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Published April 6th, 2020

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Not reading James Tynion IV’s incredible BATMAN run yet? Start now — issues #86 through #91 in stock — to get you on the super hype lead-in to JOKER WAR!

Third Eye Faithful: you really cannot go wrong with BATMAN, right? And, we gotta tell ya: this current run of BATMAN by SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN writer JAMES TYNION IV may be one of our favorite takes on the character yet.

It all starts with BATMAN #86, and from there, we’re given an incredible journey through Gotham, a reintroduction of several iconic Batman friends and foes, and all of this — it’s taking us to the biggest BATMAN story in ages: THE JOKER WAR (which you can read all about here).

If you’re itching for some new reading during the new comic hiatus — we highly recommend you get caught up on this run of BATMAN!

What’s the scoop on it? It’s a new day in Gotham City, but not the same old Batman.

With Bane vanquished and one of his longtime allies gone, Batman has to start picking up the pieces and stepping up his game.

Batman has a new plan for Gotham City, but he’s not the only one. Deathstroke has returned as well, under a mysterious new contract that could change everything. 

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Love Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips crime noir like CRIMINAL, FATALE, and more? Love the hard-hitting no holds barred storytelling of Garth Ennis’s THE BOYS or PREACHER? STRAY BULLETS is the best crime comic you’ve never read — find out why!

If you’re a fan of comics like CRIMINAL for its hard-hitting underworld-focused storytelling, or TV shows like THE WIRE for the strong character-building and hard-hitting plot twists, then STRAY BULLETS is a must-have.

This massive tome of awesome collects the entire original run, and we can pretty much guarantee: it’s one of the best comics you’ll ever read.

Part QUENTIN TARANTINO ultra-violence, part slice-of-life humor ala Edgar Wright or Wes Anderson, STRAY BULLETS is truly one of the most unique comics ever made, and a huge influence on some of your all-time favorites.

Snag the entire compendium for just $59.99

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Get ready for the biggest thing to hit DC Comics this Summer: DEATH METAL with its precursor: METAL and the TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE one-shots!

Third Eye Faithful, you know us: we’re big fans of when DC gets all Crisis-y, and worlds collide, and the upcoming DEATH METAL crossover, which is set to shake up the DCU so much — it’s going to lead to one of the biggest initiatives DC has seen since the NEW 52 began, and now is the time to get caught up on what paved the way for it!

In DARK NIGHTS METAL, beyond our universe, there is the Multiverse … and beneath the Multiverse is a nightmare realm where every fear that has ever been felt on our Earth becomes reality. Now an evil force as old as time wants to drag us down into the shadows, into the realm of never-ending terror.

But when the door between worlds opens, it’s not just any nightmares that come spilling out. They call themselves the Dark Knights. Each one is a twisted version of Batman from a world where one of his worst fears has come true.

With the invasion underway and Batman trapped in the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League must undergo an impossible quest to find the mysterious metals capable of repelling the Dark Knights and their master, the fearsome Barbatos. If they fail, everything they’ve ever known will be plunged into eternal darkness. But the true horror is…what if they’re already too late?

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Click here to read all about DC’s DEATH METAL

Get ready for Marvel’s massive upcoming galaxy-spanning storyline, EMPYRE, with the INCOMING one-shot!

A mysterious murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the search for a killer – but no one can imagine where the trail will lead, or how it will affect everything in 2020 and beyond! Who is the victim and who is the assailant?

The closing chapter to MARVEL’s 80th year, which will connect the dots of everything that happened in 2019 and propel the narrative into the year that is to come! 

Featuring the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil, Spider-Man, the Champions, the Agents of Atlas, Valkyrie, the Immortal Hulk, Jessica Jones, Venom, Ghost Rider, the Masked Raider and more!

Everything that goes down here takes us directly into EMPYRE, which is looking INCREDIBLE!

Click here to check out our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO EMPYRE to get the full scoop on it!

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