Introducing the Third Eye Builder Workshop

Published November 18th, 2019

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Learn how to paint & build miniatures with Team Third Eye every month with the new THIRD EYE BUILDERS Workshop PAINT & TAKE Events at THIRD EYE GAMES!

We’ve got some pretty talented folks on staff at Third Eye, and as such, we wanted to help share their skills with YOU, Third Eye Faithful!

Every month, Team Third Eye will be hosting a special PAINT & TAKE event with the THIRD EYE BUILDERS Workshop, and helping you discover the joys of hobbying!

Perfect for those of you who are new to painting or building miniatures, this is a great time to not just learn neat tricks about how to make your minis look sharp – but also, to meet other miniature gamers, and get involved in our miniature gaming communities!

DECEMBER’S PAINT & TAKE features SPACE MARINES, the super popular models from WARHAMMER 40K!

Everyone LOVES the Space Marines, and we find that they’re a perfect place to start painting minis.

Third Eye Kevin will not only be teaching you how to build, and prime these bad boys — but, also sending you home with 3 of your very own primed Space Marine Intercessors!

 In this awesome and informative class, you will learn how to build Games Workshop Space Marine Intercessors, use your tools properly, and how to prime these minis!

Priming a miniature is the foundation to painting something great, and we will use these painted minis for future painting classes!

Come check it out!

Bring your own tools and glue! Third Eye will be providing primer! Need tools and glue? We do have them in stock to purchase before the event!

You can pre-register now via Eventbrite here. We only have 10 slots available, so please sign up early!