This Week's Highlights for Wednesday 1/3/18

Published January 1st, 2018

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Spinning out of the pages of DARK NIGHTS METAL, BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1 delivers a must-read new mini-series from METAL writer SCOTT SNYDER that ties directly into METAL!

One of DC’s coolest new characters, Duke Thomas, takes the spotlight in this new mini-series!
We’re loving pretty much everything METAL right now, and writer SCOTT SNYDER has us super pumped for this major mini-series that spins out of METAL dropping this week, with BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1!
Batman may own the night, but with new villains emerging during the day he needs an ally to defend the city when he can’t.
Only one teen is up to the challenge, Duke Thomas. After months of training, he’s ready to step out of the shadow of the bat to become his own kind of hero.
Meet Gotham City’s newest protector: The Signal!
We’re always pumped to see when new characters enter the world of Gotham, and while Duke has been around for a bit, we’ve really dug the way the character has grown and been developed before moving into his new role as THE SIGNAL.
Great artwork, great storytelling, this is a must-read — make sure you scoop it this week at Third Eye!

Be sure to scoop the rad COVER B variant of BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1 this week for just $3.99

We love the incredible Cover B by DECLAN SHALVEY for BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL, and you know with a book this big, you gotta scoop the alternate cover in addition to the totally rad Cover A!
We’ll have plenty in stock so you can make sure to get both covers on issue #1!
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The RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER #1 delivers an essential YEAR ONE mini-series for BLACK PANTHER that’s a perfect place to learn the character’s origins!

If you’re as stoked as we are for the BLACK PANTHER film, then you know you’ve gotta scoop a copy of this one!
We are so pumped for the upcoming BLACK PANTHER movie, it’s ridiculous, and when we saw this brand new limited series coming out that delivered a crucial YEAR ONE-style exploration of the characters early years and origins, we knew we had to give it a big ol’ Third Eye shout out.
In this new mini-series, witness the early years of the man who will come to rule one of the most scientifically advanced countries in the world!
Wakanda has always kept itself isolated from Western society, but that’s all about to change. Young T’Challa knows he is destined to become king, but when his father is brutally murdered by outsiders, he’ll find himself taking up a mantle he may not be ready for.
Experience never-before-seen drama from the reign of T’Chaka, the king whose death changes a nation’s history forever.
Learn about the mother T’Challa never knew.
See how the world learns about this wondrous nation for the first time. Will the power of the Black Panther be enough to keep his country safe?
Journalist Evan Narcisse makes his comics debut alongside acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates as they chronicle T’Challa’s rise to the throne – and to the Panther legacy that made him an Avenger.
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One of the most exciting things to hit the world of the X-Men in a very long time – JEAN GREY is BACK!

We LOVED the first issue of PHOENIX RESURRECTION and cannot wait for what’s to come in this weeks issue #2!
In PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2, we learn that a light in the darkness is not always welcome.
Kitty Pryde, Old Man Logan and Cyclops are leading teams of X-Men all across the globe, chasing events connected to the Phoenix.
But with teammates disappearing and familiar enemies returning, the X-Men are fighting a losing battle. Beast doesn’t know how or what shape it will take, but he knows they are running out of time before the Phoenix makes its true presence known.
Meanwhile, a young woman named Jean is starting to go insane in her peaceful, suburban life. Nightmares and daydreams are spilling over into the world and revealing cracks in her reality. Jean’s life and everything in it may just be a facade, but made by who? And why?
Jean needs to escape. The X-Men need to stop the cycle of death the Phoenix brings.
Their worlds will violently collide as Jean searches for an opening and the X-Men fight for closure. But when they are brought together, will the X-Men be reunited with their long-lost teammate – or something darker?
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BATMAN ANNUAL #2 returns to print with a new edition this week, delivering one of the most tear-jerking BATMAN stories you’ll have read in many years!

This incredible one-shot future tale of Batman and Catwoman seriously weighs in as contender of the year! By the same team who brought you BATMAN / ELMER FUDD – TOM KING AND LEE WEEKS!

We gotta tell you, Third Eye Faithful, writer TOM KING is KILLING it on just about everything, but his BATMAN ANNUAL #2 from a few weeks ago was absolutely stunning!
This one-shot tale of Batman and Catwoman in the future, and how they got there, is one of the most tear-jerking comics we’ve read in ages, and it will blow you away.
If you missed it the 1st time around, then do yourselves a favor, Third Eye Faithful, and get yourself hooked up on it this week!
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Hip Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor’s X-MEN GRAND DESIGN #2 arrives this week at Third Eye!

One of the most awesome things Marvel has put out in 2017 – do NOT sleep on this killer YEAR ONE-style remix and retelling of the X-Men’s early days! 
We seriously think Ed Piskor is one of the best things goin in comics today, and when we saw he had something big planned for Marvel — we just knew we had to get behind it, and make sure you knew about it.
This stand-alone flashback YEAR ONE-style story is a must-read that stitches together the most important moments in mutant history, creating a comprehensive narrative celebrating the X-Men’s past, present, and future.
The first in a trilogy, GRAND DESIGN returns to Charles Xavier’s assembly of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, and Beast! A must for fans looking to brush up on their X-Men lore or as jumping-on point for Marvel’s merry mutants.
What’s the 2nd issue got in store? Some of the biggest moments in X-Men history: The flight of the Sentinels! The discovery of the Savage Land!! The death of Charles Xavier!!!
If you’re an X-Men fan, old or new, a whole lot or just a little, you gotta trust us: GRAND DESIGN is everything you love about the X-MEN and then some!
We’ve got plenty of issue 1 in stock to get you on board with this weeks issue 2!

Make sure to get the killer alternate cover of GRAND DESIGN #2 for just $5.99 cover price!

As we said, when it comes to Piskor – we’re mega-fans, and for good reason: he makes awesome and unique things like the alternate cover to GRAND DESIGN #2!
Snag a copy with your copy of Cover A this week, and add ’em to your collection!
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Tom King delivers a stand-alone one-shot BATMAN story that introduces one of the most compelling new BATMAN characters we’ve seen in ages!

Do NOT sleep on this; one of the best reads in the run since issue #23!
The quality that is Tom King’s BATMAN run continues to impress again and again, and in this weeks BATMAN #38, he out-does himself once again with this stellar one-shot story introducing one of the most ruthless, and fascinating new Batman characters we’ve seen.
Folks, if you’ve never read Tom King’s BATMAN – this is a GREAT one-shot story in the run to sample the series, and give it a shot; trust us: we promise you’ll be hooked!
For those of you curious about going back, and exploring the earlier parts of the run – we’ve got issues 1-37 in stock to get you current, or we can catch you up with the trade paperbacks.

Make sure to get the rad BATMAN #38 Cover B by Olivier Coipel!

Coipel took over on the B covers for BATMAN with issue #36, and so far, he’s been KILLING IT!
This one on BATMAN #38 may be our favorite yet – so make sure you scoop a copy this week for just normal cover price $2.99!
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The Future Batman and Superman come back to the present to save the world from Jonathan Kent in the new SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW Crossover continues this week in TEEN TITANS #15

We just gotta say: it’s amazing just how great both the SUPERMAN and SUPER SONS titles are right now.
Seriously, but c’mon: you know we’re not surprised – it’s Peter J. Tomasi, and that dude can write some superhero comics like nobody’s business.
This week, DC is giving you a perfect opportunity to find out just why everyone is raving about both of these books with their new SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW crossover as gun-wielding Tim Drake BATMAN and future Superman come back into the picture in a big way to terminate JONATHAN KENT — so the future doesn’t die!
What’s the scoop on it? Calling back to the classic TEEN TITANS arc Geoff Johns did where the Titans of the future return.. but all grown up, the Batman of Tomorrow (aka TIM DRAKE!) claims that Jonathan Kent will be responsible for the deaths of millions, and he’s come back from the future to prevent that.
As the fun concludes, we drop into SUPERMAN #38 (Chapter 4) this week, with no other choice left, the Batman of Tomorrow brings in the Titans of Tomorrow to take on today’s Teen Titans-as the life of Superman’s son hangs in the balance!
See the return of future Superman Conner Kent, Wonder Woman Cassie Sandsmark and Bart Allen Flash in the final battle of this epic crossover.
But the reunion gives way to the big question: is the life of an innocent child worth more than the lives of millions?
It’s the Teen Titans vs. the Super Sons in the battle you’ve been waiting for!
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got chapters 1 (SUPERMAN 37), 2 (SUPER SONS 11), and 3 (TEEN TITANS 15) in stock now to get you current!
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW
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ASTONISHING X-MEN #7 begins the MAN CALLED X storyline that brings us the return of PROFESSOR X!

Writer Charles Soule has been totally killing it on ASTONISHING X-MEN since the launch of the series, and we’re super pumped to see what he has planned in the next big arc, A MAN CALLED X.
With CHARLES XAVIER making his triumphant return, he’s ready to get down to business in a big way.
He’s going to save the world…whether you want it or not.
Act II of the ASTONISHING X-MEN saga begins here, as a long-lost mutant returns to the world of the X-Men, Fantomex offers a kiss and Bishop discovers the Mindkiller.
Wanna start reading? You can either jump on fresh with issue #7, or we can catch you up with issues #1-6!
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BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT continues to be one of the most impressive ELSEWORLDS-style BATMAN tales we’ve read with WHITE KNIGHT #4!

Tokyo Ghost co-creator and artist SEAN MURPHY is delivering pure unadulterated awesomeness with his new mini-series, BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT, which delivers the kind of stand-alone ELSEWORLDS-style BATMAN tale that ranks up there with DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, ARKHAM ASYLUM, and more.
In a world where Batman has gone too far, The Joker must save Gotham City.
He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but “white knight”? Never. Until now…
Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as “Jack,” sets about trying to right his wrongs.
First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn, and then he’ll try to save the city from the one person who he thinks is truly Gotham City’s greatest villain: Batman!
Superstar writer and artist Sean Murphy  presents a seven-issue miniseries of a twisted Gotham City with a massive cast of heroes and villains that, at its heart, is a tragic story of a hero and a villain: Batman and The Joker. But which is the hero-and which the villain?
In this weeks issue #4, Jim Gordon and the GCPD are thrown into disarray when Jack Napier leads a show stopping campaign to become councilman of the politically abandoned neighborhood of Backport.
Civic backlash brews as Mayor Hill struggles to find creative ways of criminalizing Napier’s democratic aspirations, and Batman’s interference blooms into a liability for the GCPD’s public image.
Through it all, the new Joker plots to derail everything-and new secrets about Harley’s past are revealed.
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!
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Mark Russell, the critically acclaimed writer of last year’s FLINTSTONES mini-series (that was AMAZING) returns with the amazing new EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES #1!

We’ve been really digging the DC Comics x Hanna Barbera stuff, but we gotta tell ya, there’s a stand-out: FLINTSTONES, and most of that had to do with the freakin’ stellar writing of MARK RUSSELL.
Now, MARK RUSSELL returns to deliver comic book magic all over again with the classic SNAGGLEPUSS character.
In EXIT STAGE LEFT, it’s 1953.
While the United States is locked in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union, the gay playwright known as Snagglepuss is the toast of Broadway.
But success has made him a target.
As he plans for his next hit play, Snagglepuss becomes the focus of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
And when powerful forces align to purge show business of its most subversive voices, no one is safe!
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Image’s ELSEWHERE takes the mystery of AMELIA EARHART & weaves a stunning modern fantasy / sci-fi story in the vein of FABLES, DOCTOR WHO & more!

We’ve been really digging the new IMAGE series ELSEWHERE, which tells the fantastic story of what really happened to Amelia Earhart. Mysteriously transported to a strange new world filled with flying beasts and alien civilizations, Amelia desperately struggles to return home.
Along the way, she forges alliances and makes enemies as she goes from aviator to freedom fighter in a rebellion against a merciless warlord!
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ROGUE & GAMBIT get the spotlight in the new ROGUE & GAMBIT mini-series kicking off this week in ROGUE & GAMBIT #1!

How can you go wrong by taking two of the BEST X-Men of all-time and giving them the spotlight? You can’t!
In ROGUE AND GAMBIT, Everybody’s favorite X-couple is reunited!
And boy, are they not happy about that… Kitty Pryde must send Rogue and Gambit on an undercover mission to find a group of kidnapped mutants.
What they discover on this mission will shock them. But will it also bring them closer together…?
It’s a high-stakes adventure caper that only the two hottest X-Men can deliver!
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One of the biggest storylines to hit WALKING DEAD yet begins in issue #175 with WALKING DEAD: NEW WORLD ORDER!

WALKING DEAD is always a great read, but there’s certain arcs (like ALL OUT WAR, etc) that just turn out to be extra-important, and extra-awesome.
NEW WORLD ORDER is definitely looking to be one of those arcs.
All we can say is:

Get the WALKING DEAD #175 Sienkiewicz Cover B this week at Third Eye!

As part of a series of special PORTRAIT covers, each issue of NEW WORLD ORDER will sport one of these nifty BILL SIENKIEWICZ portrait covers of some of WALKING DEAD’s most iconic covers!
Make sure you scoop your copy for just $3.99 this week!
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Mike Mignola tells the story of Hellboy’s greatest foe, KOSHCHEI THE DEATHLESS, in KOSHCHEI the DEATHLESS #1!

So, one of our favorite things about comics in the 21st century is how Mike Mignola has taken his layered, and totally deep and amazing world of HELLBOY and turned it into its own Mignolaverse that just keeps on giving when it comes to amazing stories with gorgeous art.
Seriously: we’re rarely disappointed in a Mignola-verse story, and we especially cannot wait for KOSHCHEI this week!
What’s up with KOSHCHEI? Sent to kill Hellboy by the Baba Yaga in Darkness Calls, Koshchei the Deathless hinted at a long and tragic life before being enslaved to the Russian witch.
Now Koshchei relives every horrible act on his road to immortality and beyond, with none other than Hellboy himself-in Hell.
Mignola returns to Hell and to the bizarre folklore that’s filled some of his greatest books, with one of the best collaborators he’s ever worked with in Ben Stenbeck!
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The Return of ADAM WARLOCK begins in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #150, as the story of the INFINITY GEMS return in LEGACY begins to unfold, and their connection to Marvel’s big plans for Summer 2018 come closer!!

We’re loving the work that Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder have done on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and this weeks issue #150 is the perfect jumping on point for the series as the huge RETURN OF ADAM WARLOCK storyline begins!
Exploring the mystery of the INFINITY GEMS that resurfaced in MARVEL LEGACY, and leading into bigger things in regards to Marvel’s mysterious Summer 2018 plans — RETURN OF ADAM WARLOCK and it’s upcoming follow-up INFINITY COUNTDOWN is set to be one of the biggest COSMIC MARVEL arcs we’ve seen since the days of ANNIHILATION.
In this debut issue, more and more parties begin to take an interest in the Infinity Stones, a man with serious Infinity experience joins the fray!
Plus: Nova Rocket leads the charge against the Raptors!
Jump on fresh with #150, and prepare for INFINITY COUNTDOWN!
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The most notorious villain of PLANET OF THE APES gets the spotlight in the new PLANET OF THE APES URSUS Mini-series  starting with #1 this week!

There’s just something so awesome about PLANET OF THE APES, and that’s totally something that extends to the excellent comics courtesy of BOOM STUDIOS.
This week, a brand new mini-series kicks off about the franchise’s most notorious villain!
General Ursus has always hated and feared mankind.
Get a glimpse at his rise through the ranks to General and what experiences brought him to the Forbidden Zone.
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