Toy Spotlight: Super 7 ReAction Figures

Published November 2nd, 2019

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Monsters, Luchadores, Mutants & Metal – Super7’s ReAction Figures put a Kenner STAR WARS action figure spin on all our favorites!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful: we grew up on a steady diet of skateboarding, punk rock & metal, and monster movies — so, it’s probably no surprise that the fine folks at SUPER7 are big favorites of ours, and one of their premiere toy lines is the ReAction line!

Done in the style of the ultra-popular “STAR WARS” format aka the 3.75″ action figure format that dominated toy shelves in the late ’70s and early ’80s thanks to the popularity of STAR WARS figures, the ReAction format brings to life TONS of cult favorite licenses in a big way.

Even cooler, the amount of detail committed to each and every aspect of the figures is top notch – making them literal pieces of art for all of us monster kids of the ’80s and ’90s who find the idea of King Diamond and Darth Vader doing a duet as amazing.

The backing card art is amazing, and definitely adds to the whole package.

At Third Eye, we stock the full line of Super7 ReAction Figures, and there’s a TON of great new ones on the way for the holidays.

Below is a gallery of some of our favorite ReAction figures that are in stock now, as well as some of the upcoming new releases!