This Week’s Game Spotlights for 11/1/19!

Published October 31st, 2019

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At the apex of the Sun & Moon Series, the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse expansion boosts the connection of Pokémon and Trainers, and it launches TAG TEAM combinations to new levels! Start your collection of this exciting expansion with the Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box. This collector’s box contains all sorts of goodies that both collectors and players will appreciate. In addition to eight Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse booster packs and loads of Energy cards, the set contains 65 card sleeves featuring the TAG TEAM trio of Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia. Accessories like dice and acrylic game markers will have you playing in style. There’s even a player’s guide filled with useful strategies and a card list. Prepare for a battle of cosmic proportions with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box!

The Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box includes:

  • 8 Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse booster packs
  • 65 card sleeves featuring Arceus & Dialga & Palkia
  • 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards
  • A player’s guide to the Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse expansion
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die
  • 2 acrylic condition markers and 1 acrylic TAG TEAM GX marker
  • A collector’s box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Iron Man and Black Panther team up to stop Rhino from rampaging through the streets of New York. Captain Marvel and Spider-Man battle Ultron as he threatens global annihilation. Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of these legendary heroes and become a champion?

Jump into the Marvel Universe with Marvel Champions: The Card Game, a cooperative Living Card Game for one to four players!

Marvel Champions: The Card Game invites players embody iconic heroes from the Marvel Universe as they battle to stop infamous villains from enacting their devious schemes.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game sees players taking on the roles of the iconic heroes of the Marvel universe as they try to stop infamous villains from enacting their devious schemes. With over 350 cards, 100 tokens, five hit point trackers, and more, The Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set gives you everything you need to start your journey in the Marvel universe. Choose to play as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and She-Hulk! Combine your powers to take down the rampaging Rhino, the devious Klaw, or the utterly terrifying Ultron!

The game brings the epic battles of the Marvel Universe to your tabletop. Each game sees the players selecting both their hero, and a scenario consisting of a villain and a scheme. Each villain and scheme has multiple forms, shifting the momentum and rules of the fight as the villain continues to enact their plans and the heroes race to defeat them with a wide array of powers and tools. Let the scheme advance enough times, and the heroes will lose the game. However, if you can fight through the villains various forms and thwart them with a combination of teamwork, skill, and luck, your team of heroes will emerge as champions!

Fridays are for Magic! Join us every Friday for FNM!

Third Eye Faithful, you are awesome – we’ve really been stoked about the super vibrant and fun community that’s grown with our weekly FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC events, and we’re going to continue to add cool stuff to make them even more fun!

Join us for our weekly FNM where we not only host a STANDARD tournament, but also a MODERN tournament for those of you who want even more Magic!

Registration begins Friday at 11:00AM
Registration closes Friday at 6:15PM

PLAY FORMATS: Standard & Modern

ENTRY FEE: $5.00
Swiss Tournament

We follow the DCI / WOTC Ban List

More Than 12 Players:
4/0/0 = 10 Packs
3/0/1 = 8 Packs
3/1/0 = 6 Packs
2/1/1 = 3 Packs
12 players or less:
3/0/0 = 6 Packs
2/0/1 = 5 Packs
2/1/0 = 4 Packs
OR convert your packs to store credit!

Join us November 2nd for our Infinity Tournament!

A reminder that you’re allowed to bring 2 ITS legal lists of the same faction/sectoral. You can create an ITS legal list using the Army 6 builder at help can and will be provided before the tournament starts.

Registration is at 11:30am and Dice Drop at 12.
Entry: $10
Rounds will be 2 hours.
300 points
12 pt Spec Ops

Transmission Matrix
Show of Force

Mission details can be found here.

Please make sure you also bring a classified deck (If you do not have one then talk to the TO to organize something) and have the front 180 degrees marked on your bases. Models do not need to be painted, just assembled as best you can.

We are hosting the 2019 HeroClix ROC Championship!! Join us November 9th for all the HeroClix goodness!

This year Third Eye had the honor of being selected to host another ROC Championship, and Third Eye Faithful, we are STOKED!

To celebrate, this is going to be one BIG crazy HeroClix Event! There will be all kinds of exclusive maps, figures, and more!

The format will be Constructed using ROC’s Pauper rules. This special format limits which figures and sets you can bring to the tournament. You can find the rules here:

We have space for about 48 competitors, so make sure you pre-register through Eventbrite! Link Below! So come on out and join us on Saturday, November 9th from 12:00noon – 6:00pm and get in the action!

Time: Saturday, November 9th from reg: 11:30-11:50; Round 1 starts promptly at 12:00noon – 6:00pm
Format: 300 point Constructed using Pauper rules and restrictions
Entry: $25


1st Place: Batman Animated Chase/Prime figures, Secret Wars Battleworld Chase/Prime figure, 25 WKO Points, Dice, Two Action Tokens, Prize Map
2nd Place: Batman Animated Chase/Prime FIgure, Secret Wars Battleworld Chase/Prime figure 25 WKO Points, Dice, Two Action Tokens, Prize Map
3rd-4th: Batman Animated Chase/Prime figure, Secret Wars Battleworld Chase/Prime figure, 20 WKO Points, Dice, Two Action Tokens, Prize Map
5th-8th: Batman Animated Chase/Prime figure, Secret Wars Battleworld Chase/Prime figure, 10 WKO Points, Dice, Two Action Tokens
Top 16 Prizes to be awarded with 20+ players:

9th-10th: Batman Animated Chase/Prime figure, Secret Wars Battleworld Chase/Prime figure
11th Place – 16th: Batman Animated Chase/Prime figure
All Participants 9th onward: 1 WKO Point

Join us for our very first Dragonball Super Pre-Release event on November 16th!

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are excited to announce our first pre-release event for the Dragonball Super card game! Come out on Saturday 11/16 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm for this sealed event with the newest set series 8! Players will receive a kit containing 6 booster packs of the newest set and 2 foil stamped promo cards!! You will then have 40 minutes to build the best 40 card deck you can. After the deckbuilding portion, players will partake in 3 best-of-3 rounds and can win prizes based off their record!

When: Saturday Nov 16th, 4:00pm-8:00pm
Entry: $25
What: Series 8 Pre-Release (sealed format) 3 50-minute rounds
Prizes: all prizes paid out in Series 8

3-0: 6 packs
2-0-1: 5 packs
2-1: 4 packs

Join us the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday Night Magic!!

Hey Third Eye Faithful, who’s stoked for Black Friday!?!?! TONS fo savings, and of course, Friday Night Magic! As part of this awesome overlap, we have all sorts of sweet promotions.

First off, we are bringing back the gift wrapped booster box prize wall!! This time participants can expected booster boxes of Core Set 2020, Throne of Eldraine, and more to be mixed in! These special boxes will be available for purchase throughout FNM for $89 with no limit on the amount anyone can purchase. Here’s the cherry on top, there are added freebies mixed in for you to unwrap! This year we will include chances to win: boxes of Amonkhet, Modern Horizons, Iconic Masters, theme boosters, singles discounts, and more! Another bonus, purchase one of these and get free entry into Black FNM, standard or modern!

Speaking of Black FNM, this will have the cost of entry raised to $10 but that includes a kick up in the prizes and round raffles starting with the second round (one per format)!

Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm, standard and modern!
New prizes structure:

4-0: 12 backs + 2 premium promo packs
3-0-1: 10 packs + premium promo pack
3-1: 8 packs
2-1-1: 4 packs
Round Raffle: playmats, sleeves, theme boosters, packs of Modern Horizons, Commander 2019 decks, and more! ~if we get more than 20 players we will do a second round raffle for that format!
Did we mention that all night MtG singles will be 15% off, cuz they will be!!

Also, we will have our very first Third Eye Buylist up and running and doing 20% bonus on store credit trade-ins!

So come on out Friday November 29th! And take advantage of all the sweetness!