVISIONIST reads to us.

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