This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 6/6/18

Published June 4th, 2018

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Bruce Banner is BACK as THE IMMORTAL HULK in IMMORTAL HULK #1 aka the best darn Hulk title we’ve read in… forever!!

A return to the monstrous roots of the Hulk as we’re introduced to the most exciting incarnation of Bruce Banner since the Grey Hulk and Planet Hulk days: THE IMMORTAL HULK!
Marvel has been on fire in 2018 with hit after hit after hit, and THE IMMORTAL HULK is one of the new Marvel series that we’ve been most excited about.
First off, it’s the return of Bruce Banner as the Hulk – which we could not be more stoked for – and secondly, it’s one of the most interesting takes on the Hulk mythos that we’ve seen since the early days of PLANET HULK.
The tone and feel is almost reminiscent in some ways of the kind of superhero-charged horror found in a book like Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING, but that still doesn’t quite capture the tone.
All we know is that this book is GOOD, and we’re pumped to see what’s coming next.
In IMMORTAL HULK #1, you’d never notice the man. He doesn’t like to be noticed.
He’s quiet. Calm. Never complains.
If someone were to walk up and shoot him in the head… all he’d do is die.
Until night falls. And someone else gets up again.
The man’s name is Banner.
The horror is THE IMMORTAL HULK.

Get the 1st in the MARVEL TRINITY Connecting Cover series with IMMORTAL HULK #1 Connecting Cover by KAARE ANDREWS!

We LOVE the work of KAARE ANDREWS, and when we saw he was putting together some stellar variant covers for launch titles like THOR, HULK and IRON MAN – we knew we had to shout it out!
You can scoop your copy of the IMMORTAL HULK #1 Connecting Variant this week at Third Eye while supplies last!
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DARK NIGHTS METAL writer SCOTT SNYDER debuts his new ongoing JUSTICE LEAGUE series with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, delivering the most exciting JUSTICE LEAGUE we’ve seen in ages!

In the aftermath of METAL and NO JUSTICE, comes the biggest JUSTICE LEAGUE you’ve seen yet!
Justice League SHOULD be DC’s biggest book, right? And, we’re pretty happy to say that this week, the new JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 definitely cements its status as that!
Seriously: this is good comics, Third Eye Faithful, and we’re telling you right now: if you read DC Comics – you need to be jumping on board JUSTICE LEAGUE as this is the center-piece of everything that makes the DCU tick!
What’s the scoop on JUSTICE LEAGUE #1? A brand-new era begins here! Comics legends Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung launch the Justice League into a cosmos-shaking mystery that will draw out their most terrible foes…in ways our heroes couldn’t possibly imagine!
In this debut issue, Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will shatter the world as they know it, while a familiar face strikes out on a dark path…
Big villains, big heroes, big stories – if you loved METAL, and you’re digging everything going on with DC Comics — you need to get into this one, trust us!
Jump on fresh with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, or if you’d like to get a little back story on how this new league formed, we’ve got the NO JUSTICE 4-part mini-series in stock to catch you up!
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BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS CONTINUES TO MAKE DC HISTORY WITH MAN OF STEEL #1, a 6-issue mini-series that takes us into the Bendis era of SUPERMAN!

The architect of Marvel since the early 2000s has made the switch to DC, and it all starts here with the most exciting Superman #1 we’ve seen in a long time!
If you’ve read comics in the last couple of decades, then you know that Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for some of the most incredible modern comic stories of all-time.
Whether it’s his universe-defining work in series like AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, HOUSE OF M, and NEW AVENGERS, or his incredible world-building in series like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN — Bendis has always delivered big-time.
And, making the jump to DC Comics may be the best thing Bendis has ever done, because we gotta admit: it had been a minute since he had wowed us at Marvel, but what’d you expect after nearly 20 years of amazing stories?
A fresh new sandbox to play in is exactly what Bendis needed, and it’s super obvious in MAN OF STEEL #1, which is – in our opinion – the best darn Superman comic we’ve read in ages.
Seriously: we have been huge fans of recent runs from Jurgens and Tomasi, both of which were INCREDIBLE, but we gotta tell you: the Bendis era for SUPERMAN, if issue #1 of MAN OF STEEL is any indication, is going to be AMAZING.
In MAN OF STEEL #2, with an arsonist loose in Metropolis, Superman’s powers are almost useless in finding the culprit.
And back at the Daily Planet, everyone wants to know what’s going on with Lois Lane.
How can Clark hold on to the secret of what happened to Lois and Jon much longer?
Want the full scoop on everything Bendis has planned with MAN OF STEEL, and then what follows after this 6-issue mini-series? Click here for our Third Eye Guide to Bendis on SUPERMAN!
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DEADPOOL gets a fresh start with an exciting new era as I HATE FAIRYLAND creator SKOTTIE YOUNG comes on board THE MERC WITH A MOUTH!

Always wanted to read DEADPOOL & been waiting for a good starting point? This is it!
We’re all huge fans of the Merc with a Mouth at Third Eye, and when we saw one of our favorite peeps in comics, the one and only SKOTTIE YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND), was going to be taking over on writing chores — we knew we were in for a treat!
In DEADPOOL #1, we see how it’s been a while since Deadpool’s had to merc to make ends meet, but hey, things are tough all over.
While Deadpool tries to get his humble mercenary-for-hire business back off the ground, a catastrophic threat so unfathomably huge, so mind-breakingly cataclysmic it defies description, is heading toward Earth, and there’s only ONE PERSON WHO CAN STOP IT!!!
Oh no, wait…it’s not Wade, is it? Oh, %$@#. It’s Wade.

Get the exclusive DEADPOOL #1 Skottie Young Baby Variant while supplies last!

DEADPOOL #1 also features a ton of rad new variant covers, and our favorite is this killer SKOTTIE YOUNG Baby variant featuring the biggest darn gun we’ve ever seen!
Snag yourself a copy at Third Eye this week while supplies last!
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The countdown to the Wedding of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN continues in the BATMAN: PRELUDE TO THE WEDDING one-shots this week with NIGHTWING VS HUSH *Chapter 2 of the Wedding Preludes*!

Make sure to collect all 5 to connect the covers into one awesome large image as seen below!
Tom King’s BATMAN run, without a doubt, has been one of the most amazing, and most impressive runs on the character that we’ve seen since the Snyder / Capullo era, and continues to keep us on the edges of our seats.
Now, with the wedding of Batman and Catwoman getting so close (7/4/18 – mark the date!), we’re pretty darn pumped to see the storylines in the comics leading into it kicking off!
Beginning this week, every week from now through June, will feature a one-shot counting down to the wedding of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN, and showcasing just how the entire Bat-Universe is dealing with such a big thing!
What’s the scoop on this week’s 2nd chapter? Dick Grayson has a lot of responsibility. Being the original partner to Batman, he’s the natural choice to be Bruce Wayne’s best man.
So if anyone has to get to the wedding, it’s going to be him. Too bad Hush has other plans-and maybe Bruce Wayne does, too!
Wanna catch up? We’ve still got Chapter 1 (RAS AL GHUL VS ROBIN) in stock to get you current!
Click below to add the entire 5-part storyline to your Third Eye Pullbox!

Collect the entire Prelude to the Wedding Storyline & make one awesome large image out of the connecting covers!
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The road to the Wedding continues with a new 2-part story arc in BATMAN, featuring THE JOKER! Get BATMAN #48 featuring THE BEST MAN Part 1!!

With only 2 issues to go until wedding bells ring, THE JOKER makes a frightening return!
Tom King’s BATMAN has easily been one of the best things to happen to comics in the last few years, and the run just gets better and better as it moves further along.
In this week’s BATMAN #48, we’re treated to THE BEST MAN Chapter 1, which is the 1st of a 2-part prelude into the WEDDING OF BATMAN AND CATWOMAN!
Batman and Catwoman decide it might be better to elope rather than go through some big, stodgy wedding ceremony, but no sooner do they put their marriage on the fast track than The Joker appears!
And when The Joker kidnaps the Caped Crusader, will he give his old foe a piece of his mind or bash in his brains?
Still not reading King’s BATMAN? This is a perfect issue to jump on board with before the Wedding happens!
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DARK NIGHTS METAL arrives in graphic novel with the DARK NIGHTS METAL hardcover this week!!

You know us: we’re massive fans of the dream team that is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and what they pulled off with METAL was just simply incredible.
Now, the biggest DC COMICS event story since BLACKEST NIGHT arrives in graphic novel, with the DARK NIGHTS METAL hardcover!
In METAL, the Dark Knight has uncovered one of the lost mysteries of the universe…one that could destroy the very fabric of the DC Universe!
The dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger-and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe! Collects the best-selling DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1-6.
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We’re such huge fans of Rick Remender, that just about anything he does, we’re going to be stoked on, and his newest series from Image, DEATH OR GLORY, definitely is living up to our expectations!
In DEATH OR GLORY #2, hot off the heels of a heist run on her ex’s criminal empire, Glory realizes just what it is she stole… and how much trouble she’s in now.
What’s the scoop on DEATH OR GLORY? Meet Glory, raised off the grid in a convoy amid truckers-the last men and women fighting for true freedom on the American open road.
Now, in order to pay for her beloved dying Father’s surgery, Glory has three days to pull off four dangerous cross-country heists with mob killers, crooked cops, and a psycho ex-husband all out to bring her in or die trying.
The new ongoing series by New York Times bestselling author RICK REMENDER and legendary French superstar BENGAL brings you a high-speed chase across the American West that examines our dwindling freedoms and the price paid by those who fight for an untethered life!
Wanna hop on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you up to date with this weeks issue 2!

Get the DEATH OR GLORY #2 Cover B by JULIAN TOTINO while supplies last for just $3.99 cover price!
Rick always gets the best artists for his projects, and always pulls out all the stops with gorgeous alternate covers to help celebrate each release.
The Cover B to this weeks DEATH OR GLORY #2 looks amazing, and we know it’s gonna be a popular one, so make sure you scoop your copy while supplies last at Third Eye this week!
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A true manga classic gets a gorgeous reissue with the CAPTAIN HARLOCK CLASSIC COLLECTION VOL.1 this Wednesday!

We’ve been loving all the great reissues of classic manga series that’ve been coming out over the last couple years, and one of the coolest we’ve seen in a minute is this sharp looking reissue of the CAPTAIN HARLOCK manga!
The original Captain Harlock series, introducing one of the most revered and recognizable characters in science fiction history, released in English for the first time!
After a mysterious sphere collides with Tokyo, legends seemingly born of the ancient Mayan civilization appear.
In truth, however, the beings are alien invaders known as the Mazone, plant women who wandered the earth in bygone ages – and have now returned to make it theirs.
With a ragtag crew of renegades at his side, only the space pirate Captain Harlock has what it takes to save the planet.
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The Sorcerer Supreme gets a fresh start with a new ongoing series… and a journey into the cosmos with DOCTOR STRANGE #1!

Doctor Strange #1 takes the Master of the Mystic Arts deep into space!
We’re loving the hell outta all the new Marvel releases that’s coming out this year, and another one that stood out to us as being pretty darn rad is the new DOCTOR STRANGE!
In DOCTOR STRANGE #1, the Eye of Agamotto is closed!
Doctor Stephen Strange has lost his connection to the Earth’s arcane power, and he can’t wait to recover while nightmares press against the seams of our reality.
Tony Stark offers a 21st-century solution: When astral travel fails, try astronautical travel. Enter Doctor Strange: Space-Explorer Supreme!
New spells, allies and enemies – new and old – await Strange beyond the stars, along with corners and secrets of the Marvel Universe seen here for the first time! Space is endless, but time is short.
After years of threats, Stephen’s bill for magic use is coming due – who will come to collect?!
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SWORD DAUGHTER #1 delivers a unique blend of LONE WOLF & CUB in the era of VIKINGS from Brian Wood, writer of NORTHLANDERS, DMZ, and more!!

We’re huge fans of modern classics like NORTHLANDERS, DMZ, and more that writer Brian Wood has done, and when we saw that he had a new series coming out — we wanted to give it a shout out!
In SWORD DAUGHTER,  we learn how the Forty Swords came at night and murdered the entire village, save for two people: the infant Elsbeth and her grief-stricken father, Dag.
Setting off on a revenge quest that will span the width of Viking Age Europe, they find the key to repairing their damaged relationship lies in the swords they carry.
Sword Daughter is a visually stunning, emotionally poignant story of parental guilt and acceptance of loss.
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MEDIEVAL SPAWN / WITCHBLADE #2 continues this killer limited series and features a GORGEOUS Greg Capullo (METAL, SPAWN) cover!!

Sometimes a books cover is so good that we just gotta shout it out for that reason, and that reason alone, but we gotta tell ya: MEDIEVAL SPAWN / WITCHBLADE is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in the SPAWN world in a minute!
In issue #2, Witchblade is captured and crucified… will she survive? And will Spawn be her savior?
Wanna jump on? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to catch you up!
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A brutal new manga arrives with HIGH RISE INVASION VOL.1 from the creator of AJIN!!

A supernatural suspense story high above the streets from the creator of Ajin!
On the roof of a high-rise building, a young girl named Yuri witnesses a masked figure split a man’s head open with an axe!
It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for a high schooler, but things only get weirder from there. Yuri soon finds herself in a strange world of skyscrapers with only two options for escape – fight past the mysterious masked figures or leap to her death!
Collects volumes 1 and 2 of the original serialization.
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Mike Mignola’s eerie & awesome JENNY FINN arrives this week at Third Eye!!

Jenny Finn is one of those hidden gems by the super talented Mike Mignola that we just cannot get enough of, and are super stoked to see it arriving in collected form this week at Third Eye!
London’s dockside is threatened by the twin terrors of a plague leaving bodies covered in tentacles and a slasher killing women in the night.
Desperate for answers after the wrong man is executed for the murders, a group of Londoners holds a séance to contract the supposed killer, and his story of a girl born of the sea who has brought a terrible curse only brings them more questions.
Collects Jenny Finn #1-#4 and bonus sketchbook material.
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Vagrant Queen #1 debuts from VAULT, the publishers of HEATHEN, in a new sci-fi epic from Magdalene Visaggio (KIM AND KIM)!!

Former child queen Elida was driven from her throne at age ten and forced to wander the galaxy, evading the revolutionary forces that wanted her dead.
When an old frenemy claims to know the whereabouts of Elida’s long-lost mother, she is forced to return to her former kingdom and stage a rescue.
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The NEW AGE OF HEROES continues with UNEXPECTED #1 and it’s awesome!!

The next big NEW AGE OF HEROES book hits this week at Third Eye, and we’re so stoked about it!
In the aftermath of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, the DC Universe has been forever changed as new heroes are called out of the shadows.
Amid this all is Janet Fals…Firebrand!
Once a paramedic dedicated to saving lives, she must now start a fight once every 24 hours to feed the Conflict Engine that’s replaced her heart.
But Janet’s heart isn’t just a curse-it’s a beacon, drawing out both the mysterious Neon the Unknown and the seductive, malevolent Bad Samaritan.
One of them wants to cut out her heart, the other wants to save it-but neither of them knows the true danger hidden within that will kick off a superhero manhunt ranging from Thanagar to the deepest heart of the Dark Multiverse!
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