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Published March 31st, 2019

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WAR OF THE REALMS #1 hits this Tuesday night with a special MIDNIGHT release! Find out why this is the biggest event Marvel has done since Jonathan Hickman’s epic SECRET WARS!

A Marvel epic that spans the Marvel Universe’s multiverse, and then some — do NOT sleep on WAR OF THE REALMS!
Holy crap, Third Eye Faithful — we’re telling you right now: Marvel is coming at 2019 hard with WAR OF THE REALMS, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest, most exciting crossover they’ve done since Jonathan Hickman turned the Marvel Universe upside down in SECRET WARS a few years back!
With a story that’s been quietly brewing for years under the surface of all the major Marvel events, and throughout the entirety of Jason Aaron’s THOR run, WAR OF THE REALMS not only promises to deliver an immense payoff for those of you who’ve been reading since the very start with THOR GOD OF THUNDER — but, also provides the perfect new reader-friendly jumping on point for those of you who’ve been looking for a killer place to dive headfirst back into the Marvel Universe after the post-SECRET WARS era!

It’s no secret that since the beginning of 2018, Marvel has been doing an amazing job with their new slate of titles, like Donny Cates VENOM, Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk, and of course, Jason Aaron’s AVENGERS, but we’re telling you right now: it’s all building to THE WAR OF THE REALMS, and it’s gonna kick so much ass!

What’s the scoop on WAR OF THE REALMS? Asgard. Alfheim. Heven. Jotunheim. Muspelheim. Niffleheim. Nidavellir. Svartalfheim. Vanaheim.
All of the Ten Realms have fallen to Malekith and his army…except one: Midgard. Home to Thor’s beloved humans. Home to heroes and gods alike. Now, at last, it burns. And Thor won’t even be there to see it.
Malekith the Dark Elf has been rampaging across the Realms for years, and now he’s coming for Midgard. There, the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe make their final stand, and a war begins.
So, why is Captain America riding a winged horse? Where does Jane Foster come into play? How does Wolverine get involved? Why does Daredevil have a sword…and why is he covered in starry lights? The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist; how do these street-level heroes join the fight? How do Venom, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and so many more team-up for the war? And is that Blade!?

“I have been building towards WAR OF THE REALMS for the entire duration of my THOR run. So we’re talking six years and 80-something issues and counting,” teases Aaron. “This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this amazing promo piece by my MIGHTY THOR collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, who I’m so thrilled to be working with again on WAR OF THE REALMS.”
Third Eye Faithful, if DC Comics raised the ante of what a universe-spanning event could be with 2017’s DARK NIGHTS METAL — then you better believe that MARVEL is stepping up to the challenge, and delivering a storyline that rivals the scale and scope of METAL and then some!
Not since SECRET WARS have we been this excited for a Marvel event, and for good reason: Jason Aaron is one of the best writers in comics, and he’s literally spent nearly a decade playing in the THOR sandbox, building a fully realized mythology that’s set to pour out onto the Marvel Universe as we know it.

You wanna see Frost Giants in Manhattan? You wanna see your favorite Marvel heroes and villains finding themselves in the midst of pure otherworldly Asgardian (and other realms!) chaos on Earth? This is the book!
And, this isn’t just for THOR fans — this is something that touches on, and spotlights all of the Marvel Universe’s mightiest heroes, as well as some of your cult favorite characters! Trust us: this is the definition of big, sprawling, awesome Marvel event goodness!
So, what else can we tell you about WAR OF THE REALMS? Well, read on Third Eye Faithful, and we’ll give you the full scoop!

Where will the WAR OF THE REALMS take us?! First Conan –then what?

So, with the WAR OF THE REALMS taking us through all the various REALMS of the Marvel Universe… and, deeper into the Marvel multiverse, we can only wonder where it’s going to take us — and that’s a big part of the fun of this series!

We already know that the AVENGERS are going to find themselves face to face with the one and only CONAN THE BARBARIAN in the Hyborian Age…. so, could we possibly see…. a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
We don’t know this for sure, and it’s purely Third Eye getting nerdy and coming up with some crazy theories, but hey — it could happen, right? 🙂
Just a disclaimer: pure speculation on our part! 🙂
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to WAR OF THE REALMS
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AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #8 continues an AVENGERS epic that follows in the footsteps of last year’s NO SURRENDER — and leads the road to WAR OF THE REALMS, and features the first meeting of CONAN with the AVENGERS!

You wanna see CONAN vs. the AVENGERS? You wanna see the awesomeness of the current AVENGERS run continue? Get all that and more as NO ROAD HOME kicks off!
We’re super pumped about what’s to come with AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME, and as huge fans of last year’s NO SURRENDER crossover, we know this one is gonna be a MUST-READ.
This mini-series will be taking us into the upcoming WAR OF THE REALMS event, and Third Eye Faithful, we’re telling you: everything about MARVEL, WAR OF THE REALMS, and more is gonna be off-the-chain in 2019!
In AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME, Night has fallen across the universe.
Now seven Avengers – and one new addition – journey forth to bring back the light.
But when the threat they face has destroyed even the gods…will anyone make it home?
Just like NO SURRENDER brought us an epic story filled with major 1st appearances (IMMORTAL HULK anyone?), and changes to the status quo of the Marvel Universe – NO ROAD HOME is set to do the same!
In issue #8, it’s Team Hulk vs. Nyx, Queen of Night! Team Herc vs. Oizys, Creature of Misery! One Avenger faces the supreme test – and one Avenger falls!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-7 in stock to get you current!
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Image’s DIE #5 hits this week, continuing one of the best IMAGE titles we’ve seen launch since SAGA!

We’re telling you right now, Third Eye Faithful: Image’s new series DIE is one of the best things we’ve seen to hit the publisher in quite some time, and we’re totally amped for this weeks issue #5!
We’re so stoked about DIE, and cannot wait to dig into the 4th issue of the series this week!
DIE is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players.
If Kieron’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji.”
In the 4th issue this week, our heroes reach the civilization of Glass Town and do what heroes have always done upon reaching civilization.
As in, go to the pub. As it’s DIE, you can guess people don’t exactly get happy drunk.
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!
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DEADPOOL creator ROB LIEFELD debuts his first X-Character in years: MAJOR X! Do not miss out on the first appearance of this killer new character that follows in the tradition of classic enigmatic icons like SNAKE-EYES and BOBA FETT

We’re so darn pumped about MAJOR X #1 this week, and we’ll tell ya: we know many of you are too!
As huge fans of all things X-MEN, and also, as children of the ’90s, everything about this all new character from ROB LIEFELD has us stoked!
In MAJOR X #1, a mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs!
What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him?
Wanna get the full scoop on MAJOR X? Check out our TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MAJOR X here.
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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina issues 6-8 arrive in a special !

Just in time for Part 2 of Netflix’s hit Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this special 3-in-1 comic collects issues #6-8 of the ongoing comic book series by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack, complete with an all-new cover!
Wanna get caught up & start reading the awesome SABRINA series that inspired the NETFLIX series? We’ve got the first trade paperback collecting issues 1-5 in stock now to get you current!
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The coolest Spider-Man story arc in ages continues with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18.HU in HUNTED Chapter 2.5 !!!

KRAVEN is back.. and badder than ever, and we’re loving it!
Third Eye Faithful: we’re pretty freakin’ pumped about the current arc of ASM which features one of the coolest incarnations of KRAVEN THE HUNTER that we’ve seen since his iconic role in KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT!
Spider-Man’s most dangerous villain, THE GIBBON, is back and — wait a second; his most dangerous villain? OK, OK, so the Gibbon may not be Spider-Man’s most dangerous foe, but he may be his most ridiculous, and that makes us want to read this even more!
Wanna get on board? We’ve got the prologues in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16 and 16.HU, along with the 1st 2 chapters in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 & #18 to get you on board!
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Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #2 delivers another killer issue of the series that features one of our favorite new Marvel characters!

Can Cosmic Ghost Rider take up the mantle once Spider-Man is no more?
With great power, there must also come total irresponsibility!
Take a seat and prepare to have your childhood memories destroyed.
After going back in time and trying to kill Thanos as a baby, Frank Castle has sworn off trying to alter history.
But when he arrives in Earth’s past at the birth of the Fantastic Four, how can he resist jumping in on the fun?!
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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Marvel’s new CONAN series continues to impress with CONAN THE BARBARIAN #5!

Jason Aaron has been totally killing it on the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN series, and this weeks issue #5 delivers one heck of an awesome read!
CONAN leaves the land for the life of a pirate!
How did he survive disaster during the most ominous voyage of his life on a ship surrounded by dead men?
And the CRIMSON WITCH’s dark plans for KING CONAN become grimly clear!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!
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Zenescope returns to their roots with a killer new horror series in HELLCHILD: BLOOD MONEY #1!!e

We’ve always had a soft spot for Zenescope favorites like RETURN TO WONDERLAND, the early GRIMM FAIRY TALES, and more, and when we got a glance at their latest release, HELLCHILD: BLOOD MONEY, we were stoked on just how much it paid tribute to the early years of Zenescope!
In this weeks HELLCHILD BLOOD MONEY #1, Angelica Blackstone aka “Hellchild” takes a high paying gig as a bodyguard for the lowlife son of a wealthy politician.
But some jobs aren’t worth the money as Angelica soon finds that the men after her client are involved in something so disturbing that she can’t help but get pulled in.
John Wick meets Jessica Jones in this explosive, action-packed new series from Zenescope!
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IMMORTAL HULK #16 features some major key moments in one of the hottest books coming out right now — do not miss it!

We’re telling ya, Third Eye Faithful, each and every issue of IMMORTAL HULK ends up surpassing the last one, and delivering one heck of a killer read!
In IMMORTAL HULK #16, it’s story time! Once upon a time, Rick Jones was the Hulk’s best friend. Now Rick Jones is dead…and gone.
To learn why, Bruce Banner will have to face roaming gamma experiments, an assassin out for his blood…
…and the one thing that can cage the IMMORTAL HULK.
Not reading IMMORTAL HULK? We’ve got issues 1-15 in stock to get you current, or we can catch you up with the trade paperbacks!
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C’mon: you know you’re like us, and grew up loving the heck out of Rocko’s Modern Life, and as such – you’re probably just as stoked as we are about seeing Rocko and the gang coming to comics!
In this new limited series, something is turning the good people of O-Town into mindless zombies and Rocko wants nothing to do with it.
He barricades himself and Spunky in their home and is determined to outlast the hoards outside.
But desperate times calls for desperate measures when Rocko’s best friend Heffer becomes infected, Rocko will have to risk it all to save his friends and his city.
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MARVEL TEAM-UP #1 brings the return of the classic series!

After a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man find themselves tangled up in the same chaotic adventure. Is it destiny? Or disaster?!
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