This Week’s Game Spotlights for 8/9/19!

Published August 6th, 2019

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Have some creepy fun with one of our new favorites: Dead Man’s Cabal!

You’ve conquered death and mastered all nine dimensions of space-time. Reality bends to your every whim and desire. You are the absolute best there ever has been, a necromancer at the top of their game. The only downside is that no one likes you on account of the creeping around with dead bodies and the lack of sunlight. But who needs friends when you can make them?

Dead Man’s Cabal is a mid-weight strategy game from Daniel Newman, with game development from Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of WinterDinosaur Island). In the game, 2-4 players compete to bring the dead back to life so that they can throw a party with actual, you know, guests.

The gameplay is a clever interplay of a unique action selection mechanism that allows players to choose both a private action followed by a group action, requiring tense decision-making on the timing of the different phases of the game. Collect bodies, crystal skulls, and runes, then bring the dead back to life. This might sound simple enough, but triggering the actions in just the right order requires careful planning to make sure you aren’t helping your competitors more than yourself.

Get nostalgic with your favorite Power Rangers with the Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Board Game!

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid gives each player the chance to take the role of a Power Ranger, the heroes of Angel Grove who defend the earth against the evil Rita Repulsa and her nefarious minions. Each Ranger comes with a unique combat deck representing their special skills and fighting style. From the Red Ranger’s leadership karate skills, to the Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth ferocity, to the Blue Ranger’s tactical mind, each ranger brings a unique set of skills to the table. You need to use your powers well if you intend to save Angel Grove!

In each game, you need to protect four combat zones that are being targeted by the evil Rita Repulsa. Each round, enemy forces deploy onto these zones and cause chaos among the populace. Who knows what sort of strange monsters Rita has cooked up for the Rangers this time?

During play, Rangers must manage their actions and coordinate their defenses, moving to the locations under the most threat and doing battle with enemies. Finding time to rest and recover between engagements as they prepare to defeat the mastermind behind this plot.

During battle, each Ranger and each enemy in the location participate in the combat sequence. Enemy cards represent enemy actions and health. Rangers can attack these cards to disrupt their attacks. Each minion card the rangers defeat removes one minion figure from that location. Monsters are much deadlier foes with a variety of special attacks that you’ll need to deal with and defeat before you send them packing! A Ranger’s combat deck represents their health, with each card played and blow sustained slowly whittling away at their options. They’ll need to find time to rest or power-up at the Command Center if they want to stay fresh for the next fight!

As the Rangers defeat enemies and progress through the game, they’ll unlock Zord cards which provide them unique abilities and special actions they can perform. Eventually they’ll be able to unleash the full power of the mighty Megazord!

Each game reaches its climax with a confrontation with the enemy Master, a devastatingly powerful foe who must be thwarted if the Rangers wish to save the city! Do you have what it takes?

Join us Fridays for Friday Night Magic!!

Third Eye Faithful, you are awesome – we’ve really been stoked about the super vibrant and fun community that’s grown with our weekly FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC events, and we’re going to continue to add cool stuff to make them even more fun!

Join us for our weekly FNM where we not only host a STANDARD tournament, but also a MODERN tournament for those of you who want even more Magic!

Registration begins Friday at 11:00AM
Registration closes Friday at 6:15PM

PLAY FORMATS: Standard & Modern

ENTRY FEE: $5.00
Swiss Tournament

We follow the DCI / WOTC Ban List

More Than 12 Players:
4/0/0 = 10 Packs
3/0/1 = 8 Packs
3/1/0 = 6 Packs
2/1/1 = 3 Packs
12 players or less:
3/0/0 = 6 Packs
2/0/1 = 5 Packs
2/1/0 = 4 Packs
OR convert your packs to store credit!

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are STOKED to announce the next tournament for KeyForge, Age of Ascension!

This will be going on every Saturday in August, starting August 10th. We will be playing a favorite format of ours, Chainbound, using the new expansion! Players must bring a single deck to play the entire 4 weeks with! When you join, we will register your decks, and as you win the deck will accrue chains to balance it based off its competitive performance! So bring a deck you think will be able to handle the disadvantage of starting with chains if you expect to win! There will be weekly OP kit prizes and end of the league we will have a large prize pool, every participant will get something! There is one more cool prize that one participant will win via raffle. A while back we attended the GAMA Trade Show, and as a bonus for attending the ASMODEE seminar, we received KeyForge Decks featuring our name in the title!!!!! These decks are 100% legal for play in any events and have some pretty badass names and cards! So join us on Saturdays in August starting on the 10th from 4pm – 9pm for a chance to win one of our Store Named Decks, a set of metal keys, and more!

Age of Ascension Chainbound League:
Time: August 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st; Registration- 3:00pm-3:50pm; Start time- 4:00pm sharp!
Entry: $20, you can pre-register in store or pay the same day!
Format: Chainbound Archon, single game, 4 – 60 minute rounds (you will use the same deck the entire league!)
End of league: metal keys, Age of Ascension decks, metal damage counters, house specific chain trackers, medley of promo mini cards, and more!!

Weekly: medley of promo mini cards which can include, stun, +1 power, and other swag!

Raffle- at the conclusion of the 3rd round we will raffle off one Store Named Deck (entry gets you one ticket)

Saturdays are our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh Night!

We are always looking to try new things and give our community another fun outlet to meet people. YuGiOh is that next venture.

YuGiOh is a trading card game where two players face off and reduce each other’s life total to zero using monster, spell, and trap cards. Cunning plots, powerful beasts, and quick thinking help guide you to victory.

Come on in and duel for bragging rights while getting to know the other YuGiOh players in the community. Never played before? No problem! Our Third Eye Elite, James, will be in to show you the ropes and get you started.

Hey Third Eye Faithful,

DO YOU LOVE TO Sealed!?!?! We do too, so we will be doing our own version of Sealed League for each new set of Magic that comes out! Join us one month after the set’s release – in this case Sunday August 4th through Sunday August 25th from 3pm-6pm for this fun, Third Eye Twisted Format! For starters, every participant will receive a Core Set 2020 sealed kit, containing 6 packs of Core Set 2020 and a foil stamped promo! Then at the end of each week players will receive 2 booster packs to make immediate changes to their deck and deepen their pool!

Third Eye Twisted Sealed League:
When: Sundays in August 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th, 3:00pm – 6:00 pm

Format: Sealed, 6packs week 1; +2packs at the end of each week to modify your deck!
Come 3 out of 4 weeks, receive a bonus pack on the last week for free!

Entry: $30 + $10 a week after the week you register

Weekly Prizes:

3-0 5 packs of Core 2020
2-0-1 4 packs of Core 2020
2-1 3 packs of Core 2020
End of league:

1st: Champion playmat, a box of Core Set 2020
2nd: 18 packs of Core Set 2020
3rd-4th: 9packs of Core Set 2020
5th-8th: 5packs of Core Set 2020
Participation: all participants will receive a Promo Pack!
*Weekly prizes can be taken as store credit, but end of league must be taken in sealed product.*

Love board games? Join us Mondays for our Board Brigade Game Nights!


Monday Nights 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Bring a game from home or try one from the open copy library! Team Third Eye teaches and plays two featured games! Entry is Just $5.00 -or- subscribe to the Board Brigade for free entry! (ask in store for more information)

August Featured Games:
Century Spice Road