Valentines Day Specials at Third Eye Comics & Third Eye Games

Published February 10th, 2020

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ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, BUY THIRD EYE OR YOUR SWEETIE’LL DUMP YOU! 🙂 Specials running from Friday 2/7/20 to 2/14/20

Third Eye Faithful, it’s that time of year again — heart-shaped boxes, a bouquet of flowers.. and then the stuff you REALLY want: Third Eye Gift cards, and sick comics and games.

We’ve put together some fun specials to help you guys get that V-Day hook-up!


If you buy a $50 gift card & use the coupon code THIRDEYESWEETIES in-store or online, you’ll get $5 off!

If you buy a $100 gift card, and use the coupon code THIRDEYESUPERSWEETIES in-store or online, you’ll get $10 off!

Click here to order THIRD EYE GIFT CARDS now for in-store pick-up or mail order!

BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK! Visit our stores & treat your honey to a hand-picked mystery-wrapped graphic novel, with a hint or two to let you know what it’s about!

Surprises are where it’s at, and we’re making things easy for you, heck, we’re even wrapping ’em… with our BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK!

Visit our shops to scoop a gift-wrapped graphic novel, with some hints as to what it is (genre, etc), and save 20% off it’s cover price.

Treat your honey to some fun with our BLIND DATE WITH A GAME!

We’ve put together a handful of our favorite 2-player games that are quick to play, and have tons of re-playability, so you can hook your honey up this V-Day!

Just like our BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK, we’ll have hints as to what the game is all about, along with the price listed, and of course, 20% off the normal MSRP!

Save 20% OFF all MAGIC THE GATHERING Singles Purchases over $20! Save 25% OFF when using store credit — from 2/10/20 to 2/18/20!

Third Eye Faithful, when it comes to Valentines Day, we’re not just doing singles night, we’re doing singles week — and yes, we’re talking about our Magic: the Gathering singles!

From 2/10/20 to 2/18/20, we’ll be offering a special heart-shaped discount of 20% off all MTG single cards, and an even bigger discount of 25% off if you’re paying with store credit from selling your cards in the past (and yes, pack vouchers count!)