Top 10 Flash Graphic Novels for fans of CW’s The Flash

The FLASH on CW has taken us all by surprise, and totally exceeded expectations in just how awesome a superhero TV show can be!

We know you guys are just as amped about THE FLASH as we are, and are totally hungry for some killer reads based on the adventures of Barry Allen and the Speedforce!

So, read on, as we go over 10 of the BEST Flash graphic novels you could snag to see what influenced the show, and helped define the character over the years!



1. Flash Rebirth

If you’re watching The Flash on CW, and totally loving it — then you have to read this book. Simple as that.

Seriously though, FLASH REBIRTH is a huge influence on how they’re portraying the FLASH in the new show, and it’s also the BEST place where a reader new to the Flash can jump on!

This is where Barry Allen was re-introduced to the DC Universe after many years thought dead, and through this reintroduction, we’re given a complete retelling of the Flash’s origins, the history of the Speedforce, and a ton of back story on Professor Zoom!

Highly recommended — this is where you want to start!

2. Flash (New 52) Volume 1: Move Forward

This is your best place to go after reading FLASH REBIRTH, as it provides a killer ongoing introduction to where the Flash is now, and where he’s going.

Featuring breath-taking artwork courtesy of Francis Manapul, this is THE best series to read that captures the breakneck speed and momentum of CW’s Flash. You can see the fingerprints of this series all over what they’re doing with the show!

In volume 1, Mob Rule wages a campaign of crime across Central City, plunging the city into darkness!

The only way the Flash can save his city is to make his brain function even faster than before — but as much as it helps him, it also comes at a steep price!


This is a big one, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Not only is this one of the best Flash stories of all-time, but it’s also the story that set the entire NEW 52 DC Universe up.

GEOFF JOHNS, the man who’s been such a guiding light in the CW’s FLASH TV series, joins Andy Kubert to tell a tale of Barry Allen waking at his desk, discovering that the world around him has changed.

Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It’s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war — but where are the Earth’s Greatest Heroes to stop it? It’s a place where America’s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of the Outsider, the Secret 7, SHAZAM, Citizen Cold, and other new and familiar-yet-different faces!

It’s a world that could be running out of time, if the Flash can’t find the villain who altered the timeline!

Folks: the less we say here, the better — as the spoilers in this world will shock and impress the heck out of you!

4. Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1

Geoff Johns has been the DC Universe’s biggest architect for nearly a decade, and at the same time that he was redefining and reimagining everything we knew about GREEN LANTERN, he was also doing the same thing with the FLASH!

DC has put out three great omnibuses, which collect the entire long-running FLASH stuff by Johns!

In the first volume, which collects the be, ginning of Johns’s run, we begin with Wally West. These are the days before Barry returned, and are a major stage-setter for what came upon his return.

In volume 1, Wally goes up against Mirror Master, Captain Cold and more.

5. Crisis on Infinite Earths

While not necessarily a FLASH-centric story, CRISIS IS however a major moment for Barry Allen, and a must-read for anyone taking interest in the character.

This iconic, modern classic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez delivers a tale where the entirety of DC’s multiverse is being destroyed, and heroes from all across the various DC Earths are assembling to fight against the evil Anti-Monitor.

One of the most iconic Flash moments in history goes down here, when Barry Allen literally runs himself to death, and ends up becoming one with the Speedforce in the process.

A crucial chapter in Flash history, and a must-read for ANYONE who’s interested in the DC Universe as a whole.

6. Flash Chronicles Volume 1

A lot of folks love to go back and start at the very earliest beginnings of a character, and we can totally appreciate that.

So, that’s why we recommend scooping FLASH CHRONICLES VOLUME 1, which delivers the stories that first introduced Barry Allen as the Flash!

Starting with the now-famous SHOWCASE #4, #8, #13, and #14, and then continuing with FLASH #105 and #106 — this is where it all began, over 60 years ago!



7. Flash (New 52) Volume 2 Rogues Revolution

The second volume in the stellar NEW 52 Flash run which features the incredible art of FRANCIS MANAPUL delivers a ROGUES heavy tale, where the Rogues Gallery of the Flash has united — and their mission is the death of CAPTAIN COLD!

We can’t stress enough how much the NEW 52 Flash run captures the incredible tone and feel of the show perfectly — make sure you snag a copy and check it out!




8. Flash vs. The Rogues

This is a GREAT collection of classic Silver Age Flash stories from the 1960s that introduce each of the Flash’s major villains.

You want the background on characters like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Gorilla Grodd, the Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang and Heat Wave?

This graphic novel gives you everything you need and then some!



9. Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

Collecting the PRE-NEW 52 ongoing Flash series, where Barry Allen had just recently returned, DASTARDLY DEATH OF THE ROGUES is a great read for post-Blackest Night FLASH awesomeness.

Bringing a very CSI crime forensics take to Barry Allen, this is a great FLASH read to compliment FLASH REBIRTH, and works very well as a great starter for anyone new to the Flash!



10. Flash (New 52) Volume 3: Gorilla Warfare

We know we’ve been stacking this line-up with the NEW 52 Flash stuff, but, we cannot stress how each and every volume of this run has been some of the best Flash stuff we’ve seen.

Much of it’s due in part to the incredible artwork of Manapul, who brings a kind of motion and energy to the Flash and his world that we’ve never seen before.

In FLASH VOL.3, we’re treated to a GREAT Gorilla Grodd story, as Grodd and his army descend on Central City, and the Flash’ll have to enlist the aid of the Rogues to keep himself and the rest of Central City alive.