The Third Eye Guide to Detective Comics: The Tower

Published January 10th, 2022

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Gotham City’s New Home For the Criminally Insane

Third Eye Faithful, get ready for the next big event that will shape the history of Gotham City and Arkham Asylum in a BIG way! If you’ve been keeping up with Joker War and Fear State, you know that Gotham has already taken a pretty big hit this year between the Joker and Scarecrow’s reign of terror. After the events of what is now known as “A-Day” has left an Arkham Asylum shaped hole in the city. Without a proper facility to hold the city’s overwhelming amount of criminally insane, in what has been called a “mental health crisis” in Gotham, Mayor Nakano has ordered the creation of a new Arkham Tower.

What’s the Scoop on THE TOWER?


“The Tower” begins! The 12-part weekly Detective Comics event starts here. Arkham Asylum has fallen, and in its place, Arkham Tower has risen in the heart of the city, a pitch made by the mysterious Dr. Wear. Unlike the Asylum, Dr. Wear promises his methods and drug treatments will heal Gotham’s criminally inclined for good—a claim that skeptics like Deb Donovan and the Bat-Family don’t believe. There’s something wrong with the tower, with Dr. Wear’s methods—and with Batman away from Gotham City, the rest of the Bat-Family is going to find out what…but not before everything explodes. Written by critically acclaimed author Mariko Tamaki, continuing her incredible Detective Comics run, and drawn by DC Comics legend Ivan Reis

PLUS! “House of Gotham” begins! For a long time two houses have overlooked Gotham City, beckoning its broken: Wayne Manor and Arkham Asylum. In this epic 12-part backup story, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Fernando Blanco will explore the impact that Batman and Arkham Asylum have had on the city…through the eyes of a boy whose life was changed forever by The Joker one dreadful night early in the Dark Knight’s career!

What Can We Expect?

With a story of this proportion from an amazing writer like Mariko Tamaki, it’s hard to say what twists and turns this story might take but with issue one out it’s safe to say it’s one that you should definitely keep your eye on.

The newly minted Arkham Tower is run by the new character Dr. Wear with the help of Dr. Meridian, a character introduced in the 1995 Batman Forever movie. In Detective Comics #1047, the first part of The Tower, Dr. Wear gives a presentation, showcasing the Tower’s new facilities and treatments. He claims to be working on a new drug treatment that will cure Arkham’s patients for good and even brings out Nero XIX as his example of the new drug’s performance thus far. Nero, a criminally insane who once believed it was his divine right to kill the mayor of Gotham, now stands on stage seemingly as normal as anyone else. But many people, including members of the Bat-Family have their doubts about the promising claims of the new Arkham Tower.

So can we really expect a reform for Gotham’s mental health crisis or does Dr. Wear have his own nefarious, Hugo Strange like motives here? It’s hard to say thus far into the story, but The Tower is definitely shaping up to be on par with Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum story!

How to Keep Up with The Tower!

The Tower will be a 12 part weekly series contained in Detective Comics starting with issue #1047 that’s out now!

DETECTIVE COMICS #1047 1/4/22 “The Tower” part 1

DETECTIVE COMICS #1048 1/11/22 “The Tower” part 2

DETECTIVE COMICS #1049 1/18/22 “The Tower” part 3

DETECTIVE COMICS #1050 1/25/22 “The Tower” part 4

DETECTIVE COMICS #1051 2/1/22 “The Tower” part 5

DETECTIVE COMICS #1052 2/8/22 “The Tower” part 6

DETECTIVE COMICS #1053 2/15/22 “The Tower” part 7

DETECTIVE COMICS #1054 2/22/22 “The Tower” part 8

DETECTIVE COMICS #1055 3/1/22 “The Tower” part 9

DETECTIVE COMICS #1056 3/8/22 “The Tower” part 10

DETECTIVE COMICS #1057 3/15/22 “The Tower” part 11

DETECTIVE COMICS #1058 3/22/22 “The Tower” part 12

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