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Published April 16th, 2019

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WAR OF THE REALMS #2 continues the best event Marvel’s put together since Hickman’s SECRET WARS!

We gotta tell ya, Third Eye Faithful: WAR OF THE REALMS is set to be one of the most ambitious, and downright immersive crossovers that Marvel has done in quite some time — and with superstar Jason Aaron (AVENGERS, CONAN, THOR GOD OF THUNDER, SOUTHERN BASTARDS) at the helm — we’re freakin’ stoked on it in a big way!
Seriously: issue #1 delivered everything we could want and then some from a big, smash mouth in your face Marvel crossover story, and left us eagerly waiting for the next installment.. and, we’re so pumped to see it hitting this week with issue #2!
In issue #2, all the heroes of the Marvel Universe have assembled, yet this still might not be enough to stop Malekith’s endless war.
And the one hero who could turn the tide…is stranded where no one can reach him.
With Thor trapped in the land of the Frost Giants and the forces of Earth overwhelmed, Black Panther, Jane Foster and Doctor Strange make a desperate gamble. Valhalla awaits…

What’s the scoop on WAR OF THE REALMS? 

Asgard. Alfheim. Heven. Jotunheim. Muspelheim. Niffleheim. Nidavellir. Svartalfheim. Vanaheim.
All of the Ten Realms have fallen to Malekith and his army…except one: Midgard. Home to Thor’s beloved humans. Home to heroes and gods alike. Now, at last, it burns. And Thor won’t even be there to see it.
Malekith the Dark Elf has been rampaging across the Realms for years, and now he’s coming for Midgard. There, the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe make their final stand, and a war begins.
So, why is Captain America riding a winged horse? Where does Jane Foster come into play? How does Wolverine get involved? Why does Daredevil have a sword…and why is he covered in starry lights? The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist; how do these street-level heroes join the fight? How do Venom, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and so many more team-up for the war? And is that Blade!?
“I have been building towards WAR OF THE REALMS for the entire duration of my THOR run. So we’re talking six years and 80-something issues and counting,” teases Aaron. “This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this amazing promo piece by my MIGHTY THOR collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, who I’m so thrilled to be working with again on WAR OF THE REALMS.”
Third Eye Faithful, if DC Comics raised the ante of what a universe-spanning event could be with 2017’s DARK NIGHTS METAL — then you better believe that MARVEL is stepping up to the challenge, and delivering a storyline that rivals the scale and scope of METAL and then some!
Not since SECRET WARS have we been this excited for a Marvel event, and for good reason: Jason Aaron is one of the best writers in comics, and he’s literally spent nearly a decade playing in the THOR sandbox, building a fully realized mythology that’s set to pour out onto the Marvel Universe as we know it.
You wanna see Frost Giants in Manhattan? You wanna see your favorite Marvel heroes and villains finding themselves in the midst of pure otherworldly Asgardian (and other realms!) chaos on Earth? This is the book!
And, this isn’t just for THOR fans — this is something that touches on, and spotlights all of the Marvel Universe’s mightiest heroes, as well as some of your cult favorite characters! Trust us: this is the definition of big, sprawling, awesome Marvel event goodness!
So, what else can we tell you about WAR OF THE REALMS? Well, read on Third Eye Faithful, and we’ll give you the full scoop!
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ANGEL #0 is a surprise release that kicks off the all new ANGEL series from BOOM STUDIOS, the red hot publishers behind BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & FIREFLY, along with recent creator-centered books like FAITHLESS & RONIN ISLAND!!

We’re so darn pumped about the arrival of ANGEL this week, especially considering the fact that in the tradition of a book like last year’s DIE DIE DIE, it’s a complete and total surprise release!
That’s right: this is what’s known as a stealth drop comic release — which means, we just found out about it ourselves THIS week!
With that being said, that means, it’s going to be a hot one, so make sure you get your copy reserved, so you can add it to your BUFFYVERSE collection!
What’s the scoop on the new ANGEL series from BOOM? BOOM! Studios, along with visionary writer and director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s The Avengers), presents the shocking reimagining of the pop culture phenomenon ANGEL!
Angel walks the line between two worlds; a vampire cursed with a soul, he’s spent centuries battling back the forces that would destroy humanity, in an attempt to redeem himself for the crimes committed by the monster he was when he was first turned.
Written by Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics, Killmonger) with art from Gleb Melnikov (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), discover a brand new, modern take on one of the most iconic vampires in pop culture, perfect for fans and new readers alike!
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SPIDER-MAN: HUNTED continues in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19.HU with CHAPTER 3.5 this week – the biggest KRAVEN storyline since KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT !!!

Third Eye Faithful: we’re pretty freakin’ pumped about the current arc of ASM which features one of the coolest incarnations of KRAVEN THE HUNTER that we’ve seen since his iconic role in KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT!
In issue #19.HU, with Kraven gathering up all the animal-themed villains for the grandest hunt of all, Lizard has a target on his back!
But the Lizard has a plan of his own– and it involves something truly terrifying!
This run of Spidey, from issue 1 to now, has been AMAZING. Ottley and Spencer are killing it, and HUNTED may be the high point of the run thus far — get on board with this arc, and find out why ASM is the best its been in years!
Wanna get on board? We’ve got all the chapters, beginning with the prologue in 16, in stock now to get you current!
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One of the hottest new Marvel characters to debut in ages gets his second issue in MAJOR X #2 this Wednesday!

Don’t sleep on this new mini-series featuring the first new Marvel character DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld’s created since the DEADPOOL era!
MAJOR X is one of the coolest new characters to debut in comics in quite sometime. Bringing the same level of mystique that characters like BOBA FETT and SNAKE-EYES have brought to fiction in the past, this enigmatic new character is also the first X-Character Rob Liefeld has created since the days of DEADPOOL (who he also created!), and is pretty darn awesome.
In this weeks MAJOR X #2, a mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs!
What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him?
The Mystery of MAJOR X continues in issue #2 as he forges a union with Cable – and races against time to save mutantkind from certain devastation!
Wanna get up to date? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
Wanna know more about MAJOR X? Check out our TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MAJOR X here!
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Star Wars TIE FIGHTER #1 kicks off a new mini-series that explores a TRILOGY-era story about one of our favorite parts of the Empire: the TIE FIGHTER pilots!

If you’re like us, and grew up spending way too much time on X-Wing vs. TIE FIGHTER, or reading the adventures of Baron Fel, then you KNOW you’re stoked about this one!
We’ve been fans of the Star Wars comics for a long time, and have very fond memories of the DARK HORSE X-WING Rogue Squadron comics, especially the ones that focused on the TIE FIGHTER Squadrons that they ran up against.
In this new series, Marvel is diving back into the mysterious world of one of the Empire’s most lethal divisions: the Shadow Wing!
As the war against the REBELLION stretches on, it is the innocent people of the GALACTIC EMPIRE who are most at risk.
An elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots is assembled to help protect Imperial interests and hammer the Emperor’s fury down upon the treasonous and violent Rebel Alliance.
But how far is this untested team willing to go to preserve law and order?
And are the pilots of SHADOW WING as loyal to the Empire as they seem?
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Image’s ASSASSIN NATION #2 picks up where issue #1 left off, and is ready to deliver the hilarious, ultra-violence in a big way!

We LOVED the first issue of this new series from UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL creator ERICA HENDERSON, and we’re even more stoked to get our hands on issue #2 this week!
In ASSASSIN NATION #2, someone’s trying to kill Boss Rankin!
After the shoot-out in his loft, the remaining assassins have accepted his offer to be his private security force.
There’s no way anyone tries to knock him off now, is there? There is?!
Are more people going to die? Probably!
What’s the scoop on it? In issue #1, the World’s Former Greatest Hitman hires the 20 best assassins in the world to be his bodyguards.
These mean-as-hell hired guns and murderers must work together to keep the new crime boss safe while attempting to solve the mystery of who’s trying to off him.
With the same laugh-until-you-cry spirit of action-comedies like Hot Fuzz, Tropic Thunder, and Deadpool, ASSASSIN NATION is the bombastic, side-splitting murder-fest you’ve been waiting for.
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current with this weeks issue 2!
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BERSERK: THE FLAME DRAGON KNIGHT delivers the first ever BERSERK novel!

One of our favorite manga series of all-time gets expanded in this must-read!
We’re huge, huge, huge fans of BERSERK at Third Eye, and when we saw the world of BERSERK was getting expanded on in a new light novel featuring illustrations from BERSERK creator KENTARO MIURA, and a story from the man behind the BERSERK anime, MAKOTO FUKAMI, we knew we had to shout it out!
The Flame Dragon Knight traces the rise of the warrior Grunbeld from humble beginnings to the all-powerful Apostle who will one day face Guts in mortal combat!

GIDEON FALLS TP VOL.2 ORIGINAL SINS continues Jeff Lemire’s eerie new IMAGE COMICS hit series!

We’re loving this book SO MUCH! Seriously, writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH, DESCENDER, and so much more) is delivering one of the best horror reads on the stands right now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!
PLUS: the gorgeous artwork of ANDREA SORRENTINO has us hooked with each and every issue!
In this weeks volume 2, the mystery deepens in the second volume of the runaway bestselling series by New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning writer JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER) and ANDREA SORRENTINO, the acclaimed creative duo behind Green Arrow and Old Man Logan.
As the reclusive and troubled young man NORTON becomes more immersed in his quest for the secret of the legendary Black Barn, washed-up Catholic priest FATHER FRED unravels the secret behind a series of grisly murders.
The psychological dread-inducing terror of Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House collides with the unsettling atmosphere of Twin Peaks in this addictive new series.

Start reading GIDEON FALLS with GIDEON FALLS VOL.1 for only $9.99

From the bestselling creative team behind Old Man Logan and Green Arrow comes a character-driven meditation on obsession, mental illness, and faith. The legend of the Black Barn-an otherworldly building alleged to have appeared and reappeared throughout history, bringing death and madness in its wake-ensnares and entwines the lives of two very different men.
Jeff Lemire has wowed you on DESCENDER, SWEET TOOTH, and so many others — now, it’s time to find out just how dark he can take a story with this incredible new series!
Plus, this collection includes a variant cover gallery from some of comics’ best artists, including CLIFF CHIANG (PAPER GIRLS), JOCK (WYTCHES), SKOTTIE YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND), and more!
Collects GIDEON FALLS #1-6

DAREDEVIL #4 continues Chip Zdarsky & Marco Chechetto’s incredible DAREDEVIL run, which is shaping up to be one of the best runs on the character since the classic Bendis / Maleev stuff!

We have gotta tell ya, Third Eye Faithful: the new DAREDEVIL run from Zdarsky and Chechetto is really turning into something special, and we’re loving every second of it.
In fact: the surprise is half the fun, as the contents of each issue is kept tightly under wraps until the book hits the stands — which means you never know WHAT’S coming, and as you’ve seen in the first 3 issues: the twists and turns are fast and furious.
With this week’s issue #4, as DAREDEVIL continues to rebuild himself, and deal with the many horrible messes he’s found himself in (including accidentally murdering a bad guy in issue #1 — and not realizing it!), all we know is that this issue is gonna be a big one: it’s all about THE PUNISHER!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock now! Don’t sleep on this run! Just like we told you Cates’s VENOM and Ewing’s IMMORTAL HULK were destined to be big runs that you were gonna wanna be in on the ground floor of — we’re saying the same with Chip’s DD!
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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4 continues Donny Cates’s incredible new run on the GOTG!

You know, it’s funny: we were just raving about DAREDEVIL and how it’s our favorite DD comic in quite some time.. and now we gotta say the same thing again, cause hot damn, Donny Cates is making GUARDIANS into a must-read once again!
Not since those amazing ABNETT & LANNING issues has Guardians been this freakin’ good, and we’re loving every second of it!
In this weeks issue #4, the Dark Guardians, a new cosmic hit squad made up of the most powerful and cunning people in space, are going to kill Gamora.
It’s time for the new Guardians of the Galaxy to saddle up!
This book has it all — killer art from Geoff Shaw, killer storytelling from Cates, a great team roster of fan-favorites like BETA RAY BILL and GROOT, along with newcomer superstars like COSMIC GHOST RIDER, and so much more!
Do NOT miss out on this one – even if you’ve never been a huge GOTG fan, this is a great place to start reading!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!
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Issue #2 of MAGNIFICENT MS MARVEL continues the killer new MS MARVEL series!

We’ve always been huge fans of MS MARVEL, and when we saw that rising superstar SALADIN AHMED (BLACK BOLT, MILES MORALES SPIDER-MAN, EXILES) would be the new writer on the character, we knew we were in for some awesomeness!
In this weeks issue #2, Ms. Marvel is reeling from a devastating loss, but with an alien invasion ravaging Jersey City, she’s not going to have much time to grieve!
Even if Kamala saves her hometown, will her family ever be the same? And what’s all this business about a “Chosen One”?
Wanna hop on? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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SPIDER-MAN CITY AT WAR #2 delivers the 2nd issue in the killer new series expanding on the universe of INSOMNIAC GAMES’S SPIDER-MAN!

The coolest take on Spidey in forever, and we’re getting more stories in that universe!
Like many of you, we fell in love with the recent SPIDER-MAN on PS4 game from INSOMNIAC GAMES, and we wanted MORE!
Well, with this weeks CITY AT WAR, the new comic series set in the world of the INSOMNIAC Spider-Verse, arrives, and we are so freakin’ pumped for it!
The worlds of PETER PARKER and SPIDER-MAN continue to collide – with his beloved AUNT MAY and current crusading Daily Bugle reporter (and former girlfriend) MARY JANE – caught in the middle!
Teenager MILES MORALES has two heroes – Spider-Man and his police office father, JEFFERSON DAVIS – but how will their chance meeting lead to both triumph and tragedy?
Plus: Who are the INNER DEMONS, and how is their crime spree connected to the fall of the KINGPIN…and the rise of an even darker foe?
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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LITTLE BIRD #2 continues one of the raddest new IMAGE series we’ve seen launch since DIE #1!

Post-apocalyptic surrealist awesomeness! AKIRA by way of MAD MAX – a must-read!
We gotta tell you: LITTLE BIRD really lived up to our high expectations, and then some!
We knew it was gonna rule, cause lets face it: IAN BERTRAM’s art is amazing (as you’ve seen in the cult favorite HOUSE OF PENANCE), but man, the story in that issue #1 had some punch to it!
This week, the awesomeness continues with LITTLE BIRD #2, as Little Bird is reunited with her mother in a dreamscape where she begins to uncover the twisted roots of her family tree.
Free after 30 years of imprisonment, The Axe once again takes the mantle as leader of the resistance and prepares to wage war against Bishop and his Northern Guard.
Do not sleep on this incredible series! Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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Chip Zdarsky’s ground-breaking SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY continues with SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY #2 this Wednesday!

One of the most unique things to come out of Marvel in quite some time — do NOT sleep on SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY!
Third Eye Faithful, issue #1 of SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY completely blew us away, and from the response we saw from you — you all felt the same way!
This unique look at Spider-Man as he (and the rest of the Marvel Universe) ages in real time through the decades of his career, while encountering some of the most iconic moments in Spider-History is a must-read.
The GREEN GOBLIN is out of their lives, but NORMAN OSBORN isn’t!
Can PETER AND GWEN find happiness as the world of the 1970s dances on around them?
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you up to date!
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TRANSFORMERS #3 continues the incredible new TRANSFORMERS ongoing series from IDW!

The PERFECT place to start reading the TRANSFORMERS comics!
For years, IDW has done an amazing job with the TRANSFORMERS license, and their recently launched TRANSFORMERS ongoing is the PERFECT place to start getting into them, as it’s the best jumping on point for the world of Cybertron that we’ve seen in ages!
High above Cybertron, the planet’s inner moon unfolds to become a gigantic energon harvester, a magnificent show for Bumblebee and his new friend.
Meanwhile, Megatron is assembling a new security force, but rumors abound about the new team.
A cosmic epic of grand scale, wanna get up to date? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock to get you current!
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WAR OF THE REALMS: THE PUNISHER #1 delivers a KILLER tie-in mini-series to WAR OF THE REALMS

Frank Castle IS shooting a giant gun into the mouth of a frost giant — and that’s only the start of it in this killer tie-in to WAR OF THE REALMS!
Like we’ve said before, we’re loving every second of WAR OF THE REALMS, and that’s got us all in on all the tie-in issues to this killer series!
This week, a new mini-series kicks off with WAR OF THE REALMS: THE PUNISHER #1, and we’re super stoked on it!
The War of The Realms has brought monsters to the streets of New York City, but New York has a monster all its own…Frank Castle, A.K.A. THE PUNISHER!
And he’ll be damned to Hel if he’s going to let a bunch of Ten Realms tin-pot tyrants terrorize his town.
But given he’s one man against an army of monsters, Hel might soon have him! The War of Realms is about to meet Marvel’s One Man Army. Expect Punishment!
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MARVEL DROPS ANOTHER AWESOME FACSIMILE EDITION with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252, featuring the debut of Spider-Man’s black costume!

We’ve really been digging the Marvel facsimile editions that take classic and iconic issues of various Marvel series, and reissue them with the original ads in place, and more!
These exact reproductions are a killer way to add a piece of comic history to your collection — without paying an arm and a leg!
This week, they’re offering up one of the most iconic Spidey issues ever: #252, featuring the debut of Spidey’s legendary black costume!
The stunning debut of Spider-Man’s black suit – the alien costume that would one day become Venom!
As Spidey makes his homecoming from the super hero Secret Wars, he returns with a miraculous new outfit, a striking black-and-white Spider-Man costume that morphs and responds to his very thoughts – allowing him to change back to Peter Parker at will!
But is it possible that this miraculous article of alien clothing may have a mind of its own?
With New Yorkers made uneasy by his new look and the Secret Wars photos he took far too alien to sell to the Daily Bugle, can Peter pick up the life he left behind?
Relive the issue that set in motion the entire saga of Venom! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #4 continues the incredible new ongoing BUFFY series from BOOM STUDIOS!

We’ve been so darn impressed with BOOM in 2019, and a big part of why is how well they’re handling all these great licenses like BUFFY, FIREFLY, WWE, and MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!
Their new BUFFY series is a perfect example of why BOOM is winning us over, as it’s a killer, fresh take on the character and her world — but, also very true to what we all loved about the TV series!
This is the issue no BUFFY fan can miss! In the shocking conclusion of the first story arc of the most-anticipated reVAMP of 2019, someone from the Scooby gang must make the ultimate sacrifice.
And don’t miss the massive first appearance that will have everyone talking!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!
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Indie hit KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN SUN gets a special reissue with issue #1 this Wednesday!

Four hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament, and during that time, neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message.
In his absence, an age of chaos began. With humanity at the wayside, a power struggle erupts among the Archangels over who will control Father’s throne.

KICK-ASS, OLD MAN LOGAN, NEMESIS writer MARK MILLAR’s MAGIC ORDER arrives in trade paperback this Wednesday!

We really, really dug what Mark Millar did with his recently concluded new mini-series, THE MAGIC ORDER, and are so stoked to see it hitting trade paperback this week!
We live in a world where we’ve never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds.
By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness… unless the darkness gets them first.
Magic meets the Mob in THE MAGIC ORDER, as five families of magicians-sworn to protect our world for generations-must battle an enemy who’s picking them off one by one.
Collects THE MAGIC ORDER #1-6

MARY SHELLEY MONSTER HUNTER #1 delivers a must-read take on the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER Mythos & more!

One of the coolest new series to hit in a while from AFTERSHOCK, MARY SHELLEY MONSTER HUNTER is the kind of unique concept we love to see at Third Eye!
For nearly two centuries, scholars have wondered how on earth Mary Shelley, a nineteen-year-old girl, was able to conjure one of the most frightening and enduring horror stories of all-time: Frankenstein.
But with the recent discovery of Mary Shelley’s secret memoir, the truth is finally revealed: Mary Shelley didn’t just write Frankenstein, she lived it.
Traveling back to that historic Geneva winter of 1816, Mary, her fiancé Percy, sisters Claire and Fanny, and the celebrated poet Lord Byron, find themselves guests of the eerie Frankenstein Estate.
The macabre and frightening events that follow lead Mary to both a gruesome and shocking discovery. Their mysterious host is not at all what they expected, and their intentions will change the course of Mary’s life for-ever.
A must-read for fans of HELLBOY, and all things horror, this is a great read!
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OZ: HEART OF MAGIC #1 brings us a return to Zenescope’s horrific land of Oz!

We’ve been really digging the return to their roots that Zenescope has been showing recently with killer books like HELLCHILD and GRETEL, and this weeks OZ: HEART OF MAGIC is another in the same vein!
Last we saw Dorothy she was trapped in a body that isn’t hers by the evil Wizard of Oz, cut off from most of her loyal followers and exiled from the Emerald City.
Now on the run through increasingly forbidding lands, with the very heart of the realm itself on the line, will she be able to protect herself and more importantly the people who rely on her?
Find out in this all new return to Oz!
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XENA returns to comics in an all new series with XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS #1!

We know there’s a ton of you who’re like us ,Third Eye Faithful, and cannot get enough of all things XENA, so we just had to take a second to shout out the new XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS series kicking off this week!
In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings…a land in turmoil called out for a hero! She was XENA, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle!
In this all-new series, writer VITA AYALA (Black Panther, Wonder Woman, The Wilds) and artist OLYMPIA SWEETMAN throw Xena and her companion Gabrielle headfirst into a mysterious adventure.
Can Xena discover the secrets of a village full of super-strong children, before jealous and petty GODS get involved?
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