This Week’s Game Spotlights

Published July 2nd, 2019

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We’re pretty darn stoked to see the arrival of the new GENERAL’S HANDBOOK for AGE OF SIGMAR this week!

Part balance update, part expansion, part toolbox for creative players everywhere, this year’s General’s Handbook ensures that however you play, you’ll have something new to try.

This year’s handbook is divided into two parts – the book itself, and a separate booklet of Pitched Battle profiles for easy reference. In the handbook, you’ll find content for all types of play. New open play rules let you generate battleplans and even armies in mere moments, meaning it’s easier than ever to arrange a game of WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR.

Narrative play content gives you all sorts of options for adding thematic flavour to your games, from in-depth rules for battling in cities to tables of name generators for personalising your Heroes. Meanwhile, a huge suite of new and updated matched play battleplans and optional Pitched Battle rules ensure that your tournaments will be more tightly fought than ever – especially when you’re using the updated Pitched Battle profiles.

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are super excited to announce our first Oathbreaker Leauge!!!! Join us on Sundays starting June 2nd at 2:00pm for eight weeks of slinging cardboard featuring your favorite planeswalker and a 60 card singleton decklist!

Curious about the specifics like additional rules, the ban list, and anything else Oathbreaker? Follow this link:

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are STOKED to announce the next expansion for KeyForge, Age of Ascension! The next installment hits the streets May 30th! This is pretty wild stuff. To commemorate this special occasion we are having a sealed event and giving away one of the starter sets for Age of Ascension to first place! What’s more is Third Eye has a special treat – which we will raffle away to one lucky player! A while back we attended the GAMA Trade Show, and as a bonus for attending the ASMODEE seminar, we received KeyForge Decks featuring our name in the title!!!!! These decks are 100% legal for play in any events and have some pretty badass names and cards!

We will be playing a favorite format of ours, Triad Sealed, using the new expansion!

Players will receive 3 decks in order to compete. They will play a best of 3 match with a few twists! Before the match begins each player will get the opportunity to ban one of their opponents’ decks!

AND after you win with one deck, that deck is retired; so in order to win a round, you must win with BOTH unbanned decks!

So join us on Saturday June 22nd from 4pm-9pm for a chance to win one of our Store Named Decks, the Age of Ascension Starter, a set of metal keys, and more!

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK

Third Eye Faithful, are you interested in learning Magic the Gathering? Great news!! We are hosting an Open House welcome to all levels of player and introduce the Magic Core Set 2020!! This is a casual, fun, and FREE event!!

Third Eye JJ will be ready to help with all your Magic questions. He will even have free intro decks to get you started, all standard legal cards you can bring to FNM!!

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK

Alright aspiring Pokemon Masters! Third Eye has been a Pokemon League for some time now, and we wanted to roll out an all new League Calendar!! Starting in May, we will be hosting monthly Open Play, Drafts, and Monthly Tournaments!

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK

Hey Third Eye Faithful, who has a power level over 9000?!?!?!? Join us on Monday nights, starting June 3rd from 6:30pm-9:30pm. This is a fun, fast-paced combo focused card game featuring art from all the Dragonball series! Players will use their favorite characters as leaders, to fight one another using the attacks and energy blasts they know and love!

We will have several introductory decks, Third Eye JJ, as well as a team of Earth’s mightiest heroes to teach you!

What- Dragonball Super Card Game
When- Monday nights starting June 3rd, from 6:30pm-9:30pm!

Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK.