Virtual Tour: Third Eye Lexington Park!

Published July 26th, 2021

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Third Eye Faithful we couldn’t be more excited to bring you an inside look into our newest Third Eye Superstore – Third Eye Lexington Park!

You know our Lexington Park location has been around for quite a while (ten years, to be exact!), serving all of our Southern Maryland Third Eye Faithfuls and, if you’ve been to the shop recently, you might have noticed just a few things have changed… okay, more than a few things have changed, and we’re stoked to give those of you who haven’t had a chance to explore it yet a virtual tour!

Check out the new Third Eye Lexington Park!

What’s new about this location? We’ve expanded to a massive near 7,000 square feet and in that enormous amount of space, we’ve packed even more of the things you love! More comics, more tabletop games, more toys, more manga, more Third Eye! This location is triple the amount of space our Lexington Park location had previously and holds just as much more awesomeness.

Not to mention; Third Eye Lexington Park now has the largest selection of tabletop games in Southern Maryland! We’ve added a little bit of everything in this expansion and we are so proud and so excited to bring you all of the comics and games you love!

What else is new?

In addition to expanding all things comics, we’ve also brought a huge selection of skateboards and records! For all your cruising and grooving needs, we’ve got you covered down in Lexington Park.

We’ve also brought you even more manga and toys to satisfy everyone’s cravings for something cool! We’re so excited to be able to bring you so many things that were once exclusive to our Annapolis Mothership, to those of you who have been hanging with us down in Southern Maryland for all these years!

Wanna see more?

Check out these killer photos of the newest space, and if you’re looking to take the trip, come see us in Lexington Park at: 45315 ALTON LN SUITE 16072, CALIFORNIA MD 20619!