Meet the new Third Eye Pullbox – launching 11/5/20

Published October 30th, 2020

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Reserving your favorite comics at Third Eye just got even easier with the new and improved Third Eye Pullbox, launching 11/5/20!

Third Eye Faithful, in 2015, we launched our Third Eye Pullbox site to help you manage your in-store subscriptions.

This was a huge step forward for us, as it put the ability to manage your pull list into your hands, and helped give you immediate access to our catalog featuring hundreds of new titles each and every month.

Over the course of the last five years, as these things tend to do, technology has improved, and as such, we’ve been feeling that our current Third Eye Pullbox system could use an upgrade.

And, that’s why starting this November, we’ll be introducing a new and improved version of THIRD EYE PULLBOX.

You’ll still be able to find the site and manage your pulls at, and the general concept of the system is still the same, but it’ll be faster, easier to navigate, and much more streamlined.

Everything you need to know about the new and improved Third Eye Pullbox

Many of the improvements we’ve made are based upon feedback we’ve received from you over the years, and, one of the biggest changes will be the ability to view all of your titles in one streamlined list, with a simple add and remove interface.

I know this sounds pretty basic right now – but, when we first built the Pullbox site, the technology wasn’t there to be able to do this while also handling the thousands of different comics we had in our system.

Luckily, that’s changed, and we’re very happy to bring it to you now.

We’re sure you’ve got a ton of questions about the new Third Eye Pullbox system, and we’ll have a more robust FAQ page when the system launches, but for now, we wanted to address some of the more popular questions we’re sure you’ll have:

Will this have any interruption of my current pull box service?

No! 🙂 We’ll be allowing a 2 week transition period, and have a system in place to help make sure that none of your books are missed even if it takes you a few extra days to get signed up on the system.

Will I still be able to add and remove titles just like I do now?

Yes — and, even easier than now! Our catalog will be updated WEEKLY so new titles will be populating even quicker than they were before. And, best of all: the act of removing or adding a title is instant across all of our websites, so there’s no lag time.

Will there be any cost for the new Pullbox service?

No! Our Pullbox service is still a free service!

Will there be any new features with Third Eye Pullbox?

We have a TON of new features we’re adding to the service — and even better, we’ll have the flexibility with the new program to continuously add to it!

Can I manage my Third Eye Pullbox from my phone?

Yes! Our new program will be tailor-made for mobile use, and you can legit manage your pull list from your phone whenever, and where-ever you like!

When will the new Pullbox system launch?

Our new system will be going live on Thursday 11/5/20, and we’ll be sending out emails to all Pullbox subscribers the Tuesday prior with details on how to get signed up. To help ease the load of traffic on the system, we’ll be doing waves of sign-ups, with 2-3 day periods dedicated to each store initially, and then a general sign-up for all stores in the following weeks.

OK – I have questions, where do I go to ask?

Just shoot an email to