Warhammer 40K: Blood of the Phoenix is coming!

Published October 11th, 2019

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Explore an ancient grudge in WARHAMMER 40K with BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX!

You know we’re huge fans of WARHAMMER 40K here at Third Eye, and we couldn’t be more stoked about BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX. Between the absolutely gorgeous new models and the depth of this story, we can’t wait to dive in.

This week, our friends over at Games Workshop are releasing the newest expansion to WARHAMMER 40K with Blood of the Phoenix on Saturday 10/19/19! We’ve got the date marked on our calendars, and you should, too!

What’s the scoop on BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX?


Blood of the Phoenix is HUGE. Seriously. It’s the biggest battle box ever released, and it’s full of all sorts of goodness. It features 12 new plastic miniatures, including the Incubi and Howling Banshee kits – not to mention two unique Characters, Jain Zar and Drazhar – but some Scourges, Hellions and no less than three vehicles too!

In addition to the miniatures, Blood of the Phoenix includes a 40-page campaign book telling the tale of the ancient grudge between those who fled the Fall aboard the space-faring Craftworlds and those who arrogantly continued the dark practices that first damned their race.

Want to get a closer look at the new miniatures? GW has unboxed this mammoth set!

Alongside that killer box, GW is also releasing Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising! The first of an upcoming series of Psychic Awakening books! Phoenix Rising recounts the seismic events that may well change the future of the Aeldari race forever.

In addition to a trio of exciting Echoes of War missions, Phoenix Rising includes rules for two Theatres of War – High Altitude and Maiden World – that you can apply to any of your battles. There are also the updated datasheets for all of the new miniatures from Blood of the Phoenix, as well as a number of other key Characters and units from the narrative.