Third Eye's 5 Things To Know About THE GRIM KNIGHT

Published March 7th, 2019

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Meet the hottest thing to come out of DC’s DARK MULTIVERSE since the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS in the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS: THE GRIM KNIGHT #1 One-Shot on 3/13/19!

So, by now, many of you have read the INCREDIBLE Batman Who Laughs mini-series that’s currently running (and is up to issue #3 right now, and guess what: we got all 3 in stock to catch you up, Third Eye Faithful!) — and have already met the GRIM KNIGHT (who first appears in BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1, for those of you trying to nab that 1st appearance!).
Well, this Spring, DC is gonna give us the full story behind the coolest addition to DC’s DARK MULTIVERSE since we met the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS himself!
What’s the scoop on him? Read on, and find out!

FIRST: He’s essentially the ultimate grim and gritty BATMAN, even moreso than our personal fave: Miller’s DKR Batman

OK, let’s be real: crazy, ultra-violent comic book mayhem is fun, and we love every second of it. Whether it’s Garth Ennis’s PUNISHER MAX, Warren Ellis’s AUTHORITY, or recent favorites like the carnage of THANOS WINS, there’s just something off-the-chain fun and THE GRIM KNIGHT is the ultimate distillation of that kinda vibe!
If the Caped Crusader and Frank Castle were one in the same — the Grim Knight would be a pretty suitable description.
The way he’s described? “The deadliest man alive. He’s us if Joe Chill dropped the gun in the alley, and we picked it up.” – The Batman Who Laughs

SECOND: It is indeed BATMAN WITH GUNS. And, here’s why…

One of the most fundamental aspects of Batman has always been that simple rule: no guns. Well, the GRIM KNIGHT is BATMAN WITH GUNS, and here’s the reason why: when that fateful encounter in the alleyway occurred — he picked up the gun Joe Chill dropped, and a very twisted take on Batman’s crusade was born.

THIRD: He’s the most deadly BATMAN ever. Even moreso than the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS, and it’s all because..

When your first act of vengeance is killing the man who killed your parents, you’ve set yourself onto a pretty intense trajectory — and that’s how the Bruce Wayne that becomes the GRIM KNIGHT begins.
He has all the same advantages of the normal BATMAN — the empire of Bruce Wayne — the technology, the finances, and so on — but he’s set to use lethal force indiscriminately, and with all of that amazing Bat-Technology at his hands; it makes him the most dangerous of all the Nightmare Batmen.

FOURTH: He’s instrumental to the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS dark, twisted plans

While the motives behind the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS ultimate plan are still to be revealed, one thing we know for sure: he’s brought the GRIM KNIGHT into the main DC Universe for a reason, and it’s instrumental to the ultimate, sinister plan he has.
This is the story that’s unfolding in the pages of the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS mini-series


So far, most of the DARK MULTIVERSE stuff has been very BAT-CENTRIC — but, from what we hear, and from what we can speculate: there’s so much more to come, and we cannot wait.
If you think the Grim Knight, the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS, and more are awesome — just wait until what is sure to be coming down the pipeline from DC with upcoming events like DCeased, and more!
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