Third Eye's 5 Things To Know About MAJOR X

Published March 13th, 2019

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ROB LIEFELD, the legendary creator of DEADPOOL, debuts his newest MARVEL character in many years with MAJOR X!

Third Eye Faithful, we know you were as stoked as we were when the reveal of MAJOR X started hitting the web, and we’re getting very close to the release of issue #1, and wanted to give you the full scoop on just who MAJOR X is and what his deal is!
Well, this April, Major X takes center-stage and makes his FIRST APPEARANCE in MAJOR X #1, and we cannot wait to get it into your hands!
We’ve put together a rundown of the top 5 things you should know about MAJOR X before the book comes out!
What’s the scoop on him? Read on, and find out!

FIRST: He’s the biggest X-MEN character to hit the scene from DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld since the days of DEADPOOL & CABLE!

OK, so we all know Liefeld (who is so darn awesome, and loved here at Third Eye) totally delivered the goods when he created a TON of exciting X-Characters in the ’90s (not to mention all his great creator-owned stuff!), and MAJOR X may be the biggest of the bunch since the debuts of CABLE and DEADPOOL!
Seriously: the character has a ton of excitement surrounding him, and the mystery of MAJOR X is on par with that of Boba Fett during the original heyday of Star Wars!

SECOND: He’s got fighting skills that rival those of Wolverine!

One of the biggest things we’ve learned about the character is he’s extremely lethal, and his fighting skills rival one of the Marvel U’s biggest bad-asses: WOLVERINE!
We cannot wait to see just how this character got so darn good!

THIRD: He rocks an ADAMANTIUM sword!

C’mon: what more be said? An adamantium sword — that’s HUGE, and honestly: pretty darn cool.
I mean: lending more to the mystique of the character, we love the idea that this lethal new X-Character is rocking a sword made of the same indestructible metal that makes up Wolverine’s skeleton and claws!

FOURTH: In the tradition of fan-faves like SNAKE-EYES and Boba Fett — we have no clue who he is

The mystery behind MAJOR X is a big one, and that’s part of the appeal.
I’m sure many of you can agree, characters like SNAKE-EYES, Boba Fett, and more all had one consistent appeal: mystery, and the mystery surrounding MAJOR X is one of the biggest we’ve seen in comics in a minute!

FIFTH: He’s a major part of what’s to come in the realm of the X-MEN as we march towards the Summer!

We do know that MAJOR X is a huge component of what’s to come in the realm of the X-MEN in 2019, and with big things on the way — we’re pretty pumped about it!
We don’t know much about his mission, but we do know that it’s up to CABLE to stop him — and MAJOR X could also be the key to saving mutant kind from a very certain devastation that awaits!