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Published July 9th, 2019

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25 – A PERFECT Jumping On Point for one of the Best Marvel Books. Going! Mary Jane, Mysterio, and so much more! 

Start reading one of the best Spider-Man runs in ages with issue #25 of ASM!!

One of the best runs of Spider-Man that we’ve seen in forever continues, and this week’s issue #25 is a perfect place to jump on board and start reading if you haven’t begun yet!

Year two of Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos’ run on ASM begins here! In the giant-sized main story, Spider-Man and Mary Jane find themselves in an INCREDIBLY tough situation, thanks to Electro.

Can Spidey save MJ? CAN MJ SAVE SPIDEY?

What is Mysterio cooking, and what does it have to do with the bandaged villain who has been on the periphery since #1?!

This run of Spider-Man has really captured everything we love about the character, and then some, while also delivering some of the best artwork we’ve seen on a Spider-Man title in ages!

Find out why Spencer and Ottley are killing it with ASM, and jump on board with this weeks issue #25!

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BATMAN UNIVERSE #1 delivers a dream team BATMAN story with legend BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and rising superstar NICK DERINGTON!!

Holy crap: this is a GOOD one! First off – it’s BATMAN, and it’s pretty hard to have a bad Batman comic, ya know?

But, seriously: Bendis and Derington deliver some super fresh takes on the Dark Knight here, and we’re loving every second of it!

Following the theft of a priceless Fabergé egg, the Riddler leads the Dark Knight on a wild hunt after its true owner: Jinny Hex, descendant of Jonah Hex! Guest-starring Deathstroke, Green Arrow and dozens of Riddler look-alikes in stories by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Nick Derington!

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CRIMINAL, FADE OUT, FATALE & KILL OR BE KILLED dream team BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS reunite for an all new crime noir graphic novel masterpiece with BAD WEEKEND!

Get a FREE SIGNED BAD WEEKEND BOOKPLATE while supplies last, FREE with purchase!

We are such huge freakin’ fans of Brubaker & Phillips that we’ll devour just about anything they do together, but, we gotta tell ya: BAD WEEKEND looks INCREDIBLE!

JUST IN TIME FOR CONVENTION SEASON-the ultimate comic con crime tale! Comics won’t just break your heart. Comics will kill you. Hal Crane should know, he’s been around since practically the beginning.

Stuck at an out-of-town convention, waiting to receive a lifetime achievement award, Hal’s weekend takes us on a dark ride through the secret history of a medium that’s always been haunted by crooks, swindlers, and desperate dreamers.

Get a FREE BAD WEEKEND bookplate with purchase while supplies last!

If you’re one of the first lucky few who purchase your copy of BAD WEEKEND this week, we’ll hook you up with an exclusive, limited edition BOOKPLATE signed by Brubaker & Phillips!

Make sure you come see us on new comic day to scoop your copy of BAD WEEKEND, as we know these BOOKPLATES will fly out fast!


One of the biggest things to sweep across the DC Universe continues this Wednesday, as Lex Luthor starts to build an army of the DC Universe’s most notorious bad guys!

We’re telling you now, Third Eye Faithful, the stuff that DC Comics has planned with YEAR OF THE VILLAIN, and everything that will be spinning out of it — is HUGE — and the mayhem all begins this week in JUSTICE LEAGUE #27 with the first of the highly anticipated “OFFER” prelude tie-ins.

The fun continues with BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #3, Ousted from power and stripped of wealth, Ra’s al Ghul is a broken man. But Lex Luthor has a plan for how the Outsiders could be Ra’s’ new League of Assassins!

Continuing THE OFFER, CATWOMAN #13, “Come now, Selina. Still playing the hero? Stop pretending you’re something you’re not.” It’s Lex Luthor’s words versus Catwoman’s will in this chapter of “The Offer”!

And, then in HAWKMAN #14 Carl Sands returns as the new, improved Shadow Thief! Newly upgraded by Lex Luthor, he’s now the undisputed master of shadows.

Meanwhile, Hawkman continues to be haunted by horrific memories of his past lives.

Could Shadow Thief be the cause of his nightmares? Or is it something more sinister?

And in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #11, with the fate of the Ghost Sector and the trillions of lives it contains at stake, Darkseid begins the cosmic process to activate Sepulkore and restore himself to his previous immeasurable power. Can the Justice League crew stop him…or—unthinkably—must they actually help him?

After that, in the pages of RED HOOD OUTLAW #36, what can Lex Luthor offer former sidekick Jason Todd? Sidekicks…broken, battered and catastrophically dangerous sidekicks. The Teen Titans they’re not!

In the pages of SUPERGIRL #32, if Brainiac is in the Hall of Doom, why is Lex Luthor upgrading an old Brainiac drone body? And why is the drone calling itself the true Brainiac?

Closing out the YEAR OF THE VILLAIN tie-ins this week, SUPERMAN #14, it’s Superman, intergalactic hero!

A major chapter in the galaxy-spanning “Unity Saga” begins as Superman reluctantly takes the lead in a quest for peace bigger than he has ever tried before. It’s Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and a cast of thousands in a fight to keep the universe intact.

But it’s this issue’s final page that will have fans everywhere talking. It’s a moment almost a thousand years in the making…

Deadly plans, murderous schemes and evil dealings. Each of Lex Luthor’s offers means doom for the heroes. So why is Lex now talking to Lois Lane?

Don’t forget to collect the special Cover B Villain Portrait Variants for THE OFFER!

In celebration of the awesomeness of DC Bringing on the Bad Guys with THE OFFER, they’re doing a special COVER B variant for each issue which features a killer close-up portrait of one of the iconic bad guys featured in the crossover!

Make sure you snag each one for these three books this week for normal cover price!

Wanna add ALL the YEAR OF THE VILLAIN tie-ins / THE OFFER preludes to your pull box? You can do so at the link below!

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REAVER #1 debuts from Image Comics, and delivers a must-read ultra-violent sword-and-sorcery fantasy series that fans of Dungeons & Dragons, GAME OF THRONES, and MAD MAX must read!!

PLUS: you can meet series writer Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) at Third Eye Annapolis & get it signed on Saturday 7/13/19!!

OK, so first off: we’re big fans of writer Justin Jordan! His Image series like SPREAD and Luther Strode are blood-drenched masterpieces, and we’re always stoked when he delivers something new!

REAVER looks to be the next major home-run from Justin, as it delivers one of the best damn sword-and-sorcery style fantasy reads we’ve seen in quite some time!

The continent of Madaras once promised a new start for settlers, but 200 years after its discovery, the war rages on. Deep within this savage and untamed land, a darkness builds at that must be stopped at all costs.

To do so, the Imperials assemble six of its most despicable prisoners-a turncoat, a skin eater, a sorcerer and his bodyguard, a serial killer, and the Devil’s Son-the only ones who can stop the end of the new world.

They are Hell’s Half-Dozen. Join JUSTIN JORDAN (LUTHER STRODE) and REBEKAH ISAACS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for REAVER-a dark, grim fantasy for a post-Game of Thrones world.

Meet writer Justin Jordan this Saturday at Third Eye Annapolis 11am-1pm and get your copy of REAVER #1 Signed!

We’re super stoked about Reaver, and as big fans of Justin’s other projects as well, we jumped at the chance to bring Justin to Third Eye to sign copies of REAVER!

Click here for full info on our REAVER signing!

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Superstar writer JEFF LEMIRE (ASCENDER, SWEET TOOTH, UNDERWATER WELDER, MOON KNIGHT and more) brings the world of his creator-owned superhero universe BLACK HAMMER into the DC Universe with BLACK HAMMER / JUSTICE LEAGUE #1!

BLACK HAMMER is one of the most underrated comics going today — try this crossover, and find out why we’re so in love with Lemire’s unique, and often heart-wrenching take on capes and tights!

We’re huge fans of writer Jeff Lemire, and one of our favorite things from him has gotta be his series BLACK HAMMER, which introduces a world of heroes who were mysteriously banished from existence by a multiversal event, and now the old superheroes of Spiral City now lead simple lives on a bizarre farm from which there is no escape!

But as they employ all of their super abilities to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure!

In the JUSTICE LEAGUE / BLACK HAMMER crossover, A strange man arrives simultaneously on Black Hammer Farm and in Metropolis, and both worlds are warped as Starro attacks! Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more crossover with Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, and the rest of the Black Hammer gang!

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CRITICAL ROLE: VOX MACHINA ORIGINS #1 brings the world of CRITICAL ROLE to comics — and we LOVE it!! 

We know many of you are like us, and are totally hooked on the D&D-centric podcast, CRITICAL ROLE!

So, you’re probably just as pumped as we are to see the world of Critical Role being brought to life!

In Vox Machina, the unlikely heroes of Vox Machina are back in action!

Join familiar faces from Critical Role’s smash-hit first campaign as their escapades in Stilben lead them toward new adventure-and a dire threat to Grog when he goes missing in the night.

Tracking him down will see the party lose one member, gain another, and reveal parts of Grog’s secret past. But first, his friends have to actually find him.

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Never read the X-STATIX? Find out why we love the heck out of this comic with an all new one-shot that’s totally accessible to new readers!

One of our favorite obscure little corners of the Marvel U was the X-STATIX series, and when we saw that the original creative team would be returning to it — holy crap, we just about lost our minds!

In GIANT-SIZE X-STATIX, they’re back and more alive than ever for this special one-shot! But what new threat is so grave that only the most famous mutant celebrities can fight it?

And who is the new U-Go-Girl? Only the original X-Statix creative team Peter Milligan, Michael Allred and Laura Allred know for sure!

What’s the scoop on X-STATIX? Picture REALITY TV by way of X-MEN! Super quirky, super weird, and super fun — featuring incredible art from the Allreds.. this book is a blast!

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Grant Morrison’s incredible new GREEN LANTERN series arrives in graphic novel with this weeks GREEN LANTERN VOL.1 INTERGALACTIC LAWMAN!

As huge fans of writer Grant Morrison, we were pretty much on board from the first panel with the new GREEN LANTERN series, but we gotta tell ya: it’s been even better than we could’ve hoped!

It all begins when Earth’s Green Lantern encounters a mysterious alien hiding in plain sight, setting off a chain of events that will bring the Green Lantern Corps to its knees.

There’s an intergalactic conspiracy afoot, as well as a traitor in the Green Lantern Corps’ ranks. Hal Jordan has faced the universe’s greatest threats, but what he faces next will challenge everything he believes in. The rules of planet Earth do not apply in outer space.

To what lengths will Hal Jordan go to get his man? Find out in this mind-bending adventure that will forever change how you see the Green Lantern Corps!

Collects issues #1-6 of the hot new series!

The iconic 1st issue of X-MEN returns to print with a special facsimile edition in X-MEN #1!

These MARVEL Facsimile editions have truly been some of the coolest stuff around, and it’s pretty awesome to see a piece of comic book history like X-MEN #1 getting the facsimile treatment!

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce the mighty mutants to the Marvel Universe!

Training to fight for a world that hates and fears them, they are the Uncanny X-Men! Cyclops! Beast! Iceman! Angel! And their newest recruit, Marvel Girl! Professor Charles Xavier brings together these Children of the Atom to teach them to use their mutant powers to protect mankind – and they’re quickly forced into action when Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, strikes!

The X-Men are a pop-culture phenomenon, and this is the story that birthed the legend! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting X-MEN (1963) #1.

Snag yourself a copy while supplies last for just $3.99!

One of DC’s most exciting event stories of the Summer continues with EVENT LEVIATHAN #2!!

Holy crap — we are loving the heck out of EVENT LEVIATHAN so much! Seriously: this book is delivering some of the best BENDIS writing we’ve seen since the days of his DAREDEVIL work, and the art by Maleev fits the conspiracy-laden vibe of the book PERFECTLY!

In issue #2, as the mystery of Leviathan continues to rock the very foundations of the DC Universe, the world’s greatest detectives gather for the first time anywhere to solve the mystery before it’s too late! Lois Lane leads Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Manhunter, the Question and a couple of genuine guest sleuths in the search for who Leviathan is and how their plans have already unfolded. This issue also guest-stars Red Hood, Batgirl and more!

Wanna hop on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!

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In SECOND COMING, God commands Earth’s mightiest super-hero, Sunstar, to accept Jesus as his roommate and teach him how to use power in a… more powerful way.

Jesus, shocked at the way humans have twisted his message over two millennia, vows to straighten them out. This deluxe first issue features 30 pages of story!

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UNEARTH #1 debuts from Image Comics delivering a brutal new horror series from HARROW COUNTY writer CULLEN BUNN & SPREAD artist KYLE STRAHM!!

We’re big fans of both Cullen Bunn (HARROW COUNTY, REGRESSION) and KYLE STRAHM (SPREAD), so when we saw the two were teaming for an all new horror series about flesh-eating diseases — we knew we were in for a treat!

When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico, a scientific task force travels to the inhospitable area to investigate the contamination.

Tracing the source of the disease to a nearby cave system, the team discovers a bizarre, hostile ecosystem and a supernatural revelation from which they may never escape.

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WAR OF THE REALMS OMEGA #1 wraps up all the WAR OF THE REALMS aftermath, and sets up the Marvel Universe going forward into ABSOLUTE CARNAGE & HOUSE OF X!

Man, is Marvel on point right now, or what? Seriously – they’ve got their universe so tightly written, and well-crafted, that it seriously feels like we’re on the cusp of a new golden age for the publisher — and WAR OF THE REALMS was a great example of it!


Midgard is broken, and as heroes of Asgard and Earth alike start to sift through the pieces, new heroes — and villains — emerge. What’s next for Jane Foster, now free of the hammer she was willing to die to hold?

Thor’s brother Loki faced a terrible fate in the War of the Realms — and now the god of mischief must make himself anew. For the Punisher, the war isn’t even close to finished — but this time, he’s got his own army.

And for Thor himself, destiny has finally arrived. The God of Thunder strikes out for a whole new adventure!

Wanna catch up on WAR OF THE REALMS? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock now to get you current!

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NO ONE LEFT TO FIGHT #1 debuts from DARK HORSE delivering a must-read for DRAGON BALL fans!

In NOTHING LEFT TO FIGHT, they’ve saved the planet countless times, but what happens after the final battle has been won?

Creators Aubrey Sitterson (The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, G.I. Joe) & Fico Ossio (Spider-Man, Revolution) take inspiration from the legendary Dragon Ball to tell a story of regret, resentment, and growing older, one that asks, “What does a fighter do when there’s no one left to fight?”

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SWAMP THING ROOTS OF TERROR HC collects an all new SWAMP THING story from Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JOKER, BATMAN DAMNED) and GREG CAPULLO (DARK NIGHTS METAL, BATMAN LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH), along with a reissue of Tom King & Len Wein’s iconic SWAMP THING tale!

We’re huge fans of SWAMP THING at Third Eye, and when we saw that this week was dropping a killer new graphic novel featuring an all new SWAMP THING story from Brian Azzarello (BATMAN DAMNED) and GREG CAPULLO (DARK NIGHTS METAL), we knew we had to show it some serious love!

In this new collection, Swamp Thing is out of his element as he shepherds a lost boy through a blinding blizzard and other hazards of a strange, frozen tundra.

In this touching and harrowing tale of survival, the pair must navigate countless threats throughout a bewildering terrain-with a bloodthirsty snow monster hot on their heels.

But how long can they rely on each other?

Plus, on Halloween, the barrier between worlds grows thin-and only the Swamp Thing is strong enough to face the monsters that come from the other side.

In addition, this book features the final Swamp Thing story from the monster’s co-creator, Len Wein. Originally intended as the start of a new series, it is presented here with art by Kelley Jones.

The 2ndround of CARNAGE-IZED variants hit this week!

We’re super stoked about the upcoming CARNAGE-IZED month variants, and this week things kick off in a big way with some really great ones!

We’ll have the following in limited quantities at normal cover price while supplies last this week:


Click here for our gallery of the WEEK 2 CARNAGE-IZED Variants


Did you dig the mash-up world of Infinity Warps during INFINITY WARS as much as we did?

Well, you’re in luck, cause we’re heading back there with the brand new SECRET WARPS story arc, taking place in the annuals of some of your favorite Marvel WARPS!

“SECRET WARPS,” PART 2 – INFERNO ATTACKS! Weapon Hex and Speed Weasel join the fight for Warp World as the forces of Hell invade the streets of New York City!

PLUS: A bonus tale of the spellbound sisters taking down a ferocious furry femme!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got chapter 1 which is SECRET WARPS SOLDIER SUPREME ANNUAL #1 in stock now to get you current!

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WOLVERINE VS BLADE #1 one-shot delivers the first of a double-dose of amazing WOLVERINE tales this week! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE — it’s a killer read!

Holy crap: not one, but TWO awesome WOLVERINE one-shots this week, and the first one we’re gonna be talking about is WOLVERINE VS BLADE!

Featuring gorgeous artwork, and a hard-hitting story — this is an X-FORCE-era WOLVERINE tale featuring two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs. Blade — ’nuff said! What more could you want?

Seriously tho – if you’re a WOLVERINE fan, do NOT sleep on this one!!!

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WOLVERINE / Captain America Weapon Plus One-shot opens up an entire new layer to the MARVEL UNIVERSE and the WEAPON X Project!

Another must-read WOLVERINE one-shot this week, this one taking place in a mix of the present day continuity and the past, WEAPON PLUS focuses on Wolverine and Captain America, as THE SECRET HISTORY BEHIND THEIR ORIGINS IS REVEALED!

In 1940, scientists attempted to make a man into the perfect weapon, a Super-Soldier.

They failed and made him a legend instead.

Before the turn of the century, they tried again for the tenth time.

They failed, making a man into death incarnate. At long last, ETHAN SACKS (OLD MAN HAWKEYE, STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE) and DIOGENES NEVES (GREEN ARROW, DEATHSTROKE) reveals the shadowy connections between Captain America, Wolverine and many more of the Marvel U’s Super-Soldiers…including some surprises!

The conspiracy begins here!

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One of Marvel’s best books continues this week with Donny Cates VENOM #16!

We have gotta tell ya: Cates is KILLING it on VENOM, as this title, alongside books like IMMORTAL HULK, and AVENGERS, continue to be some of the best darn superhero comics on the stands!

In this weeks VENOM #16, after weeks on the run and battling the monsters of Asgard through the WAR OF THE REALMS, Eddie Brock finally has a moment to catch his breath.

But without his symbiote, getting even the basic necessities will become a challenge for Eddie Brock. Which means that keeping his son, Dylan, alive will be too!

Wanna catch up? We’ve got issues 1-15 in stock to get you current, or you can catch up with the first two trade paperbacks, then hop onto the single issues!

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