This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 7/11/18

Published July 9th, 2018

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 delivers a bold, exciting new era for the wallcrawler and welcomes a brand new creative team with NICK SPENCER (SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN) and RYAN OTTLEY (INVINCIBLE)!

One of the most anticipated new Marvel books launching this Summer begins this Wednesday!
While we loved the heck out of Dan Slott’s incredible run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, we gotta tell ya: we’ve been fiending for issue #1 of this new run for quite some time now, and Third Eye Faithful, it absolutely lives up to the hype!
Ryan Ottley, who many of you already know from his stellar run on INVINCIBLE, completely annihilates on this book, and delivers one of the best looking Spider-Man runs we’ve seen to date.
Not since Todd McFarlane first showed up on the scene with Spidey have we seen an artist make such an impact, and very much like Greg Capullo became a household name after his stint on the Court of Owls, we have a feeling Ottley will end up on the same path with Spidey!
In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, an alien invasion hits New York City and the only one who can stop it is…Spider-Man?!
But that’s far from all you’ll find here –  a revelation from the past puts Peter Parker’s job, relationships, and whole life in jeopardy!
And if even that’s not enough, you’ll see a new roommate, new love interests – and a new villain!
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Image hits a home-run with FARMHAND #1 from CHEW co-creator ROB GUILLORY!!

Third Eye Faithful, Image Comics is on fire this year as they put out hit after hit after hit, and one of the most promising new ongoing series of 2018 has gotta be FARMHAND, from the co-creator of the legendary series that started the Image revival in 2008 – Rob Guillory of Chew!
Now, ten years after the debut of the book that literally changed creator-owned comics as we know it (and c’mon, you can say WALKING DEAD was the book that built Image, but in our minds, it was Chew that really established Image as the name they’ve come to be for top notch, high quality comic book goodness), Rob is back with a series that is set to hook you the same way Chew did and then some.
We’re so freakin’ pumped for FARMHAND that we actually set up a big launch signing with Rob for 7/14, and will be bringing him out for his first ever Third Eye signing – so not only will you get a chance to get your stack of Chew trade paperbacks signed, but even better: you’ll get to get a copy of FARMHAND #1 signed right as it’s setting new issue racks across the country on fire!
First, let us just say this: Farmhand is incredible. We’ve read a good chunk so far, and we’re telling you now: this is a book that has that “it’s gonna be special” feel. The same kind of feel we got when we read Chew #1, the same kind of feel we got when we read Black Science #1, the same kind of feel we got when we read Descender #1 — it’s just one of those books. So, you better believe, Third Eye Faithful: you need to get into this one.
The scoop on it? Meet Jedidiah Jenkins, he’s a farmer who lives in Freetown, Louisiana.
He’s your typical farmer, until he has some very frightening visions that download scientific data into his brain that’s so cutting edge – it hasn’t even been invented yet.
From there, he creates the Jedidiah Seed.
When planted and watered, he’s able to grow human organs that heal fast and can be customized in a hundred different ways.
That’s right, Third Eye Faithful: a farmer who grows human organs.
Of course, things go awry when Jedidiah becomes an overnight sensation, and shortly after, the recipients of these plant / human organs tend to not work out so swift.
When Jedidiah’s long estranged son, Ezekiel, shows up – things really kick into an interesting direction.
This book is incredible. Rob’s art is the best we’ve ever seen it, and the storytelling here is the perfect blend of weird and warm – the kind of weird and warm that really shows you just how a story about growing human organs out of a farm can tug at your heart strings.

Meet creator Rob Guillory this Saturday at Third Eye!

Don’t forget, ROB GUILLORY will be with us this Saturday to help launch his brand new series, FARMHAND, and we could not be more stoked to be hosting him!
Get the full scoop on that event here.
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The BENDIS era of SUPERMAN begins with SUPERMAN #1 this Wednesday, following on the heels of the recently concluded MAN OF STEEL!

The architect of Marvel since the early 2000s has made the switch to DC!
If you’ve read comics in the last couple of decades, then you know that Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for some of the most incredible modern comic stories of all-time.
Whether it’s his universe-defining work in series like AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, HOUSE OF M, and NEW AVENGERS, or his incredible world-building in series like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN — Bendis has always delivered big-time.
And, making the jump to DC Comics may be the best thing Bendis has ever done, because we gotta admit: it had been a minute since he had wowed us at Marvel, but what’d you expect after nearly 20 years of amazing stories?
After concluding the 6-issue mini-series, MAN OF STEEL, which set the stage for everything to come in his SUPERMAN work, Bendis is now officially kicking off the Bendis era in a big way at DC Comics, and we could not be more stoked!
In SUPERMAN #1, a bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis begin their run on the all-new SUPERMAN!
The fallout from the Man of Steel miniseries has Clark Kent looking at the world through new eyes… with new ideas about what Superman could and should do for the city of Metropolis and the planet Earth.
His first job? Getting the planet back out of the Phantom Zone!
Wanna get on board? You can jump on fresh with SUPERMAN #1, or catch up with MAN OF STEEL #1-6, all in stock now!
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to Bendis on SUPERMAN!
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X-23 #1 kicks off an all new ongoing series featuring Laura Kinney returning to her hard-hitting roots!!

We’ve always been a fan of X-23, and while Laura’s stint as Wolverine was cool – we’re pretty pumped to see her returning to her roots as X-23!
Cloned from a warrior, raised as a killer, Laura Kinney has gone through hell and come out the other side a hero.
After a stint as the All-New Wolverine, she returns to her roots as X-23 to make sure no one ever has to go through the horrors she did. With her sister Gabby and their pet Jonathan in tow, X-23 forges her own destiny in this new series.
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Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill reunite to bring their amazing LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN world to its conclusion with the 6-issue LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: TEMPEST!

One of our absolute favorite comic series of all time – find out why this week!
We gotta tell you: out of all the stuff Alan Moore has done, and lets be real: he’s done some amazing stuff all across the board — our favorite has gotta be the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.
This incredibly deep, textured world that he’s built is some really fascinating stuff, and we’re so excited (yet also a bit bummed that this is the final of the series) for THE TEMPEST, the final 6-issue mini-series of the LEAGUE world.
After an epic twenty-year journey through the entirety of human culture, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill conclude both their legendary League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and their equally legendary comic-book careers with the series’ spectacular fourth and final volume, “The Tempest.”
This six-issue miniseries is a celebration of everything comics were, are and could be.
Opening simultaneously in the panic-stricken headquarters of British Military Intelligence, the fabled Ayesha’s lost African city of Kor and the domed citadel of ‘We’ on the devastated Earth of the year 2996, the dense and yet furiously-paced narrative hurtles like an express locomotive across the fictional globe.
This is literally, and literarily, the story to end all stories. Here’s how it begins. This is literally, and literarily, the story to end all stories. Here’s how it begins.
Wanna start at the very beginning? We’ve got the trade paperbacks collecting all the earlier LEAGUE stuff in stock now!
Wanna jump on fresh? While you may miss a few things jumping in here without having read the earlier stuff, we will say this: the craftsmanship and storytelling on LEAGUE is so darn good that you can jump in here to try LEAGUE, and you will totally love it.
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THE TITANS REBIRTH continues as TITANS #23 follows up on TITANS SPECIAL #1 from last month!!

Meet the new TITANS line-up, and jump on board with Chapter of “THE SPARK”! And, find out just how this issue ties into the highly anticipated TEEN TITANS #20!
We think it’s pretty safe to say that the TITANS books, both TEEN TITANS and TITANS, are turning into some of the best things going at DC Comics right now, and it’s easy to see why: the focus and direction of both books is super on point!
In this weeks TITANS #23, can anything stop the Metagene pandemic unleashed through the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE?
The all-new Titans are on the case. Roll call: Nightwing, Donna Troy, Raven, Steel, Beast Boy and Miss Martian!
But can even their combined might stand against new super-powered weapons of mass destruction birthed by the Metagenes? And (SPOILERS) how will the events of TEEN TITANS #20 come back to haunt the Titans? New enemies are out for blood in part one of “The Spark.”
Wanna get on board? We’ve got TEEN TITANS SPECIAL #1 and TITANS SPECIAL #1 to get you up to date with all the stuff shaking with both sets of TITANS in the aftermath of NO JUSTICE!
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A killer new manga comedy begins with GRAND BLUE DREAMING VOL.1 this Wednesday!!

We’re always on the lookout for killer new manga, and GRAND BLUE DREAMING is one of the better new ones we’ve seen coming out from KODANSHA this year!
Swimsuits! Ramen! Dumb jokes! Beer! Uncomfortable nudity!
A boy heads off to college in a seaside town, and stumbles into the Grand Blue Dive Shop, a place full of beautiful female divers, noodle-obsessed jocks, and various other lovable bastards.
A tale of coming of age surrounded by beer, bums, and the Grand Blue!
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TRANSFORMERS UNICRON #1 kicks off the darkest hour that the Transformers have ever seen!!!

The end is nigh! The Darkest Hour has come. Optimus Prime stages a desperate gamble as the world-eater, Unicron, approaches Windblade’s homeworld-but that’s just the appetizer.
The main course is Cybertron (with a side of Earth)… and it’s starting to look like no force in the galaxy can stop the end from coming.
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GUARDIANS O/T GALAXY & ANNIHILATION cosmic maestros ABNETT & LANNING get their now-classic NOVA run collected into a gorgeous complete collection with NOVA COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL.1!!

By now, you may have already read the incredible run of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY by Abnett and Lanning, and then recently, the reissued ANNIHILATION event, which started the entire cosmic revival — but, have you read their epic NOVA stuff?
No? Well, you’re in luck, cause Marvel is reissuing it all in these gorgeous complete collections, and we’re telling you right now: it’s GREAT stuff!
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning propel the Human Rocket to glory!
When the horrifying Annihilation Wave swarms across the cosmos, Richard Rider, the man called Nova, must step up – and become one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes!
In the wake of the chaos, a desperate cosmos cries out for law and order.
But can one lone human being police an entire universe? Join Nova on the road to Knowhere – but what will he find there? And who is…Cosmo?
Rich will barely have time to catch his breath before another Annihilation event begins, with a deadly race on a quest for conquest! And will Nova find love with Gamora, the deadliest woman in the galaxy?!
All this, and Galactus too! Collecting ANNIHILATION: NOVA #1-4, NOVA (2007) #1-15, NOVA ANNUAL (2008) #1 and material from NOVA: THE ORIGIN OF RICHARD RIDER.
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HAWKMAN #2 continues the incredible new HAWKMAN ongoing series from DC COMICS! 

HAWKMAN #1 blew us away, and we’re super stoked about what’s to come in this weeks issue #2!
In HAWKMAN #2, Carter Hall is Hawkman, the resurrected warrior who’s lived a thousand lifetimes.
But what happens when one of those past lives comes looking for him?
Deepening the mystery is an ancient parchment in alien hieroglyphics, revealing that an unexpected familiar name is on Earth hunting the Hawkman. The past must die for the future to live!
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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Image’s SLEEPLESS arrives in graphic novel, delivering killer fantasy romance comics in one awesome volume!!!

Lady “Poppy” Pyppenia is guarded by the Sleepless Knight Cyrenic but becomes endangered when an assassin threatens her life in the new king’s reign.
As Poppy and Cyrenic try to discover who wants her dead, they must navigate the dangerous waters of life at court and of their growing feelings for one another.
Writer Sarah Vaughn (ALEX + ADA, ETERNAL EMPIRE) and artist Leila del Duca (SHUTTER, AFAR) team up with editor / colorist Alissa Sallah and letterer Deron Bennett for this fantasy romance.
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