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Published October 29th, 2019

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DAWN OF X WEEK 3: EXCALIBUR #1 launches the next big X-BOOK, and hot damn: it’s SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!!

We’ve been floored by how good all the new X-BOOKS are, and we’re telling you now, Third Eye Faithful, like many of you: we are ALL IN on the entire line of X-BOOKS!

This week, EXCALIBUR #1, delivers one of the most exciting DAWN OF X releases yet!

In EXCALIBUR, the Otherworld is rocked by war!

It is a new era for mutantkind as a new Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side – Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee…and Apocalypse.

If you loved the kind of big ideas and cutting edge storytelling in the cult favorite, UNCANNY X-FORCE by RICK REMENDER run – you’ll love EXCALIBUR!

What’s up with all this X-Awesomeness?

Quite possibly, one of the most exciting things we’ve seen to come down the pipeline for Marvel in the last decade, has been HOUSE OF X & POWERS OF X!

These two huge series have delivered some of the most exciting, and invigorating takes on Marvel’s merry mutants that we’ve seen in decades!

And, now, as HOUSE OF X & POWERS OF X near their conclusions in their respective issue #6s, the road to what lays ahead for the X-Men is clear: the DAWN OF X!

That’s right: Jonathan Hickman’s far from done with his take on the world of the X-MEN, and is starting off the first season of X-Awesomeness right with DAWN OF X this Fall!

HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X reinvented and reimagined just what the X-MEN meant to the Marvel Universe, and the DAWN OF X initiative? This is where Hickman takes the groundwork he’s built in those two mini-series, and begins taking us into the biggest golden age of X-Men comics yet!

DAWN OF X is the official banner that covers 6 all new ongoing series, two of which directly written by Hickman, and all 6 directly overseen and guided by Hickman, that take the world of the X-MEN and make it the most exciting it’s been since the days of Claremont and Lee!

For those of you not yet hip to why the HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X stuff has been so freakin’ cool — click here to get the full scoop on it with our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X!

Click here for our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO DAWN OF X

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JOE HILL (LOCKE & KEY) comes to DC Comics with their new horror imprint: HILL HOUSE COMICS, and its debut series: BASKETFUL OF HEADS #1!

We’re huge fans of horror author JOE HILL, be it his incredible novels like HEART SHAPED BOX or his amazing LOCKE & KEY series — so, when we saw he was coming to DC Comics to curate and run an all new horror imprint that harkens back to the golden age of Vertigo — we were all in, baby!

In BASKETFUL OF HEADS, the rain lashes the grassy dunes of Brody Island, and seagulls scream above the bay.

A slender figure in a raincoat carries a large wicker basket, which looks like it might be full of melons…covered by a bloodstained scrap of the American flag.

This is the story of June Branch, a young woman trapped with four cunning criminals who have snatched her boyfriend for deranged reasons of their own.

Now she must fight for her life with the help of an impossible 8th-century Viking axe that can pass through a man’s neck in a single swipe-and leave the severed head still conscious and capable of supernatural speech.

Each disembodied head has a malevolent story of its own to tell, and it isn’t long before June finds herself in a desperate struggle to hack through their lies and manipulations…racing to save the man she loves before time runs out.  

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BATMAN ANNUAL #4 delivers an epic reuniting of BATMAN / ELMER FUDD creative team TOM KING & LEE WEEKS!

One of the best BATMAN stories of the last decade has gotta be Tom King and Lee Weeks BATMAN / ELMER FUDD, and when we saw that the two would be reuniting to tell a new BAT-TALE — we had to shout it out!

In BATMAN ANNUAL #4, it’s two unique stories by BATMAN mastermind Tom King! First, King reteams with Lee Weeks, his collaborator on the Eisner-nominated BATMAN/ELMER FUDD #1 to send the Caped Crusader into space in search of the rare element he needs to save a life on Earth.

But what terrible gauntlet of tyrants and monsters will he have to go through to reach his objective?

Then, it’s back down to Earth and the grimy streets of Gotham City as King and acclaimed newcomer Jorge Fornés task the Dark Knight Detective with a dangerous case only he can solve.

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CHRONONAUTS: FUTURESHOCK #1 brings us back into the world of Mark Millar’s (OLD MAN LOGAN, KICK-ASS, MAGIC ORDER) time-jumping anti-heroes!

CHRONONAUTS returns with FUTURESHOCK, as time-traveling physicists Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly attempt to conquer the future with their new machine—The Timehawk.

A little older but none the wiser, the best friends return for their biggest mission yet!

Picture THE HANGOVER by way of DOCTOR WHO, and that sums up THE CHRONONAUTS perfectly!

Missed the 1st series? We’ve got the trade paperback in stock to get you up to date!

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In the spirit of ED PISKOR’S X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN, indie favorite TOM SCIOLI brings some of the most KIRBY-inspired awesomeness to FANTASTIC FOUR in ages with FANTASTIC FOUR: GRAND DESIGN #1 — do not sleep on this!

We’re so pumped about this all new series from Third Eye favorite TOM SCIOLI, and we know many of you are as well!

 Brought to you by critically-acclaimed cartoonist TOM SCIOLI (GODLAND, TRANSFORMERS VS. GI JOE) in the sole-authorship tradition made famous by ED PISKOR’S X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN trilogy! Join the Watcher and witness how it all began… Plus appearances by your faves: Doctor Doom! Black Panther! Namor! Galactus! Mole Man! The Inhumans! 

Make sure you scoop the ED PISKOR Dark Knight Returns tribute cover of FANTASTIC FOUR GRAND DESIGN #1 for normal cover price while supplies last! Get ALL 3 covers of FF GRAND DESIGN #1 for just $14.99 and save 15%!

We love the work of Ed Piskor, and he did an excellent cover B to FF GRAND DESIGN that pays homage to that classic FRANK MILLER Dark Knight Returns cover!

Scoop yours for normal cover price, or snag all 3 FANTASTIC FOUR GRAND DESIGN covers (which you can check out in our gallery here) for just $14.99 and save a few bucks in the process!

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BLACK LABEL hit HARLEEN continues with HARLEEN #2 this Wednesday, featuring SUNSTONE creator STJEPAN SEJIC!

We LOVED the debut issue of the new BLACK LABEL mini-series, HARLEEN, and we’re even more amped about issue #2 this week – cause #1 left us wanting more!

In HARLEEN #2, despite the strongest objections from every possible authority-including district attorney Harvey Dent-Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s found herself with free access to every inmate in Arkham Asylum, where she desperately pursues a revolutionary and highly controversial cure to the insanity of Gotham. But her work with the city’s super-criminals quickly muddies the waters of good and evil, and in the deepest, darkest padded rooms of Arkham, even the words of a mad clown start making sense!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!

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DC’s BLACK LABEL debuts THE LAST GOD #1, delivering a brutal blend of horror and sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Miss A GAME OF THRONES? Love to roll a perfect crit? This book is for you! PLUS: you can meet writer PHILLIP K JOHNSON at THIRD EYE on LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY 11/23/19!

One of the most exciting new books of 2019 has GOT to be THE LAST GOD #1 from DC’s exciting new BLACK LABEL imprint!

This brutal, blood-drenched, and downright unrelenting mix of horror and sword-and-sorcery is just what the doctor ordered, and we’re telling you now: you’re gonna be bummed if you miss out on it!

In THE LAST GOD #1, THE LAST GOD tells the story of two fellowships of heroes struggling with the same threat…30 years apart. One group will doom their world, the other must save it.

Thirty years ago, a band of heroes traveled beyond the borders of creation and killed the last living god, saving the realm of Cain Anuun from an apocalyptic army of the undead. The legendary companions became the rulers of their world and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. But it did not last.

Now the foul legions of the Last God march once more, laying waste to all of Cain Anuun and revealing that the aging fellowship may not be the great heroes they claim to be. With the world burning down around them, a new group of unlikely champions must band together and accomplish what no other has done: kill the Last God, once and for all.

THE LAST GOD: BOOK ONE OF THE FELLSPYRE CHRONICLES is a high-octane, no-holds-barred dark fantasy epic from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Last Sons of America, Warlords of Appalachia, AQUAMAN) and artist Riccardo Federici (DARK NIGHTS: METAL, AQUAMAN), featuring additional work from Kai Carpenter (BOOKS OF MAGIC), Dean White (ALL-STAR BATMAN, Uncanny X-Force) and Jared Blando (Dungeons & Dragons).

Make sure you snag the RICCARDO FEDDERICI Cover B variant to LAST GOD #1 for cover price while supplies last!

In addition to that gorgeous Cover A, there’s an incredible Cover B variant to the book and we’re telling you now: this one is going to be IN DEMAND!

Snag yourself a copy while supplies last for normal cover price!


On top of all the awesomeness that is LAST GOD, we’ll also be hosting THREE big signings with writer PHILLIP K JOHNSON at THIRD EYE ANNAPOLIS and THIRD EYE LEXINGTON PARK for LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY.

And, then he’ll be also visiting THIRD EYE RICHMOND on Sunday 11/24/19!

Click here for full details!

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VENOM #19 delivers another massive ABSOLUTE CARNAGE tie-in with major ramifications on the VENOM saga!

Every single second of Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman’s VENOM run has been AMAZING, and we’re loving it more and more with each issue!

Now, as we go into issue #19 of VENOM, things are really heating up!

As Carnage rules and chaos reigns, the symbiotic offspring of VENOM make their presence known by hunting Eddie Brock’s son Dylan!

But there’s more to Dylan than Venom, Carnage, or even The Maker understand – and once they learn the truth, nothing will be the same!

Wanna catch up? Not only do we have all of the main ABSOLUTE CARNAGE series in stock, but we have VENOM 1-18 in stock to get you current!

We also have VENOM by DONNY CATES vol.1 & vol.2 to get you caught up with the trades!

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Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino (OLD MAN LOGAN, GIDEON FALLS) reunite for the most eerie JOKER story since KILLING JOKE with JOKER: KILLER SMILE #1 with this new BLACK LABEL story!

Holy crap: you pair creators like Lemire & Sorrentino, you know you’re in for something special — but to put them on the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME? Pure magic!

Everyone knows The Joker doesn’t have the most promising history with psychotherapists.

In fact, no one’s even been able to diagnose him. But that doesn’t matter to the confident, world-beating Dr. Ben Arnell; he’s going to be the one to unravel this unknowable mind.

There’s no way The Joker could ever get through the therapeutic walls Ben has built around himself. Right?

There’s no way The Joker’s been entering his house at night…right? There’s no way The Joker has stood over his son’s bed, and put that book in his hands, the one with the, the, the…  

The Eisner-nominated creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino (GREEN ARROW, Gideon Falls) reunite for a psychological horror story where nothing is as it seems, your eyes can’t be trusted and Mr. Smiles is waiting behind the basement door. 

Wait, who’s Mr. Smiles?

Make sure you snag the JOKER: KILLER SMILE #1 Cover B variant by KAARE ANDREWS for cover price while supplies last!

Gorgeous alternate cover by the one and only KAARE ANDREWS (who’s done our THIRD EYE COVERS) – make sure you scoop this one while supplies last!

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BLACK SCIENCE VOL.9 delivers the final volume of the epic sci-fi masterpiece from Image Comics and DEADLY CLASS / LOW / SEVEN TO ETERNITY creator RICK REMENDER!

We’ve been huge fans of BLACK SCIENCE since day 1 with it’s super strange blend of multiverse-hopping madness and Johnny Quest-style family adventure dynamics.

And, now, it’s all coming to a close, and we’re gonna be sad to see it gone!

In VOL.9, sometimes our lives are boiled down to one moment, one choice. This is that moment for Grant McKay. 

The Anarchist League of Scientists charges forward for one final adventure as RICK REMENDER and MATTEO SCALERA bring their seminal pulp science fiction epic to a mind-shattering finale. 

Wanna check it out for the 1st time? Snag BLACK SCIENCE VOL.1, only $9.99, and in stock now, to give it a shot!

DCEASED #6 concludes the most brutal DC Universe ELSEWORLDS tale we’ve ever seen – so much more than DC ZOMBIES – this book is AWESOME!

DCEASED has been one of our favorite things to come out of DC Comics in 2019, and we’re telling you now: if you haven’t read it, get into it!

In this final 6th issue, humanity is on the brink of extinction, and only a few remaining members of the Justice League stand between life and annihilation.

As the remnants of humanity make their last gamble for survival, will there even be a planet left to call home when all is said and done?

The senses-shattering conclusion to the year’s surprise blockbuster is here!

Wanna catch up? We’ve got issues 1-5 in stock to get you current!


Holy crap: they’ve done some great horror movie homages, but: CRITTERS? We’re STOKED! One of our favorite ’80s “hilarious yet vicious little monsters” movies (right up there with Ghoulies & of course, the king of them all, Gremlins), this is the best homage cover yet! Snag yours while supplies last!

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RED GOBLIN: RED DEATH #1 delivers a killer one-shot spotlighting the fusion of Carnage and THE GREEN GOBLIN!

One of the coolest new characters to debut in the last few years has been THE RED GOBLIN, and when we saw we’d be getting more RED GOBLIN goodness — we knew we had to share it with you!

In order to finally destroy Spider-Man once and for all Norman Osborn joined himself with the Carnage symbiote, becoming the Red Goblin!

Here at last are the untold stories of the Red Goblin’s rein of madness and mayhem!

So grab your greatest goblin gear and rend your raiments red, for the Red Goblin rides again!

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We’ve loved what DC / Vertigo has done with their SANDMAN UNIVERSE so far, and are super stoked to see what’s on the way next!

The second year of the Sandman Universe begins with the long-awaited arrival of one of DC’s most iconic characters…John Constantine, Hellblazer!

He’s cheated death and damnation more times than he can count, but never like this. Long ago, in the crucible of a magical war waged across countless futures, Constantine was murdered by an all-powerful adversary: a twisted version of Timothy Hunter, bloated with evil.

But over the past year strange forces have conspired to restart Tim Hunter’s tale, and somehow-amid sorcery, insanity and secret agendas-this older, wiser, wilier shade of Constantine has been dragged back with it.

Unlike young Tim, John remembers every second of a life that went very, very wrong. Now he must ask himself why he, the last person in the world to deserve a second chance, has been given one.

Is John Constantine here to put Tim Hunter on the right track and avert a terrible outcome?

Or is it because he’s the only person in existence with the guts to do what REALLY must be done? After all, he’s a nasty piece of work, chief…ask anybody. 

This oversize one-shot sets the stage, and is the perfect jumping-on point, for a new era of Sandman Universe tales beginning in November…and is the official start of the strangest chapter yet in John Constantine’s long life!

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SILVER SURFER BLACK #5 concludes Donny Cates & Tradd Moore’s epic Surfer vs. Knull untold tale — a must-read in the grand scheme of the future of the Marvel Universe in 2019 and 2020!

Third Eye Faithful, we’re telling you now: Donny Cates has been KILLING IT for the last couple years, and man, you pair him up with the one and only TRADD MOORE, and you’ve got yourself something genuinely special here!

In SILVER SURFER BLACK, it’s the final stand against Knull! The Surfer’s severely depleted of his Power Cosmic, will desperate lengths force him to use his secret weapon and unleash a new horror upon the galaxy?

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this epic conclusion!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!

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The return to the DARK MULTIVERSE and METAL continues in the TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: DEATH OF SUPERMAN one-shot this week! Another must-read!

We LOVED every second of DARK NIGHTS METAL, and we’re telling ya now: the idea of the DARK MULTIVERSE, a gathering of universes and timelines where things went totally wrong and very morbid for our favorite hereos, is one of the coolest ideas to hit the DCU in ages!

In this weeks TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE DEATH OF SUPERMAN one-shot, the Dark Multiverse takes on the highest-selling comic book event of all time-the Death of Superman!

In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief, becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let Superman die, and the corrupt world he could never defeat.

Now, with the power of a god, she’s going to end the battle by any means necessary…and the Reign of the Supermen will be over before it begins!

Need last weeks TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: KNIGHTFALL? We’ve got copies in stock to hook you up!

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MARVEL ZOMBIES RESURRECTION #1 brings us back to the world of MARVEL ZOMBIES in a BRUTAL new way! Meet writer PHILLIP K JOHNSON at THIRD EYE on LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY 11/23/19!

We’ve always loved MARVEL ZOMBIES, and we’re pretty darn stoked about the newest incarnation of the series with MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION!

When Galactus’ corpse appears at the edge of Earth’s solar system, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four investigate.

Too late, they discover that Galactus’ body is now the vessel of an interstellar terror, which one-by-one transforms Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into the universe’s most terrifying predators!

As our heroes try to escape the superpowered, cannibalistic aberrations that were once their friends and family, will any survive?

And even if they do, can they hope to protect Earth from the infestation that has already claimed half of the known universe?

Don’t miss the FIRST ISSUE of this terrifying new vision of the classic Marvel tale!

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DC delivers another killer DC Giant with DC GHOSTS GIANT #1 — a collection of some killer new & old supernatural DCU stories! GENTLEMAN GHOST! DEADMAN! ZATANNA! This is so cool!

We love the idea of the DC Giants, which pack a bunch of new and old content into a 100-page package for just $4.99 – and this weeks DC GHOSTS GIANT is one of the coolest we’ve seen!

With stories featuring THE GENTLEMAN GHOST, BLACK LIGHTNING, JOHN CONSTANTINE, THE SPECTRE, ZATANNA, AND DEADMAN — we’re pretty pumped on this one! Snag yourself a copy this week!