This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 6/13/18

Published June 11th, 2018

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The Odinson returns in what looks to be the coolest run of Thor yet in the new ongoing THOR #1 this Wednesday!!

There’s hammers everywhere, and Thor has to track down every single last one of ’em — from here to Asgard!
Marvel has been hitting home-runs left and right throughout 2018 with all their new ongoing title launches, and we are so freakin’ amped about Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo on THOR, that it’s not even funny!
Jason Aaron. THOR. That’s all you really need to tell us to get us in the door, but c’mon: MIKE DEL MUNDO ON ART IS A BRILLIANT DECISION!
Mike del Mundo blew us away with his incredible and unique style on the cult favorite SECRET WARS miniseries, WEIRDWORLD, and we’re so stoked to see him joining Aaron on this.
This will be THE BEST THOR COMIC EVER! We loved GOD OF THUNDER, and we feel like this is going to be where much of what Jason has been doing with THOR over the last few years is going to culminate into something downright amazing (as if he hadn’t already done enough of that!)
Thor Odinson has regained his mantle!
And he’s got a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands. The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths.
Like the production cost on hundreds of new hammers!
And the Thunder God is going to need every last one of them if he’s going to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut.
Jason Aaron takes the Prince of Asgard in a whole new direction with YOUNG GUN artist Mike Del Mundo joining him at the helm! And don’t miss the latest chapter of the King Thor saga with acclaimed BLACK BOLT artist Christian Ward, as the Thor of the far future encounters an old friend who’s undergone some startling changes.

Get the 1st in the MARVEL TRINITY Connecting Cover series with IMMORTAL HULK #1 Connecting Cover by KAARE ANDREWS!

We LOVE the work of KAARE ANDREWS, and when we saw he was putting together some stellar variant covers for launch titles like THOR, HULK and IRON MAN – we knew we had to shout it out!
You can scoop your copy of the THOR #1 Connecting Variant this week at Third Eye while supplies last!
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Read the incredible new comic series that blends the mystic fantasy of Harry Potter with the real world grit of BREAKING BAD
Mark Millar has always been the kind of creative talent that catches our attention at Third Eye, and when we saw he had a special deal in the works where the folks at NETFLIX were providing the funding to build gorgeous new comic book worlds — we knew it was going to be ground-breaking, and after reading the Magic Order, we can say we were totally right.
In THE MAGIC ORDER, Millar teams with superstar artist Olivier Coipel (AVENGERS VS. X-MEN) to deliver one of the coolest new concepts we’ve seen hit comics in a minute, and we cannot wait until you get it into your hands!
In THE MAGIC ORDER, we live in a world where we’ve never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds.
Magic meets the mob in THE MAGIC ORDER, as five families of magicians-sworn to protect our world for generations-must battle an enemy who’s picking them off one by one.
By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night, they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness…unless the darkness gets them first.
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BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS CONTINUES TO MAKE DC HISTORY WITH MAN OF STEEL #3, a 6-issue mini-series that takes us into the Bendis era of SUPERMAN!

The architect of Marvel since the early 2000s has made the switch to DC, and it all starts here with the most exciting Superman #1 we’ve seen in a long time!
If you’ve read comics in the last couple of decades, then you know that Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for some of the most incredible modern comic stories of all-time.
Whether it’s his universe-defining work in series like AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, HOUSE OF M, and NEW AVENGERS, or his incredible world-building in series like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN — Bendis has always delivered big-time.
And, making the jump to DC Comics may be the best thing Bendis has ever done, because we gotta admit: it had been a minute since he had wowed us at Marvel, but what’d you expect after nearly 20 years of amazing stories?
A fresh new sandbox to play in is exactly what Bendis needed, and it’s super obvious in MAN OF STEEL #1, which is – in our opinion – the best darn Superman comic we’ve read in ages.
Seriously: we have been huge fans of recent runs from Jurgens and Tomasi, both of which were INCREDIBLE, but we gotta tell you: the Bendis era for SUPERMAN, if issue #1 of MAN OF STEEL is any indication, is going to be AMAZING.
In MAN OF STEEL #3, the merciless killer and zealot calling himself Rogol Zaar has searched the cosmos for Superman-and when he reaches the Fortress of Solitude, his actions will cut Superman to the core.
Need to catch up? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock to get you current!
Want the full scoop on everything Bendis has planned with MAN OF STEEL, and then what follows after this 6-issue mini-series? Click here for our Third Eye Guide to Bendis on SUPERMAN!
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HAWKMAN #1 debuts the new ongoing HAWKMAN series featuring the return of CARTER HALL!

Killer storytelling, gorgeous artwork, and a plot that picks up where the Metal one-shot, HAWKMAN FOUND, left off — this is a must-read!
We are so pumped about the new HAWKMAN series launching from DC Comics this week, and we know a ton of you are as well, ’cause lets face it: after all the coolness of HAWKMAN FOUND, we’ve all been fiending for more of the Winged Warrior!
This one is fantastic, and it’s seriously some of the best art we’ve seen from Bryan Hitch since his ground-breaking work on THE AUTHORITY and THE ULTIMATES, so when we tell you that you gotta check it out – you gotta check it out!
Spinning out of the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Carter Hall returns to the DC Universe!
An explorer of the ancient and unknown, Hawkman finds himself embroiled in a long-standing mission to discover the true purpose of his many reincarnations.
Carter races around the globe trying to piece together an ancient prophecy, but will he be able to face down his past lives lurking around every corner?

Get the killer HAWKMAN #1 Cover B variant by Stejpan Sejic!

DC really has a habit of doing great alternate covers lately, and this killer cover B variant featuring art by SUNSTONE’s own STEJPAN SEJIC is a must-have!
Snag yours for just $3.99 cover price this week at Third Eye!
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The countdown to the Wedding of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN continues in the BATMAN: PRELUDE TO THE WEDDING one-shots this week with BATGIRL VS RIDDLER *Chapter 3 of the Wedding Preludes*!

Make sure to collect all 5 to connect the covers into one awesome large image as seen below!
Tom King’s BATMAN run, without a doubt, has been one of the most amazing, and most impressive runs on the character that we’ve seen since the Snyder / Capullo era, and continues to keep us on the edges of our seats.
Now, with the wedding of Batman and Catwoman getting so close (7/4/18 – mark the date!), we’re pretty darn pumped to see the storylines in the comics leading into it kicking off!
Beginning this week, every week from now through June, will feature a one-shot counting down to the wedding of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN, and showcasing just how the entire Bat-Universe is dealing with such a big thing!
What’s the scoop on this week’s 3rd chapter? On the eve of Batman’s wedding to Catwoman, two of Gotham City’s finest minds clash.
In her role as Oracle, Barbara Gordon wired all of her allies together. But when The Riddler takes on Batgirl, will he tear everything asunder?
Wanna catch up? We’ve still got Chapter 1 (RAS AL GHUL VS ROBIN) & Chapter 2 (NIGHTWING VS HUSH) in stock to get you current!
Click below to add the entire 5-part storyline to your Third Eye Pullbox!

Collect the entire Prelude to the Wedding Storyline & make one awesome large image out of the connecting covers!
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Image kicks off a killer new limited series from the writer of SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER with THE WEATHER MAN #1 this Wednesday!!

Dark humor and science fiction collide in this killer new IMAGE COMICS masterpiece!
We’re always on the lookout for promising new reads from our pals at Image Comics, and one of the most exciting that we’ve seen to come down the pipeline in a minute is THE WEATHER MAN, from the dynamo creative team of JODY LEHEUP (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER) and NATHAN FOX (DMZ), whose art we always, always dig!
In this killer new story, we meet Nathan Bright, a man who had it all: an awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and a job as the number one weatherman on terraformed Mars.
But when he’s accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history-an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth-Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target of a manhunt that spans the galaxy. But is Nathan truly responsible for such a horrific crime?
And why can’t he remember?
Writer JODY LEHEUP (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!), artist NATHAN FOX (DMZ, HAUNT, Dark Reign: Zodiac), and colorist DAVE STEWART (Hellboy, RUMBLE) present a full-throttle, widescreen science fiction epic about the damage we do in the name of justice and what it truly means to be redeemed…You don’t want to miss THE WEATHERMAN!
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Tons of gems featuring the adventures of HELLBOY prior to SEED OF DESTRUCTION are collected into gorgeous graphic novel format with the new HELLBOY COMPLETE SHORT STORIES VOLUME 1!!

We’re huge, huge fans of HELLBOY at Third Eye, and when we saw that DARK HORSE was doing a 2-volume set collecting ALL of the totally awesome HELLBOY short stories out there — we knew we had to give it some serious Third Eye love!
In 1994 Mike Mignola released the first Hellboy series, Seed of Destruction, as Hellboy faced his supposed destiny as Beast of the Apocalypse. Before that, he’d spent fifty years fighting monsters as a somewhat carefree member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. The Complete Short Stories volumes 1 & 2 present those early adventures.
“The Crooked Man” and “Double Feature of Evil,” both of which earned Mignola and his legendary collaborator Richard Corben Eisner Awards, are collected with the complete “Hellboy in Mexico” saga, featuring collaborations with Corben, Mick McMahon, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon, as well as one of Mignola’s early masterpiece, “The Corpse.”
This 368-page volume covers Hellboy’s adventures from 1947 to 1961.
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FLASH WAR continues to bring big revelations to the DCU in FLASH #48 this Wednesday!!

The bigger story of DC Rebirth, and the plot threads that FLASHPOINT created before giving birth to the N52, are being explored in a major way with what is definitely the high point of an already stellar run on FLASH by Joshua Williamson!
In this week’s FLASH #48, Barry Allen and Wally West are brought to the future to stand trial for the murder of Eobard Thawne, but a terrible truth is uncovered when they reach the court – and Wally West is confronted with something he never even realized he lost.
What’s the scoop on FLASH WAR? Barry Allen and Wally West… at war?!
The long-rising tension between mentor and former sidekick is brought to a head when the Renegades of the 25th century come to claim Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne… but that’s only the beginning of a plot that will change the future of The Flash forever!
By the end, it will be Flash versus Flash in a mythology-shaking event!
Major plot threads from the beginnings of DC Rebirth and the events of FLASHPOINT will be revealed here!
Wanna go back a little further? We’ve got the FLASH ANNUAL which features a prelude to FLASH WAR in stock as well to catch you up, along with chapter 1 in FLASH #47, to get you current!
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Get into the incredible manga of GANTZ with the new GANTZ G series starting with GANTZ G VOL.1 this Wednesday!

One of the best manga worlds of all-time returns with a killer new-reader friendly starting point!
We gotta tell ya: one of the coolest mangas of the last couple decades has got to be GANTZ, and when we saw that DARK HORSE was bringing us a return to that world with GANTZ G – we were like: DUDE! We get to share GANTZ with more peeps!
Seriously tho: if you’ve never read the series, this is a great place to get into this unique blend of horror and science fiction that delivers some of the most well-crafted manga storytelling around.
In GANTZ G, victims of a lethal bus plunge wake in a schoolroom where an ominous black sphere announces YOUR LIVES HAVE ENDED. HOW YOU USE YOUR NEW LIVES IS ENTIRELY UP TO ME.
Thus, a new Gantz team is sent to fight bizarre aliens that will show how the dead can die!
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Image’s STELLAR #1 delivers a gorgeously illustrated sci-fi epic that fans of Black Science & classic EC Sci-Fi / Horror in the vein of WALLY WOOD will love!

Image Comics is making a comeback with some of the best stuff we’ve seen from them in a bit – STELLAR rules!
Image has always been one of our favorite places to find new reads, and in the last few months, we’ve been really happy to see them making a big comeback with some of their best work in a while.
Third Eye favorite Joe Keatinge (GLORY, SHUTTER) teams up with the legendary BRET BLEVINS (SLEEPWALKER, NEW MUTANTS) to deliver a sci-fi epic that channels the energy and wonder of a stack of Wally Wood EC Comics, and filters it through a modern age comic blender.
In issue #1, we learn how Stellar was taken as a child and transformed into the ultimate weapon, one that would end an intergalactic war.
She succeeded…at everything except finding peace.
Reduced to a bounty hunter, she scours the worlds she’s broken, searching for redemption.
But there are other weapons loose in the galaxy, who just can’t leave the war behind them. JOSEPH KEATINGE (GLORY, SHUTTER) and legendary artist BRET BLEVINS (New Mutants, Sleepwalker) will transport you to another dimension, filled with crashed spaceships, fast-talking aliens, and ageless wonders.
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MISTER MIRACLE #9 continues to show us why Mister Miracle is one of the best darn books of the last couple years!!

Writer TOM KING & artist MITCH GERADS continue to deliver some of the most compelling comic book storytelling around with MISTER MIRACLE, and in doing so, is literally reinventing THE NEW GODS for a new era, and folks, it’s downright impressive.
In MISTER MIRACLE #9, after war comes peace.
The bloody battles that waged across New Genesis and Apokolips have come to an end, and now Mister Miracle and Kalibak must sit down and discuss a truce.
Can Scott Free trust the former minions of Darkseid to keep their word?
Not likely, but a leader sometimes has to take a risk in service to the greater good.
Perhaps the more pressing question, though, is whether Big Barda can make it through the negotiations without beating the life out of the assassin Kanto.
Wanna catch up on this incredible, showstopper of a comic series? We’ve got issues 1-8 in stock to get you current!
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PLASTIC MAN #1 begins a new 6-issue limited series featuring one of our favorite DC Comics characters courtesy of the legendary GAIL SIMONE!!

Two things we’re big fans of at Third Eye: PLASTIC MAN and Gail Simone. Take ’em both, and put ’em together – and we are STOKED to read this book!
Meet Eel O’Brian: a petty thug, thief and con artist who runs a strip club.
Hey, he’s also dead, at least according to the gang that tossed him out like last week’s garbage.
Literally. Don’t worry, though-he bounced back from all that, and now he’s trying to make a new life for himself, but the effort is stretching him pretty thin.
How can he get revenge on his old boss, keep a street kid out of trouble, make a dancer fall in love with him and stop a mysterious society from taking over the world? Eel has no idea!
This series provides an incredible reintroduction to the origins and motives of one of comics weirdest, and most endearing characters, and Gail really knocks it out of the park!

Get the PLASTIC MAN #1 Cover B by Amanda Conner for just $3.99 this week at Third Eye!

We love this awesome cover B variant to PLASTIC MAN #1, which features the always amazing Amanda Conner, really capturing the fun and spirit of PLASTIC MAN!
Make sure you snag yourself a copy when you pick up the standard cover this week at Third Eye!
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GETTER ROBO gets reimagined and reinvented in the all new GETTER ROBO DEVOLUTION VOL.1!!

A modern reimagining of a genre classic, by the author/artist duo who brought you the Ultraman manga!
When strange alien creatures known as the Devolved begin attacking our universe through distortions in space, three young pilots are recruited to combat them.
The trio are connected by Getter Rays – a mysterious cosmic radiation – and with its power are capable of piloting the most powerful robot known to mankind: Getter Robo!
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Mike Mignola’s eerie & awesome JENNY FINN arrives this week at Third Eye!!

Jenny Finn is one of those hidden gems by the super talented Mike Mignola that we just cannot get enough of, and are super stoked to see it arriving in collected form this week at Third Eye!
London’s dockside is threatened by the twin terrors of a plague leaving bodies covered in tentacles and a slasher killing women in the night.
Desperate for answers after the wrong man is executed for the murders, a group of Londoners holds a séance to contract the supposed killer, and his story of a girl born of the sea who has brought a terrible curse only brings them more questions.
Collects Jenny Finn #1-#4 and bonus sketchbook material.
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Marvel delivers a killer new universe for fans of all ages with MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1!!

This summer, SQUIRREL GIRL meets MS. MARVEL – for the very first time!
When Doreen Green (also known as the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) volunteers as head counselor for an extracurricular computer programming class, little does she know that junior counselor Kamala Khan moonlights as crimefighting super hero Ms. Marvel!
But this coding configuration is more than just ones and zeros when a mysterious new super villain shows her face!
Will our heroes be able to save the day without blowing their secret identities?
Join Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl (with some special guest appearances) as they learn what it truly takes to become the next generation of Marvel heroes!

Celebrate the release of MARVEL RISING with our special Third Eye Fathers Day event this Sunday!

Wanna bring your Third Eye junior by to scoop Marvel Rising Alpha, AND celebrate Fathers Day? We’ve got a super fun event to help you share your love of comics with your little ones, and we’re hosting it this Sunday at Third Eye!
Click here for more info on our Third Eye Fathers Day event featuring MARVEL RISING!
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Big things are on the way in the aftermath of NO JUSTICE with the Titans in the TITANS SPECIAL #1 One-Shot!!

Been looking for a killer jumping on point for the TITANS? This is it!
Two of the best kept secrets to come out of DC REBIRTH to consistently impress month after month are TITANS and TEEN TITANS, and now, you’re going to get a perfect jumping on point to both with two killer one-shots that set up new eras for both books!
In this weeks TITANS SPECIAL #1, it’s the dawn of a new age of TITANS!
The events of METAL and NO JUSTICE have left the team in tatters, but a strange new threat has emerged to lead Nightwing to reassemble the Titans with a mix of old blood and new.
A rash of metahuman power fluctuations are threatening people around the globe, and only the friends who grew up as superheroes can help those whose powers have grown out of control!
It all starts here in this special issue kicking off a bold new direction!
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The 2nd issue of the red hot new VENOM series from DONNY CATES (THANOS WINS) and RYAN STEGMAN (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) hits this week with VENOM #2!!

VENOM #2 delivers another stunner of an issue!
We were floored with just how darn good VENOM #1 was from Cates & Stegman, and we knew right then and there, that we’d met the next best run of VENOM since the now-iconic RICK REMENDER & TONY MOORE run from nearly a decade ago.
Now, issue #2 continues to prove that this book has the goods in a big way, and we cannot wait until you read it yourselves!
In VENOM #2, long ago, a mythical monster once terrorized both humanity and the Klyntar alike.
Now, it’s awake. And it’s angry.
To make matters worse, this ancient horror has a unique influence over the Venom symbiote – an influence that threatens to sever Eddie Brock’s connection with his Other!
If he survived the first issue, that is…
Wanna get on board? We’ve got copies of issue 1 in stock now to get you current with #2!
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NANCY DREW returns to comics in the all new NANCY DREW #1!

Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything…ESPECIALLY solving crimes.
But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind.
There she’ll have to find out which of her friends are still her friends, which are enemies, and who exactly is trying to kill her…and (hopefully) stop them before they succeed.
KELLY THOMPSON (Hawkeye, Star Wars, Rogue & Gambit) and JENN ST-ONGE (Giant Days, The Misfits) team up to present an all-new modern spin on a classic mystery icon!
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Image’s new eerie sci-fi hit ANALOG continues with ANALOG #3! Soon to be a motion picture courtesy of the director JOHN WICK!!

Analog is another of our favorite new series of the year, and when we heard the book got picked up to be made into a movie by the man behind JOHN WICK… we just about lost our minds! How cool is that?
And, this week, the awesomeness continues with ANALOG #3, when Oona crashes a meeting of white nationalists and ends up making a real mess.
Mostly of them, but also for herself.
Jack’s got to get a briefcase to Tokyo on time, but he’s not gonna leave her to twist in the wind.
Plus, Jack’s new nemesis in our government keeps the heat on.
What’s the scoop on ANALOG? Five years from now: the security of the internet has been totally destroyed.
Secrets are no longer sent over the web, they’re entrusted to armed couriers called “Ledger Men,” like human punching-bag Jack McGinnis.
He’s got a gun in one hand and a briefcase handcuffed to the other. Danger lurks around every corner, and Jack has to watch his back-because he had a part in the cyber attack that changed the world.
Get in on the ground floor of this new ongoing series and thrill as we slam Jack’s fist into the faces of spies, mercs, fascists, and eventually less punchable adversaries like a very grumpy artificial intelligence.
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 & 2 in stock to get you current with this weeks issue 3!
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The Weeknd Presents STARBOY one-shot brings the world from The Weeknd’s album to life!!!

The city of Alphatron is in the grip of a crime wave, as the terrifying Jack “The Chef” Smiley has unified all criminal organizations with his ruthlessness and strategic genius.
Not content with brutally murdering his victims, Smiley also feasts upon their flesh.
The citizens live in fear and the police have been directly targeted.
The city is in dire need of a hero. It will not get one…
…but it will get what it deserves. STARBOY.
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