This Week's Highlights for Wednesday 2/20/19

Published February 16th, 2019

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Wolverine & the Infinity Watch #1 kicks off the series we’ve all been waiting for: Logan with the Gems! Get STOKED!

The future of the INFINITY GEMS and their impact on the Marvel Universe on the eve of WAR OF THE REALMS is revealed in this new mini-series!
We’ve all been waiting for this one, Third Eye Faithful, and we’re pretty darn stoked to see it finally arriving this week!
Wolverine has finally returned, disentwined from the evil clutches of Soteira…but hang on, didn’t he have an Infinity Stone? How did THAT happen?!
And wasn’t he popping up all over the place for a little while?
The answers you seek are finally revealed as Logan goes cosmic alongside everyone’s favorite god of lies and stories, Loki Laufeyson!
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AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #2 continues an AVENGERS epic that follows in the footsteps of last year’s NO SURRENDER — and leads the road to WAR OF THE REALMS!

You wanna see CONAN vs. the AVENGERS? You wanna see the awesomeness of the current AVENGERS run continue? Get all that and more as NO ROAD HOME kicks off!
We’re super pumped about what’s to come with AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME, and as huge fans of last year’s NO SURRENDER crossover, we know this one is gonna be a MUST-READ.
This mini-series will be taking us into the upcoming WAR OF THE REALMS event, and Third Eye Faithful, we’re telling you: everything about MARVEL, WAR OF THE REALMS, and more is gonna be off-the-chain in 2019!
In AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME, Night has fallen across the universe.
Now seven Avengers – and one new addition – journey forth to bring back the light.
But when the threat they face has destroyed even the gods…will anyone make it home?
Just like NO SURRENDER brought us an epic story filled with major 1st appearances (IMMORTAL HULK anyone?), and changes to the status quo of the Marvel Universe – NO ROAD HOME is set to do the same!
In issue #2, Nyx, the Queen of Night, battles the Avengers over the bodies of her victims – and Hawkeye pays the price of defiance!
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue #1 in stock now to get you current!
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Skottie Young, creator of I HATE FAIRYLAND, delivers another killer hit with the BULLY WARS VOL.1 graphic novel this Wednesday!

We’re giant fans of all things Skottie Young,
Rufus has been the biggest bully in Rottenville since kindergarten, but everything changed on the first day of high school.
Suddenly going from bully to bullied, he’s forced to make a shaky pact with his favorite geeks, Spencer and his twin sibling besties Edith and Ernie, to survive the Hunger Games-like contest known as the Bully Wars-where the winner will rule the school!
Collects BULLY WARS #1-5.

Donny Cates is making pure comic magic with the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Issue #2 is a big one this week! 

The writer of VENOM, THANOS WINS, and many other great books is totally delivering the goods with the new GOTG!
We’re major fans of writer Donny Cates at Third Eye, and the stuff he’s been doing at Marvel on characters like VENOM, THANOS, and more has had us hooked in a big way!
In this weeks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, he’s continuing to prove why this was the book he was born to write, as he does something we haven’t seen in a while: he makes the GOTG one of the best darn books on the stands!
Thanos is dead… Long live the NEW Thanos! But who will it be?!
Will the new Guardians of the Galaxy find that person in time before the universe comes crashing down?
We’re talking an incredible roster of characters (BETA RAY BILL? COSMIC GHOST RIDER? DARK SILVER SURFER?), we’re talking killer writing (DONNY freakin’ CATES!), and we’re talking gorgeous art (GEOFF SHAW!)!
Get on board this week, as we’ve got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up to this weeks issue 2!
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BATMAN #65 delivers the 3rd chapter in the FLASH / BATMAN Crossover, THE PRICE!

If you loved BATMAN / FLASH: THE BUTTON – this is a must-read!
You got to hear us rant and rave about how excited we were about this crossover last week, but guess what: we’re gonna do it all over again!
As many of you know — the events of the now-classic FLASHPOINT storyline continue to impact the world of DC post-REBIRTH, and it was never more clear than in the pages of the BATMAN / FLASH: BUTTON crossover!
Now the FLASH and the DARK KNIGHT cross paths again, and it’s gonna be EPIC!
The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable…by the Flash!
A cold case from the Justice League’s past has mysteriously re-opened, and Batman and the Flash-the only two heroes who stand a chance of cracking the case-are at each other’s throats!
Our heroes must combat a demon from the past while burying their own inner demons in the process…and neither the World’s Greatest Detective nor the Fastest Man Alive will ever be the same again!
But who is really pulling the strings here?
And how does Gotham Girl fit into all this?
Friendships will be tested and blood will be spilled in this titanic crossover event..
Wanna get on board? We’ve got BATMAN #64 (PRICE OF JUSTICE CHAPTER 1) & FLASH #64 (PRICE CHAPTER 2) in stock to get you up to date!
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Mark Millar debuts his next killer hit with SHARKEY: THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 featuring gorgeous art by SIMONE BIANCHI!!!

The writer of PRODIGY, MAGIC ORDER, OLD MAN LOGAN, WANTED, and more delivers a read that is essentially LEMMY from MOTORHEAD as a space bounty hunter — and it rules!
We’re pretty much down with just about anything the one and only MARK MILLAR puts his pen to, cause lets face it: dude is good!
But, man, we gotta tell ya: SHARKEY is a BLAST!
This killer new mini-series, featuring gorgeous artwork by SIMONE BIANCHI, delivers a take on the sci-fi genre that’s been missing from comics since the conclusion of the incredible FEAR AGENT series — and that’s the hard-hitting, space-soaring anti-hero!
Now, we get it and then some, with SHARKEY!
Set in a brilliant new sci-fi universe, Sharkey is a blue-collar bounty hunter who tracks criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck.
Aided and abetted by his ten-year-old partner, he’s out for the biggest bounty of his career.
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HULKVERINES #1 delivers the triple threat showdown we’ve been waiting for: HULK VS WOLVERINE VS WEAPON H!

We’ve been loving the WEAPON H series which took the idea of infusing a gamma-charged HULK with an adamantium skeleton and claws to make something totally brutal, and we’ve been waiting for the big showdown between WEAPON H, and the two characters that inspired him: WOLVERINE and THE HULK!
This week in HULKVERINES, a new 3-issue mini-series, it’s THE CLASH YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!
At last! It’s Weapon H versus his predecessors-Wolverine and the Hulk!
Once, the Weapon X program sought to recreate the world’s two greatest hunters.
They ended up with Weapon H, a man of Adamantium claws and gamma-juiced blood.
Now, Wolverine and the Hulk are back in action – and coming after the dangerous creation made in their name!
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Start reading one of Marvel’s best comics, VENOM, with VENOM #11 this Wednesday!!

Creators Donny Cates (GOD COUNTRY, THANOS WINS, and more) & Ryan Stegman (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) is delivering one of the best runs in modern comics with VENOM — and this weeks issue #11 is another home-run!
We’ve gotta tell you, Third Eye Faithful, we’ve been LOVING the heck out of everything Cates and Stegman have been doing with VENOM, and we’re super duper pumped to see what’s to come as an all new arc begins with issue #11!
In VENOM #11, the sinister symbiote skulks the streets of San Francisco!
With the symbiote silenced and Eddie finding parts of his memory missing, will he be able to find the answers he’s looking for in the Golden City?
Or will the return to his old stomping grounds reveal secrets better left buried?
If you’ve never read the current VENOM, and wanna jump on fresh – this is a perfect place to start reading — trust us: it’s a must-read!
Wanna go back to the beginning? We’ve got both VENOM 1-10 or VENOM TPB VOL.1 REX in stock to get you up to date!

Get the VENOM #11 Watchmen Homage cover by WATCHMEN artist Dave Gibbons

One of the coolest VENOM variants EVER also drops this week with the awesome VENOM #11 Homage variant, which pays tribute to WATCHMEN, and is by the one and only Dave Gibbons, of WATCHMEN fame!
Snag yourself a copy while supplies last!
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STRONGHOLD #1 delivers another killer new series from AFTERSHOCK!!

We’ve been loving some of the exciting new SCI-FI and FANTASY stuff AFTERSHOCK has been putting out this year so far, and this weeks STRONGHOLD is one of the ones we’re looking forward to most!
In STRONGHOLD, our planet is actually a prison designed to both trap and shelter an amnesiac alien entity of incalculable power.
Now known as Michael Grey, this cosmic angel of destruction currently believes himself to be an ordinary, midwestern insurance underwriter, who belongs to a global secret society dedicated to making sure he never discovers the truth about his past.
To make matters worse, our hero has fallen in love with Michael Grey. And for their love to be born, Earth must die.
Phil Hester (The Coffin, Deathstroke, The Darkness, SHIPWRECK) and Ryan Kelly (The Wicked & The Divine, Lucifer, Saucer Country) weave a tale of cosmic horror, high adventure and tragic romance unlike anything else in comics.
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The world of AGE OF X-MAN continues to be revealed in the new AGE OF X-MAN: AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER #1 this Wednesday!!!

We’re loving every single installment of all that AGE OF X-MAN goodness, and this weeks AGE OF X-MAN NEXTGEN delivers ANOTHER awesome corner of the AGE OF X-MAN universe!
From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own solo series!
Kurt Wagner is the biggest celebrity slash super hero since Dwayne Johnson!
Juggling Kurt’s responsibilities as one of the X-Men and a slate of summer blockbusters would be tough without the best support staff in the business: Stunt coordinator Magma!
Personal trainer Kylun!
And of course, his leading lady Meggan!
But there’s something rotten in Tinseltown…
Wanna get into AGE OF X-MAN? We’ve got all the issues out so far (AGE OF X-MAN ALPHA, MARVELOUS X-MEN #1, and NEXTGEN #1) to get you up to date!
Read all about AGE OF X-MAN with our THIRD EYE GUIDE by clicking here
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THE PUNISHER VOL.1 WORLD WAR FRANK collects one of the best Punisher runs we’ve seen in a minute with the newest series!!

We’ve really dug the newest run of PUNISHER, and cannot wait to see what’s to come, and now you can hop on board with the first story arc collected in PUNISHER VOL.1 WORLD WAR FRANK!
You can take the Punisher out of the War Machine… Frank Castle may no longer have the Stark-designed armor, but he has retained his taste for “big game” criminals – and he’s hungry for more.
But the paths to such high-value targets are fraught with dangers greater than any Frank has faced before, and this lone wolf could use powerful help on his way across the world stage.
But a delicate situation gets complicated when Daredevil enters the fray – and he wants to put the Punisher down even more than Frank’s newest foes! Where can the Punisher go from here?
The chips are down and he’s boxed in – but that only makes him more dangerous!
Nobody puts Frankie in a corner! Be there for the story that fans will be talking about for years to come!

OLD MAN QUILL #2 delivers another killer look at the cosmos in the OLD MAN LOGAN universe!!!

We’re loving the fact that Marvel is taking us further, and deeper into the alternate dystopian future of OLD MAN LOGAN with OLD MAN QUILL, and cannot wait to see where things go next in this weeks issue 2!
In #2, PETER QUILL returns to Earth…but a lot has changed since he was last there.
As Peter reacquaints himself with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, he’ll find it’s difficult to pick up where he left off.
But they’ll have to figure it out quick, as A DEADLY ENEMY is closing in… and what exactly happened to the AVENGERS?
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!
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DAZZLER #1 FACSIMILE EDITION delivers a killer reproduction of one of our favorite Marvel nostalgia trips!!!

C’mon: if you grew up collecting comics in the ’80s or ’90s, then you KNOW you have a soft spot for the ’80s awesomeness that is DAZZLER, and now, Marvel is reproducing as part of their killer FACSIMILE line, a DAZZLER #1 Facsimile edition!
She’s a singer, not a fighter – but Dazzler was always destined to be one of comics’ brightest stars!
Journey back to the days of disco to join Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men in welcoming Alison Blaire to the Mighty Marvel firmament with this impeccable facsimile of the first issue of Dazzler’s sparkling solo series!
Alison’s mutant powers place her at a career crossroads.
Can she be a singing sensation? A stellar super hero? Or both?
But when Alison dons her iconic roller skates to make an important audition, will she dazzle everyone – or will the Asgardian Enchantress steal the show?!
It’s a landmark issue of the 1980s, re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

BATGIRL YEAR ONE collects one of our all-time favorite BATGIRL stories, featuring art by the incredible MARCOS MARTIN (PRIVATE EYE)!

We’ve been huge fans of artist MARCOS MARTIN for a LONG time, and when we saw his now-classic BATGIRL YEAR ONE was getting collected — we knew we had to shout it out!
Determined to join the ranks of crime-fighters against the wishes of her police-captain father, Barbara Gordon dons  a caped costume to become Batgirl, and must overcome Batman’s skepticism while taking on archvillain Killer Moth.
Collects BATGIRL: YEAR ONE #1-9.

GRUMBLE #4 delivers another stellar issue of the killer modern fantasy series set in BALTIMORE!

We literally love everything about GRUMBLE, and then some!
This week, in issue #4, Eddie and Tala are getting the hell out of Baltimore, but Baltimore isn’t through with them yet!
Can our heroes survive a breakneck car chase through the city, pursued by fascist inter-dimensional warlocks, gun-toting maniac mobsters, and a trio of mystical bounty hunters?
Buckle up, Grumble fans, and get ready for the most magically destructive ride of your life!
Wanna get caught up on this killer read? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!
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HIGH LEVEL #1 delivers an epic new sci-fi series from VERTIGO!

We REALLY liked the 1st issue of this one, and we think a lot of you will too!
Gorgeous art, sharp storytelling – this one is a must-read!
Hundreds of years after the world ended and human society was rebuilt from scratch, a self-interested smuggler is forced to traverse a new continent of danger and mystery to deliver a child messiah to High Level, a mythical city at the top of the world from which no one has ever returned.
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MIDDLEWEST #4 continues one of the best IMAGE books to launch in the last year, as writer Skottie Young builds one of the most interesting modern fantasy epics we’ve seen yet!

We have to tell you: MIDDLEWEST is an incredible piece of work, Third Eye Faithful, and every single issue continues to impress us more and more!
Abel and the fox have wandered into a small-town carnival where they should be able to find the healer they seek.
While they search, Fox teaches Abel that survival sometimes means bending the rules a bit.
Wanna get into this epic? We’ve got issues 1-3 to catch you up!
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Legendary comic greatness THE INCAL arrives in a gorgeous oversized edition this Wednesday!

Truly one of the best graphic novels of all time — now in a deluxe oversized format!
One of the best graphic novels of all time, no hype, this is truly the real deal, Third Eye Faithful, and we’re so stoked to see it arriving in that gorgeous HUMANOIDS oversized format you all know and love!
This is a new numbered slipcase limited edition of the best-selling science fiction graphic novel of all time!
The sci-fi masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky about the tribulations of the shabby detective John Difool as he searches for the precious and coveted Incal is back in print as a special edition just in time for Jodorowsky’s 90th birthday. Bonus material includes an 8-page original out of print Moebius story.