This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye for Wednesday 2/12/20

Published February 10th, 2020

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BOOM STUDIOS, publishers of SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, ONCE AND FUTURE and RED MOTHER, unveil their next huge hit with the sci-fi thriller ALIENATED this Wednesday in ALIENATED #1!

We’re huge fans of the incredible books coming out of BOOM STUDIOS these days, with hits like SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, RED MOTHER, and ONCE AND FUTURE hooking us in a big way!

So, it’s no secret that we’re stoked about their next big release, ALIENATED!

In ALIENATD, acclaimed writer Simon Spurrier (John Constantine Hellblazer, Coda) and artist Chris Wildgoose (Batgirl, Batman: Nightwalker) present a subversive coming-of-age story about having all the power to change the world but the unready hands to truly wield it.

Three teenagers, each an outcast in their own way, stumble upon an unearthly entity as it’s born. As they bond over this shared secret and the creature’s incredible abilities, it becomes clear to the teenagers that their cute little pet is a super-predator in the making – and it’s in need of prey.

Guided by the best intentions at first, the teens’ decisions soon become corrupted by adolescent desires, small town jealousies, and internal rivalries, sending them into a catastrophic spiral of their own making.

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HARLEY QUINN & THE BIRDS OF PREY #1 debuts an epic BLACK LABEL imprint take on Harley courtesy of the legendary Harley creative team of AMANDA CONNER & JIMMY PALMIOTTI!

If you love the new Harley Quinn animated series — you’ll love this!

The creative team that transformed Harley Quinn forever returns to shake up her world once more-and this time, the gloves are off! 

Harley Quinn has avoided Gotham City ever since she broke up with The Joker and found a home, and a kind of family, in Coney Island. But when she gets an offer she can’t refuse, she has no choice but to slip back into the city as quietly as she can, hoping to be gone before anyone-especially her ex-learns she’s been there.

But for Harley, “as quietly as she can” is plenty loud…and before she can say “Holee bounty hunters, Batman,” The Joker’s sicced every super-villain in the city on her pretty ombré head-and the only team tough enough (or crazy enough) to come to her defense is the Birds of Prey!

The foul-mouthed, no-holds-barred sequel to one of DC’s raciest runs is here! Get on board early, before we come to our senses!

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Straight from the pages of GHOST RIDER — SPIRITS OF GHOST RIDER: MOTHER O DEMONS #1 showcases LILITH!

We’re loving the current run of GHOST RIDER, and we’re super pumped to dig into this new one-shot this week!

Since the dawn of man, she has birthed the worst of humanity’s ills… Her kin call her mama while men curse her name: LILITH! And when all the thrones of every netherworld are united, they shall call her by a new name: QUEEN.

With art by definitive GHOST RIDER artist ROLAND BOSCHI!

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BEYOND THE CLOUDS VOL.1 delivers an incredible new manga hit that STUDIO GHIBLI fans will love!

A boy with a talent for machines and a the mysterious girl whose wings he’s fixed will take you past the ordinary.

In the tradition of the high-flying, resonant adventure stories of Studio Ghibli comes a gorgeous tale about the longing of young hearts for adventure and friendship!

Young Theo works as a mechanic, putting his knack for machines to use in the industrialized city where he lives. But when he finds an injured, amnesiac a girl with wings, his life changes forever.

Her name is Mia, and although Theo’s talents make quick work of repairing her injured wing, their quest to find her home will take them beyond the clouds and further than they would ever have imagined.

GREEN LANTERN SEASON 2 #1 continues comics legend Grant Morrison’s epic GL run!

The team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp continue their bold new take on the Emerald Warrior in a wild 30-page second season opener!

In the wake of the Blackstar incursion, Hal Jordan and his fellow Lanterns must pick up the pieces from that cataclysmic conclusion. Among them is Jordan’s next critical mission: search for the next generation of cosmic immortals.

Is the universe ready for…the Young Guardians?

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MARVELS X #2 delivers another installment of the dystopian look at the Marvel Universe that we’re loving so much!

David’s arrival in New York doesn’t bring the safety he had hoped it would.

And while he does indeed find some heroes, he also finds that they don’t know what to do in a world where everyone they ever fought to protect now wants only to blame them for the hell the world has transformed into.

Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Well-Bee continue the amazing prequel to the EARTH X trilogy.

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TARTARUS #1 from IMAGE COMICS kicks off an incredible new sci-fi series that’s like BREAKING BAD.. in SPACE!

A new adventure series with all the sci-fi drama of Breaking Bad set in Mos Eisley! Promising young cadet Tilde is framed for crimes against the empire after discovering her mother was the ruthless warlord of the deadly colony Tartarus, a vital player in the galactic war.

Now, Tilde’s only way home may be to reclaim her mother’s dark crown.

#1 New York Times bestseller JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (Alien 3) and artistic phenom JACK T. COLE (The Unsound) kick off this ongoing series with 44 big pages of story!

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This manga, adapted from the film by legendary director Wes Anderson, features a new take on the story about the banished bowsers of trash island.

Here we follow a young orphan boy and his dog Spots on an adventure that all fans of the film will want to follow.

Written and drawn by cult manga icon Minetaro Mochizuki of Dragon Head fame and now available in English for the very first time, and presented in a deluxe hardcover format, this is the perfect gift for all fans of Wes Anderson, dogs, and manga alike.

X-MEN #6 delivers another stunning read courtesy of JONATHAN HICKMAN and team!

The new X-Titles have been some of the best X-MEN stuff we’ve read in ages, and this week, the awesomeness continues in X-MEN #6, as writer JONATHAN HICKMAN continues to impress the heck out of us!

All we can say about X-MEN #6 is that Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants… and trust us: it gets crazy!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-5 in stock to get you current!

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VENOM ISLAND continues in VENOM #23, as the mythology of VENOM continues to be built by superstar DONNY CATES! Get on board as the groundwork for Marvel’s next epic is built here!

VENOM has quickly become one of Marvel’s best ongoing series over the last few years, and the follow up to ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, VENOM ISLAND, proves again and again why this is so!

In this weeks VENOM #23, they say there’s no rest for the wicked, and few creatures in the Marvel Universe are as wicked as CARNAGE. Face front, readers — the seeds of next year’s VENOM event are already beginning to grow…

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got the trade paper backs 1-3 in stock to get you current, or we can catch you up with the single issues!

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MAN AND HIS CAT VOL.1 brings one of the top manga series of the last few years in Japan to the U.S!

The top manga launch in Japan in the first half of 2018, A Man and His Cat was also voted one of the top ten manga of 2018 by Japanese bookstore employees nationwide. Having won hearts and topped charts in Japan, this hotly anticipated series about an older gentleman and his unique, adorable cat is available in English for the first time!

In the pet shop he calls home, a chubby, homely cat whiles away the hours listening to coos of delight from potential pet parents… but he knows it’s not him they’re fussing over.

Even as his price drops with each passing day, no one spares the kitty a glance.

Having all but given up on life, the feline dejectedly awaits his first birthday, when he’ll officially be past his sell-by date.

So when an older gentleman comes into the shop and wants to take him home, the kitten himself is most shocked of all! Will the man and the cat find what they’re looking for… in each other?

GWEN STACY takes the spotlight in an all new 5-part mini-series beginning this Wednesday!

he First of Gwen Stacy’s AMAZING Adventures! Gwen and Peter may not have met until AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, but that doesn’t mean Gwen’s life began on that page.

Learn the never-before told origin of Gwen Stacy, top of her class, daughter of the Police Captain and, as her friend Harry Osborn calls her, “The Beauty Queen of Standard High.” But she’s way more that you even know!

Gwen’s got a science brain, a nose for trouble and a no-quit attitude that always gets her in trouble. In the early Marvel Universe, that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t miss Gwen, Captain Stacy, Harry and Norman Osborn, Crimemaster, Wilson Fisk, Jean DeWolff, Yuri Wantanabe and even Spider-Man!

Get the GWEN STACY #1 J. Scott Campbell cover for just $4.99 cover price this week while supplies last!

Whenever superstar J. SCOTT CAMPBELL does a cover for a book — we’re all about it, and his cover to GWEN STACY #1 is a must-have!

Snag a copy of this limited edition cover B for normal cover price $4.99 this week while supplies last!

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The 1st arc of the new DAWN OF X titles arrives with DAWN OF X TP VOL.1!

Where do you go after the HOUSE OF X hardcover? This is it! The first arc of all the new X-Titles is collected into this volume, in sequential reading order, and is a must-have!

et in on the ground floor of the Dawn of X! Jonathan Hickman rewrites all the rules and reinvents the X-Men universe for a new and exciting era!

Hickman himself helms the adventures of a powerhouse team of X-MEN in a world of fresh possibilities – and co-writes the reunited NEW MUTANTS on a cosmic quest to find their missing friend!

And more of the industry’s best and brightest talents take on uncanny X-squads! X-FORCE – the CIA of the mutant world, one half intelligence, the other half special ops!

Captain Kate Pryde and her MARAUDERS of the high seas!

A new Captain Britain leads EXCALIBUR – made up of Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee…and Apocalypse! But who are the FALLEN ANGELS? 

UNDONE BY BLOOD #1 delivers a hard-hitting ’70s crime Southwestern crime drama from AFTERSHOCK!

In the early 1970s, Ethel Grady Lane returns to her hometown of Sweetheart, Arizona with one thing on her mind: killing the man who murdered her family. But first, she’ll have to find him.

As Ethel navigates the eccentric town and its inhabitants, she learns that the quaint veneer hides a brewing darkness. She has no choice but to descend into a ring of depravity and violence, with her only ally an Old West novel that follows famed gunslinger Solomon Eaton.

As both stories unfold simultaneously, a love of fiction informs choices in reality, for better or worse.

From the minds of Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (The Dregs, X-Men, HER INFERNAL DESCENT) and artist Sami Kivela (Abbot, Tommy Gun Wizards) comes a neo-western that depicts the hard truth of seeking vengeance in the real world.

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Grant Morrison’s iconic ANIMAL MAN run returns to print in all new editions with ANIMAL MAN BY GRANT MORRISON TP VOL.1!

One of the truly genre-defining runs of the last 30 years, Grant Morrison’s ANIMAL MAN still holds up as some of the best darn comic book storytelling we’ve seen, and we’re so stoked to see it returning to print!

In these classic tales from Animal Man #1-13 (plus a story from Secret Origins #39), meet Buddy Baker, a caring husband, devoted father, animal rights activist, and super-powered adventurer.

But as he attempts to live up to his roles, he finds that there are no black-and-white situations in life. In these stories, Animal Man is called by S.T.A.R. Labs to investigate a break-in related to an AIDS vaccine, only to learn what inhumane acts are going on.