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Published August 5th, 2019

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ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1 kicks off one of the most highly anticipated Marvel storylines of 2019

Still not reading the awesomeness that is Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman’s ABSOLUTE CARNAGE? Get on board with the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event!

We’ve been loving what Marvel has going in 2019, and one of the most anticipated reads for us has gotta be ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, which is the explosive culmination of all the cool stuff that Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman began in their VENOM run with Knull, and more!

Now, the Cult of Carnage goes into full swing, and we could not be more stoked! The Lovecraftian horror take that has become a major part of the expanded symbiote mythos that Cates and Stegman have created is in full effect in this new series, and we’re loving every second of it!

What’s the scoop on ABSOLUTE CARNAGE? Encompassing every character who’s ever worn a symbiote or been affected by the symbiotes of the Marvel Universe will feel the tendrils of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE!

From stars like Eddie Brock, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and more to more obscure symbiotes like Scream — this book will be tying together everything in a major way, and judging from the quality of what we’ve already seen in Donny and Ryan’s amazing VENOM run – it’s going to be big!

After turning Venom’s world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who’s ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights!

He’s skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but Cletus Kasady at last stands poised to make his grand return to New York in a blistering 60-PAGE story… and he wants to paint the town red!

Click on image to see full info.

Join us Wednesday 8/7/19 for our ABSOLUTE CARNAGE Day-1 Launch Party!

We are so stoked about ABSOLUTE CARNAGE that we’re hosting a special DAY-1 launch event to kick it off, and give you first chance at jumping on board with all the killer exclusive covers and goodies Marvel has in store for it!

In fact, Marvel has hooked us up with a special LAUNCH PARTY exclusive cover of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1 that we’ll have for normal cover price $7.99 while supplies last!

Our ABSOLUTE CARNAGE launch party will be at all Third Eye locations, and will have the following awesome stuff going:

  • 1 MARK OF CARNAGE Symbiote Temporaty Tattoo free with purchase of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1
  • First crack at purchasing all the exclusive ABSOLUTE CARNAGE variant covers
  • Take part in our CARNAGE BLOODY CARNAGE Pre-Order Special, available launch day only, to pre-order the entire 5-issue ABSOLUTE CARNAGE mini-series for just $24.99 and save 15%
  • Be a part of our BLOOD WILL RUN sale on all Symbiote-related graphic novels!

Click here for full details on our ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1 Launch Party

Click here for our Third Eye Guide to ABSOLUTE CARNAGE

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HOUSE OF X #2 follows up the blockbuster awesomeness of issue 1 this Wednesday!!

We gotta tell ya: Marvel has lightning in a bottle with HOUSE OF X, and we’re so darn pumped to get our hands on issue #2 this week as the story continues to amp up!

In HOUSE OF X #2, Learn the truth about one of the X-Men’s closest allies…and then begin the fight for the future of mutantkind!

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (AVENGERS, SECRET WARS, FANTASTIC FOUR) continues reshaping the X-Men’s world with Marvel Young Gun artist Pepe Larraz (EXTERMINATION, AVENGERS)!

What’s the scoop on HOUSE OF X? In the vein of milestone moments for X-MEN like GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 and X-MEN #1 (the Claremont / Lee collaboration), HOUSE OF X and POWER OF X reduce the X-MEN line down to just two primary books, both of which written by Jonathan Hickman.

While the mysteries behind what’s actually going down in HOUSE OF X are too damn good for us to spoil here (trust us: you’re gonna wanna read and see these unfold in person) — we’ll say this: by the time you finish issue #1, your view of the X-MEN and their place in the Marvel Universe will have taken some drastic twists and turns, and left you with your jaw on the floor!

This is the definition of history-making comics, Third Eye Faithful, and we’re so darn excited to share these moments with you as they happen!

So, where do things begin? The fun starts in HOUSE OF X #1, where we see how since the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, there have been four seminal moments in the history of the X-Men. Giant-Sized X-Men. X-Men. Age of Apocalypse. New X-Men.

Four iconic series that introduced a new era for Marvel’s mutants and revolutionized the X-Men.

In House of X, Charles Xavier reveals his master plan for mutantkind…one that will bring mutants out of the shadow of mankind and into the light once more.

Need issue 1? We’ve got copies in stock to hook you up!

Get the exclusive variant covers to HOUSE OF X #2 including the next of the DECADES covers featuring iconic costumes of the founding X-MEN!!

There’s a ton of great variants for HOUSE OF X, but the DECADE variants featuring iconic incarnations of the most important X-MEN throughout history are our favorite!

Make sure you snag yourself a copy of this awesome one featuring JEAN GREY this week!

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The YEAR OF THE VILLAIN spotlights SINESTRO in a special one-shot this Wednesday!

The YEAR OF THE VILLAIN storyline running through the majority of the DCU titles has had us hooked, as we’re on the edge of our seats to see what’s cooking from all this — and this week, the spotlight is on one of our favorite DCU bad guys: SINESTRO!

As the universe tilts towards doom, great forces awake in an effort to stop Lex Luthor’s mad plans.

Dispatching Sinestro, Luthor sends the former Green Lantern to bring these old gods under control or destroy them before they reach Earth.

Now, wielding the power of the ultraviolet spectrum, Sinestro finds his new foes even more dangerous and perplexing than he expected, when realizes any damage he inflicts is immediately repaired.

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BATMAN #76 *CITY OF BANE CHAPTER 2* continues Tom King’s final arc on the DARK KNIGHT and delivers the biggest BATMAN story in ages!

If there’s one thing we’ve been loving, it’s Tom King’s incredible BATMAN run, and when we saw that Chapter 2 – issue #76 — was due out this week, we knew we had to shout it out!

In BATMAN #76, “City of Bane” continues! Bane has taken over Gotham City, and Batman is nowhere to be found.

At least, not a Batman anyone recognizes.

Flashpoint Batman is now patrolling the city, dispensing a violent brand of justice and taking out rogue villains who haven’t yet signed on with Bane.

It’s all building to a rebellion among the bad guys who don’t want to play along— and distrust in those who do!

Meanwhile, a surprising ally has come to Bruce Wayne’s aid, nursing him back to health so that he can get back to his city.

Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 75, featuring chapter 1, in stock now to get you current!

Get the BATMAN #76 Cover B DEL OTTO Variant this week for cover price while supplies last!

We LOVE the work of GABRIELE DELL OTTO, and this incredible variant to #76 is a must-have!

Snag yourself a copy for normal cover price this week while supplies last!

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COMICS SUPERSTAR Jeff Lemire (ASCENDER / DESCENDER, Black Hammer, Gideon Falls, SWEET TOOTH) teams with SAVAGE AVENGERS artist Mike Deodato for an amazing new spin on modern fantasy with BERSERKER UNBOUND #1!

What if Conan the Barbarian woke up one day.. in New York City?

LEMIRE. DEODATO. That’s a dream team right there, and when we saw the hook on the new series they were cooking up — we knew it was going to be something extra special.

In BERSERKER UNBOUND, a merciless sword and sorcery warrior finds himself blasted through a wormhole to a modern-day metropolis where he must protect those around him from an evil wizard determined to send him to hell.

From the Eisner Award-winning team of Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin comes this urban warrior fantasy series!


Check out this super dope Cover b variant by the legendary MIKE MIGNOLA (HELLBOY)! Make sure you snag yourself a copy while supplies last!

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AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 debuts this Wednesday, continuing the adventures of WAVE, SILK, SHANG-CHI, and more!

The team that debuted during the WAR OF THE REALMS event return in this new mini-series!

We loved the NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS mini-series that tied into WAR OF THE REALMS, and we’re pretty freakin’ pumped about the new series kicking off this week with AGENTS OF ATLAS #1!

By popular demand, ATLAS debut in their own series as AMADEUS CHO, SILK, SHANG-CHI, WAVE, JIMMY WOO and all your favorites defend the cross-Asian portal city of Pan against the science-magic threat of one of Marvel’s classic villains!

Classic science-magic super hero fun combined with young and old heroes from multiple lands clashing with one another, fighting monsters and maybe saving the world along the way!

And who is ISAAC IKEDA, the Protector of Pan? PLUS: Where are the original AGENTS OF ATLAS? Namora, M-11, Gorilla Man and Marvel Boy in an all-new top-secret mission!

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COFFIN BOUND #1 from Image Comics delivers a killer new ongoing series!

Image has really been on a roll in 2019, and we’re really pumped about what’s on the way with the new series COFFIN BOUND this week!

Cars! Guns! Entropy!

Chased by an unstoppable killer, Izzy Tyburn has decided that if the world won’t have her in it, it can have nothing of her at all.

She’s re-treading her life, leaving nothing but burned rubber, ash, and the sun-scorched bones of those who get in her way.

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RYUKO VOL.1 pays homage to classic Japanese film noir & Yakuza films — and it’s awesome!! Love Takashi Miike, Quentin Tarantino, and Beat Takeshi movies? GET THIS BOOK!

We’re big fans of Japanese gangster movies, and when we saw RYUKO in our order forms — we knew this was gonna be something worth checking out!

Hard Case Crime presents a loving manga homage to film noir and Japanese gangster cinema, as Japanese artist Eldo Yoshimizu unveils the bloody and beautiful saga of a Yakuza princess!

Ryuko is a hard-hitting, motorcycle-riding member of the Japanese mafia – after a criminal operation in the Middle-East turns explosive, she must return home to face Chinese gangsters, unknown terrorists, and her own personal demons…

Part one of a two-part criminal saga packed with international intrigue, complex morality, and blistering action!

AQUAMAN HC VOL.1 UNSPOKEN WATER delivers the first story arc of superstar Kelly Sue DeConnick’s (CAPTAIN MARVEL, BITCH PLANET, PRETTY DEADLY) awesome new AQUAMAN run!!

We’re all huge fans of KELLY SUE DECONNICK at Third Eye, and her run on AQUAMAN has been TOTALLY KILLER so far!

In this weeks AQUAMAN VOL.1 UNSPOKEN WATER, we’re picking up in the wake of the epic “Drowned Earth,” where an amnesiac Arthur washes ashore on a remote island and ends up being cared for by a young woman named Caille, who’s just a little too curious for comfort.

And as a lifetime of horror movies has taught us, there’s something strange going on in this island village.

Aquaman needs to come to his senses quickly…or he might wind up sleeping with the fishes instead of just chatting with them.

Collects AQUAMAN #43-47 by the new creative team of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha.

DCEASED #4 delivers a big issue, continuing the killer ELSEWORLDS series spotlighting 28 DAYS LATER-style infections ravaging the DCU!

We’re hooked on DCEASED, and cannot wait to see what’s to come next in this weeks issue #4!

The Daily Planet has become a beacon of hope for the living as the Anti-Life Equation sweeps the planet.

What’s left of the Justice League have begun to gather there, bringing survivors and family alike.

But the city is being overrun with infected humans…and superhumans! The war for Metropolis begins!

Wanna get caught up on this blood-drenched epic where your favorite DC heroes and villains are being turned into rampaging, murderous monstrosities? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!

Get the DCEASED #4 Cover B Horror Movie Variant!

Check out this killer DCEASED #4 Horror Movie poster variant, delivering another killer homage to an iconic horror movie! Snag yours for normal cover price while supplies last!

Make sure you get the DCEASED #4 Cover C Mattina Variant!

We’re loving these awesome DCEASED-infected PORTRAIT variants of the various DC Icons by superstar MATTINA, and this weeks featuring The Joker may be our favorite one yet!

Snag your copy this week for normal cover price.

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DIE #6 continues the red hot new IMAGE comics series that reads like Stephen King’s IT meets Jumanji!!

One of the best new books in the last couple years from IMAGE has gotta be DIE, from WICKED + DIVINE writer Kieron Gillen!

Imagine this: Dungeons & Dragons, coming-of-age horror ala STEPHEN KING’S IT, and otherworldly travel into childhood games like Jumanji — that’s DIE!

A new arc begins this week in issue #6!

Forget escaping Die-half of our heroes can’t even escape the remains of shattered Glass Town.

Is there any way out? Of course there is. It’s just whether or not you can pay the price.

Start reading DIE with DIE TP VOL.1 for just $9.99 this week at Third Eye!

DIE is a blast! DIE is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning, unearthly horror they only just survived as teenage role-players.

If KIERON’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji”, but that’s only the tip of this critically acclaimed obsidian iceberg.

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FUTURE FOUNDATION #1 kicks off a brand new ongoing series with the concepts and characters HOUSE OF X writer Jonathan Hickman brought to life a few years back!!

We’re huge Hickman fans, and one of our favorite things that came out of his FANTASTIC FOUR run was the FUTURE FOUNDATION idea!

Now, Marvel is returning to that world, and we’re stoked!

When the Richards family is called back to Earth to be the Fantastic Four again, they left behind the Future Foundation – a think tank of the most brilliant young minds in the universe – with one mission: to find the pieces of and rebuild their friend Molecule Man.

But that’s proved harder than imagined as this crew of young geniuses, Atlanteans, Mutants, Moloids and androids have run into every problem in the Multiverse.

Now, with the leadership of Alex and Julie Power and a little extra firepower from guest professor Yondu Udonta, the team will undergo their most dangerous mission yet – a PRISON BREAK!

Jeremy Whitley (UNSTOPPABLE WASP) and Will Robson (GREAT LAKES AVENGERS; Spawn) take the Future Foundation on a heart-pounding journey across time and space!

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Greg Rucka’s killer new 12-issue Lois Lane series continues with Lois Lane #2 this Wednesday, tying into the EVENT LEVIATHAN storyline!!!! 

We LOVED the first issue of Lois Lane, and we cannot wait to dig into this weeks issue #2!

Famed writer and reporter Lois Lane never worries about speaking truth to power-so what’s she hiding from the most powerful man on the planet (and her husband), Superman?

Investigating a widening international conspiracy, Lois puts herself in the crosshairs with backup from an unlikely new ally from the streets of Gotham City.

Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!

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SAVAGE AVENGERS #4 continues to deliver one of the most killer riffs on the AVENGERS since DARK AVENGERS!!!! 

We’re loving every second of the new SAVAGE AVENGERS series which features a line-up consisting of heavy hitters like WOLVERINE, THE PUNISHER, VENOM, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, and more!

In issue #4, the one evil wizard to rule them all, Kulan Gath has succeeded in summoning an ancient evil…and he’s already hard at work on his next terrible plan.

Conan swings his savage symbiotic sword against the forces of darkness…and Frank Castle has the worst day of his life. (If you don’t count that day in the park.)

The Savage Avengers are fighting to save YOU!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!

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MAJOR X #0 delivers a classic WOLVERINE tale with new material from Rob Liefeld featuring iconic early adventures for the mysterious new character!!!! 

We had a blast with the new MAJOR X series from DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld, and this one-shot hitting this week looks to be a ton of fun as well!

Representing the classic Wolverine (1988) #154-155 with an all-new Major X frame short story written & drawn by Rob Liefeld! Deadpool accepts a hit from a mysterious group of overzealous techies called the Watchtower. His intended target? Wolverine!

There’s a bounty on Logan’s head, and Deadpool plans to collect! But will the Watchtower prove too morally questionable for even the Merc?

The beginnings of the hit Major X series can be found in these classic stories!

MAJOR X #0 features TWO must-have cover price variants — one by LIEFELD and one by X-MEN GRAND DESIGN / HIP HOP FAMILY TREE creator ED PISKOR!

We love the character design of MAJOR X, and we know many of you do as well, so when we saw that there was not just one, but TWO, killer cover price variants for the book — we knew we had to give you the heads up, Third Eye Faithful!

First off, there’s a stellar Rob Liefeld variant, and it can be yours for normal cover price while supplies last — just $4.99!

And, then, there’s an epic Ed Piskor variant (the guy behind HIP HOP FAMILY TREE and X-MEN GRAND DESIGN), which can also be yours while supplies last for normal cover price $4.99!

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SNOW, GLASS, APPLES re-imagines the story of Snow White courtesy of Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, American Gods) and Colleen Doran!!!! 

We love Neil Gaiman, and pretty much anything he touches. And, we love Colleen Doran’s gorgeous artwork.

So, when we saw the two had a graphic novel re-imagining the tale of Snow White — we had to give it a big shout out!

A chilling fantasy retelling of the Snow White fairy tale by New York Times bestselling creators Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran!

A not-so-evil queen is terrified of her monstrous stepdaughter and determined to repel this creature and save her kingdom from a world where happy endings aren’t so happily ever after.

From the Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy and Nebula Award-winning, and New York Times bestselling writer Neil Gaiman (American Gods) comes this graphic novel adaptation by Colleen Doran (Troll Bridge)!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #95, the issue that introduced the all-new Turtle, Jennika, returns with a new printing!!!! 

Been looking for a perfect place to jump onto the TMNT comic that’s been kicking butt for nearly 6 years? We’ve got just the thing with issue #95, which kicks off a new storyline introducing an all new Turtle – Jennika!

This issue was so popular, it literally flew out faster than you could say heroes in a halfshell – but fear not, we’ve got a new printing coming in stock this week to hook you up — and it features all new cover art! Snag yours this week!

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