Top 5 Comics You Have To Pick Up On Free Comic Book Day

Published April 8th, 2019

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Get excited Third Eye Faithful, because Free Comic Book Day is coming to Third Eye on May 4th! Not only is it the single coolest day of the year, it’s also our 11th birthday! It’s going to be huge day for us and we wanted to make sure that you came prepared. Here are some of the best reads you need to grab on FCBD!
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Deadly Class has been a serious heavy hitter on TV and in comics and this Free Comic Book Day, everyone will have the chance to jump into a new one-shot standalone story in the world of King’s Dominion School! Whether you’re into both the books and the show, one or the other, or just jumping into this crazy awesome world, this is a great place to either keep going, or get started


Third Eye Faithful, you know that we love us some Spider-Man – whether it’s Peter Parker or Miles Morales, we’re down for whatever adventure the wall-crawler is destined for next! You also know that we’ve been seriously loving everything Donny Cates has been doing with Venom in the last several months; and we can’t be more excited to have those huge names packed into one ridiculously awesome book! This is going to be an epic that you absolutely cannot miss!


My Hero Academia is one of the hottest things going right now. Whether it’s the manga or the anime, we cannot get enough of My Hero Academia. Learning to become a hero and harness the power of your Quirk is an adventure worth embarking on… even if you’re one of the few born without one. Stop by on Free Comic Book Day and find out what all the hype is about in this heroic story! This book also features a story from the equally awesome The Promised Neverland!



It’s no secret – we love Stranger Things here at Third Eye. We may not want to get stuck in the Upside Down, but we are fans of Eleven and Co. and their stellar adventures. Wonder what’ll happen when Eleven and the Demogrogon disappear from Hawkins, Indiana? Can Nancy and everyone’s favorite babysitter Steve get Mike out of his funk and adventuring with his friends again? Well, come on down on Free Comic Book Day and grab this must read to find out! Additionally, this book features a story from the award-winning series Black Hammer.


Avengers: Endgame may be one for the history books by the time Free Comic Book Day comes around, but that doesn’t mean the Avengers goodness is over yet! Featuring a story by superstar talent Jason Aaron (seriously – we know you’ve been loving his run on THOR and WAR OF THE REALMS) this FCBD Avengers tale is going to be one for the ages. Some might say it could even get a little… savage.