Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave is COMING!

Published September 21st, 2019

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The world of WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS and their incredible skirmish-oriented games gets expanded with BEASTGRAVE!

We’re big fans of all things WARHAMMER at Third Eye, and one of our favorite spin-off lines has been the UNDERWORLDS series, which is perfect for quick and satisfying wargaming goodness!

This week, our pals at Games Workshop will be releasing their next UNDERWORLDS set with BEASTGRAVE on Saturday 9/28/19, and we could not be more stoked!

What’s the scoop on BEASTGRAVE?

Beastgrave is big news for every Warhammer Underworlds player. Whichever warband you favour, this edition of the game brings a number of significant changes. 

First up, though – if you want to see all of the new cards for yourself, check out the updated Warhammer Underworlds website

GW has updated your essential online guide to the ultimate competitive miniatures game with lore for the new warbands, a How to Play guide with Becca Scott and ALL the cards from the Core Set.

What’s more, the Deck Builder now features some new rules based around three upcoming formats for competitive play. Championship is the new main format for Grand Clashes and similar events, Alliance is a three-player format that’s perfect for team events, while Relic lets you use cards from previous seasons!

BEASTGRAVE releases on 9/28/19 – check out our gallery featuring all the BEASTGRAVE stuff!