Published November 15th, 2019

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Hey Third Eye Faithful!

This is one of our bigger signings, and we noticed that there’s a few questions that many of you have – so, we put together this quick and easy FAQ for our big signing on 11/16/19 with Scott Snyder & Charles Soule!


Q: I have a VIP Priority Admission package – how does that work?

A: If you were one of the extra-lucky folks who purchased one of these limited packages, here’s the skinny: you’ll be put into a separate line that is let in ahead of the general admission line.

Please note – your place in the priority admission line is still based upon when you arrive. So, while the line will be much shorter than general admission – if you want to be one of the first in it, you’ll still want to take that into account when you arrive.

How do you get yours? When you arrive, we’ll have staff (starting at 9AM), checking in with the line often — just hop in the VIP line, and let them know you need your package with your free UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 Third Eye Variant, and VIP Badge. Your name will be on our list, so no need to bring print-outs, or anything like that.

Q: Are VIPs sold out?

A: They are, we’re sorry!

Q: Where do we line up?

A: Please line up at the rear entrance of the store. You’ll see a line starts here sign, as well as a sign for VIPs, indicating which line.

Q: Where do I purchase items from the signing table? 

A: Easy!  To keep the lines moving fast, you can grab your item at the table, get it signed, and then one of Team Third Eye who’ll be stationed there, will direct you to the checkout area near the front to pay for your item.

Q: Does it cost anything to get my items signed?

A: No! 🙂 Just like any other Third Eye signing there is no charge for this signing. We do appreciate anyone who purchases items at the signing though!

Q: Do I purchase my items from the store to be signed before I get them signed, or after?

A: We recommend after. We’ll have tons of stuff by Scott & Charles at their table, as well as on displays in-store, and we encourage you to scoop it up, wait in line to get it signed, and then come see us after you get it signed. 

However, if you do want to purchase before you get in line, you’re more than welcome to!

Q: What’s the limit on items I can get signed?

A: As this is a pretty massive signing, and Scott & Charles are on a very tight schedule — we do have a very strict limit of 2 items from home, 3 items from the shop (i.e the displays, the table, etc.) combined for Scott & Charles. So a total of 5 items per trip through the line. 

Q: Can I have my picture with Scott & Charles?

A: Unfortunately, due to the tight timeline of the signing, we can’t guarantee photos with the guests on your first trip through the line. 

You are, however, more than welcome to take pictures of them while you’re waiting line, and before you get up there with them. 

Our main goal is to ensure everyone gets through the line, gets their books signed, and gets to meet Scott & Charles!

With that being said: if the line is moving fast – we may be able to change this, and will notify the line in person.

Q: This is a special signing for me – is there a Certificate of Authenticity available for the signing?

A: We have OPTIONAL Third Eye COAs available for UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1, inserted into high-grade mylite sleeves and acid-free boards, for $3.99, that you can add on to your book after  getting it signed. They’ll be available at the table.

Q: What time should I get there? 

A: With a signing this big – we’re anticipating some folks to camp out overnight. However, we’d say a safe bet is if you’re here by 8:30AM or so, you should have a good spot in the line. We can’t guarantee it, as every signing is different, but that’s just our opinion.

Q: If I am in line before 1PM, will I get my items signed?

A: Anyone who is in line before 1PM will be able to get their items signed. The line caps off at 1PM, but as long as you’re in line before then, you’re good to go.

Q: I’m planning to get there real early, or maybe even camp out — how’s the vibe for that?

A: It’s great! Our events are a great time to talk comics with other Third Eye Faithful while in line, and share your passion for your favorite books! Our crowd is friendly, and we will have a portapotty on-site for this event, in case you need to use the restroom!

Q: Parking Options? This sounds like a crazy big event – what’s up with parking?

A: In the rare chance that our immense back parking lot does fill up before the signing starts – fear not, we have plenty of other parking options near-by! 

If you continue down VIRGINIA ST (the street the entrance of our rear parking lot is on), you’ll see a building about 1 block down: AIRECO, as well as a sign that says THIRD EYE COMICS Event Parking.

You can use that lot for overflow parking.

If the AIRECO lot is full – there’s a ton of street parking around our store, with most of it only being a 1-2 block walk.

There’s also parking garages within walking distance near Starbucks, as well as many other options!

Q: I can’t make the signing – will you have leftover signed items for purchase?

A: We can’t guarantee this, but if we’re able to make it happen, we will! Our best advice is to keep an eye on our FACEBOOK (facebook.com/thirdeyecomics) & website (thirdeyecomics.com) the Monday following the event!

Q: Anything else I should know? We know for a lot of folks, this will be their 1st signing at Third Eye.Our golden rule is be cool to each other. 

You’ll meet other first-timers, along with folks who’ve been to a ton of signings.Make friends, as that helps a ton if you need someone to watch your spot if you have to run to the restroom, and plus, it helps pass the time faster!

Please be friendly, and respectful of your fellow attendees, and follow these quick rules:

a. No smoking in line.

b. Our team will be walking the line periodically with trash cans, please hang onto any trash for them.

c. If you need anything – please ask a team member as we’ll have several walking the line before doors open; we’re not a giant corporation at Third Eye, but instead a small and passionate team of folks who just plain love comics. 

Sometimes with big events like this, it can get crazy, but we’re here to help, and if you grab one of our team members – they’ll do everything in their power to make sure you’re good to go.

d. No foul or hateful language in line. This goes back to the golden rule, but seriously: please keep in mind that we have fans of all ages at our events, and want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome.